Hot Wheels AI £24.99 in B&M

Hot Wheels AI £24.99 in B&M

LocalFound 3rd Mar
Hot Wheels AI set reduced to £24.99 in B&M Bargains
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Great deal, which store?
Great price
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Saw it in the store on Sealand Road in Chester but presume it’s been reduced in them all.
Was priced at £39.99 in my local but when scanned it was £24.99
Picked this up in Accrington today for 24.99 looks good. Still 5 left on the shelf
Edited by: "Cerci09" 5th Mar store in Rugby town it was priced at £24.99, but scanned at £14.99, so double chuffed, as I bought it as an add-on to expand the one bought for my son as Xmas gift and the rest of our vast collection of AI Hot Wheels cars
Now we will be racing thru the whole bedroom and my wife will be in the 7th heaven


There were 2 more on the shelf left, so if they will still be there next weekend I may buy another one
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