Hot Wheels mega hauler + 20 cars £25.18 Costco

Hot Wheels mega hauler + 20 cars £25.18 Costco

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if you have a Costco membership and kids who love hotwheels get yourself down there to grab these!

the cars are often £20 for 20 and the hauler is often on offer at £18 so the pair for £25 is a bargain.

Reading has loads.


I bought this a few years ago and its still being played with almost daily. Good value.

Is bought this last month but I often find Costco deals don't get appreciated as much. It's an excellent price as today in Tesco I saw the truck and 8 cars for £25 so this is a bargain.

good find op, heat added

Great deal picked one up for my hotwheels crazy nephew can't wait to see him open it

We got one of these, seems a great deal for the cars you get which are a quid each.

When you consider the truck is currently £20 -…290 and the cars can be had at 2 x 9 for £15…629 it really is quite a good deal. Saving a tenner and the best part of it for me was that my boy didnt have any duplicates in the cars.

I looked at around 20 boxes and they had what seemed to be exactly the same car sets on each.

Oh and -…048 - shows their online price.
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