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Hôtel Chocolat Podster £49.95 @ Hôtel Chocolat O2 North Greenwich

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£49.95 + £3.95 delivered - ONLINE PRICE.

Engineered by Dualit, the Podster pod coffee machine is the ideal way to enjoy barista-grade coffee at home. It’s compatible with the ever-growing range of Nespresso®* coffee pods, giving you an endless number of coffee varieties and styles to try, from classic americanos and lattes to decaf, flavoured and mocha coffees. You can also try the Hotel Chocolat pods which come in four unique coffee blends: The One, The One Decaf, Cashmere and Rocket.

This stylish machine is compact in size to fit easily onto your kitchen counter while having a 0.7-litre capacity, meaning it can make up to 2 cups of coffee before being refilled. It couldn’t be simpler to use, just slot your pod of choice into the compartment, pull the handle, push the button and enjoy. The removable drip tray takes care of any spills and makes it easy to clean.

A great choice for environmentally conscious coffee connoisseurs, every machine comes with a complimentary Podcycler. This pod recycling innovation allows you to put your used pods into your household recycling, which means zero waste to landfill. It compacts the pods, removing coffee grounds from the capsules. Simply place your pods in the chamber one by one, press, rinse, then stack and squeeze before recycling – coffee grounds even go neatly into a separate chamber, to sprinkle and enrich garden soil or add to your compost bin. The Podcycler is compatible with all brands of aluminium pods and is dishwasher-safe.

Podster pod coffee machine features:

Compatible with all standard-sized Nespresso®*-compatible coffee pods, as well as the four Hotel Chocolat coffee blends.
Includes a Podcycler which means you can put standard-sized Nespresso®* pods in your household recycling. Zero waste to landfill.
0.7-litre capacity, which means you can make up to 2 cups before refilling.
Easy and comfortable to use, with a non-spill drip tray, soft-touch buttons and a soft-close arm.
Compact and stylish. Fits easily onto your kitchen countertop, with a sleek matte charcoal finish.
*Excludes Vertuo. Nespresso® is a registered trademark owned by Société des Produits Nestlé S.A. and that company has not manufactured or endorsed our products.

Hotel Chocolat More details at Hotel Chocolat
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    Put my penny. of thoughts on this. I have this and the Velvetier, kids love the velvetier, though it's not hot enough for me.

    Using this to make expressos is quick, however if you use this and the Velvetiser to make a Latte. Prepare to spend what feels like an eternity to make. The coffee is good though, also I do have to nuke the milk to make it hot enough for me.

    I did buy 6/7 packs of their capsules for like £1.50 each pack (10 capsules in a pack)
    Yeah I heard the same, it's not hot enough.. will skip.
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    Espresso, not expresso.
  3. Avatar
    I've got this and I'm returning it. I have to microwave my coffee after making it as it just isn't hot enough...
    Sorry to hear that. I didn’t actually buy it myself, I just posted the deal and wanted to see what the feedback was - then I’d pick one up.
    Unfortunately the mods then butchered my deal to just instore and someone else reposted it separately. You might be better off posting your feedback here.
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