Hot Potato game RRP £9.95 now £4.99 delivered @ Amazon

Hot Potato game RRP £9.95 now £4.99 delivered @ Amazon

Found 11th Jul 2010
Product Description
A brand new game and a reverse twist on Pass the Parcel. When the jolly, soft fabric 'potato' is squeezed it shouts 'Hot Potato' and immediately plays music, with an increasing tempo, until a sudden 'boing' indicates the end of the round. Instead of it being desirable to be holding the package when the music stops, this time the player loses and must pick up a potato chip. Players that collect three potato chips are out of the game, so the 'Potato' must be passed to the next player as quickly as possible. Fortunately, it's soft enough not to damage players or itself during over enthusiastic passing! Easy and lively entertainment for families and parties.

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Great if you are a teacher - my classes (from 11 years old up to 18) absolutely love it - whoever has the potato when the music stops has to answer the question. Particularly useful as a plenary as everybody has time to pre-plan an answer in their head, even if the potato doesn't 'stop' on them.
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