Hot & spicy pringles £0.99 @ 99p store!

Hot & spicy pringles £0.99 @ 99p store!

Found 12th Mar 2014
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97p at a 99p store proper bargain lol
Lol yeah our 99p store dropped its price due to competition from pound land 8-)
They also have ketchup and matching cheese flavours!!
Do you know if they'll be having a sale?
i haven't seen this flavour for ages!! Proper heat from me X)
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Prefer paprika myself.
On a score of 1 - 10, 10 being the fiery hottest, what would you guys rate these at? Have never had the balls to buy them in case they blow my brains out with heat!! oO
Haha tbh hun they are not at all spicey, although they are covered in paprika and flavours alike which make them look hawt but their not
Yeah like 1 out of 10 spice level.
Basically a £1 for a packet of crisps packed in a fancy cardboard tube. A rip IMO.
Lmao a rip off? Is that why these retail for like £2.99 at tesco 8-) nah mate didnt think so
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