Hot 'n' spicy wings - 3 packs for £5 usually £3.70 each @ Asda
Hot 'n' spicy wings - 3 packs for £5 usually £3.70 each @ Asda

Hot 'n' spicy wings - 3 packs for £5 usually £3.70 each @ Asda

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In my opinion the best ready pre-cooked chicken wings from any supermarket. They aren't those crazy chicken wings where it includes the bit you can't possibly have any meat on. These are my personal favourites - best warmed in the oven but ok in the microwave if you've had a few cheeky vimto's.

They are usually about £3.50 - £3.70 per pack but you can often pick them up at 2 for a fiver. They are currently £2 each and 3 for a fiver!

Great with some HP woodsmoke BBQ sauce!


You get 5 or 4 (not sure which), of the Reggae wings on the Hot Deli for £1.50. Had them once before. They were nice.

Sainsburys you get 8 Wings from the fresh hot shop counter for like 1.20 at the moment voted cold.

My local Tesco does 10 BBQ wings for £1 :santa:

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Sorry folks - I'm on about 615g packs of chilled(BUT COOKED) wings. 3 packs for £5.

My fault for explaining it badly.....

My children and I love these!! Many thanks :thumbsup:

Had a pack of the spicy ones the other night, you get loads, tasty too.
I much prefer chucking these in the oven rather than getting the ones from the deli counter which can sometimes be 'soggy' due to condensation.
Hot from me, they do Chinese chicken flavour too.
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