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Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live - Immersive Glow Party, 8 - 22 January, Liverpool or Manchester - £32.50 @ Groupon

£32.50£61.2547% off
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47% off discount tickets to the following Hot Wheels, Monster Trucks Live, Immersive Glow Party:

Manchester, 15th January, 6:30pm

Liverpool, 22nd January, 6:30pm

A further 15% off discount for new account using code ‘WELCOME’.
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    This is a good show, Just been to the o2, If your taking your kids make shure you take ear defenders with you, they do sell them at the merch stand,
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    Went yesterday, kids loved it. Ear defenders recommended though if yours are 6 and 4 like mine.
    49258641-xwQTu.jpg (edited)
    Wow great seats! We are going to the Liverpool one. Are these VIP seats?
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    Monster Trucks... Yeah!
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    Went to the O2 for this Sunday afternoon, and it was great. Wish I had one of the trucks to get through the INSANE traffic upon leaving.
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    I paid £130 through ticketmaster for 2 when they came out thinking they would sell out.
    Sorry to hear that! I stumbled across this trying to get tickets for the o2 show today, but doesn’t seem to be any tickets available.
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    Tickets bought🔥Me and son so happy🔥 Thanks
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    Damn, booked before direct!!
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    So with this deal what seats are allocated?
    Best seats available apparently.
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    We went to the show in Glasgow. 3 trucks broke down, they forgot to switch the (not very impressive) neon lights on most of the time and the whole show was a bit of a mess production wise. This was our second time going, first time was great but this show was a bit of a mess. The stunt bikes are amazing though.
    Our friends went to the o2 show yesterday and said it was incredible. 
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    We have tickets for today at the O2.
    Rather jealous, have a great time 
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    As others have said bring ear defenders if you have children as it does get noisy!
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    Ooh, nice. Saw the o2 tickets and thought perhaps a bit pricey for the 2 year old. I might bite at this price, just need to check logistics first
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    Take ear defenders for the kids you can thank me later
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    Liverpool sold out on groupon now. Great post.
    There seems to be tickets for the 22nd January still available 
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    Discount code TTD25 now showing up for me, takes an extra 25% off
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