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Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser - Refurb Grade A (Excellent) from Ebay Seller Primeretailing (UK) £49.49 w/ code + Free Shipping (UK Mainland)

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White available, code CASHIN10 brings 10% off taking total down to £49.49 shipped. UK seller on eBay, you can register your product for 12m warranty through hotel chocolats site at hotelchocolat.com/uk/…9uQ

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Imagined by Hotel Chocolat, engineered by Dualit, this chic hot chocolate machine creates barista-grade hot chocolate, made with real grated chocolate flakes, in just 2.5 minutes. No need for the resident hot chocolate maker to slave over a hot stove, slowly heating milk and showering cocoa powder. Instead, simply plug in your Velvetiser, choose your chocolate and your milk – dairy or plant-based, or even water if you prefer – and press the button. Plus, with the removable whisk and non-stick coating, cleaning is easy – just rinse out with cold water. (It’s not suitable for dishwashers – but they’d just slow you down anyway.)

Included with your Velvetiser:

  • 2 ceramic Podcups
  • Weight
    1,157.00 g / 0.00 oz.
  • Dimensions
    L 21.80 x W 11.90 x H 20.20 cm4040720-ttKrl.jpg4040720-EbB1v.jpg4040720-d8Lsy.jpg4040720-GpF9o.jpg
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Community Updates
Very detailed & balanced review here milkfrotherworld.co.uk/hot…ew/
With instructions included to get the best out of it.

"The Velvetiser is an indulgence – it’s probably not something you’ll use every day. But as a treat on a weekend or as a pick-me-up on a winter evening it really hits the mark."

Reviewed when it was over £100...

  • High-quality product
  • Looks great with a choice of three colours
  • Makes wonderful hot chocolate
  • Range of different flavours available
  • Easy to use
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • It’s expensive
  • Temperature of the drink may not be hot enough for you [I microwave heat almost everything anyway!]
  • Only makes one drink at a time
  • Did I mention it’s expensive?

Some good ideas to keep future costs down / reasonable...
"The price per drink is £1.20 [using their flake products]. The equivalent drink in a Hotel Chocolat cafe is £3.50. But… the instant hot chocolate I usually use works out at 10-20p per cup.
Grate down a 30g bar of chocolate and you can have any flavour you like. I use this handy little grater to grind Caramac and other choccy bars. As Jonathan says in the comments below you can also buy chocolate chips from vendors to make your own flakes at a far cheaper price that Hotel Chocolat charge for their own branded flakes."

Their promo video...
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    Will post some tips from last thread

    Don't forget to register for the 12 month warranty, you'll get a code for a free packet of biscuits! Works fine if you've bought from this eBayer.


    For those wondering of what chocolate to use:

    Official ones are quite expensive but sometimes deals crop up, many people suggested to finely grate / chop your favourite chocolate for it.

    There's also quite a few 1KG chocolate flake bags on amazon etc if using the correct amount of chocolate (as indicated by hotel chocolat this is 35g) these bags work out at about 45P a serving for reference hotel chocolats own is ~£1.30

    Powder was also a suggestion to use but hotel chocolats website says not to use it as it can create "hot spots" but a lot of users seem to have used them with no problem whether it's worth the risk or not I'm not sure, personally I'm going to stick to grated stuff

    Chocolate callets have been suggested however I would break these down aswell as from one video it had a bad affect on the whisking mechanism (sound wise) so best bet is to pulse them in a blender, put them in a bag and bash them etc etc until they are finely broken down. This also works out pretty cheap at 40p a serving (edited)
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    Don’t get the fascination with these? Do they taste any different to a normal cup of hot chocolate? Cos to me hot chocolate is hot chocolate?! 🍫 ☕️ lol :/ :/ :/
    I love ours, its makes it so much easier making hot chocolate and really nice froth/texture. My little one loves drinking hot milk it makes.

    normal milk - dont need to worry about it overheating in the microwave & the texture.

    dairy free milk (almond) - makes a hot chocolate thats as close to normal as i have ever had.

    we use powered hot chocolate with it, you just need to let it warm up first otherwise it leaves residue on the bottom but this is easily cleaned off with kitchen roll.
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    Best place to get your chocolate
    Salted caramel is delicious great Welsh company with fantastic customer service
    Let me guess, you work for them?
  4. Avatar
    Can this be used to froth milk for coffee?
    According to a YouTube video by A2B productions the milk that froths up isn't hot enough for coffees.. (58-60°) when he added it to the drink.. Though I'm pretty sure the suggested range is 55-65°c so this guy might just have no clue what's he's on about (edited)
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    I bought this last week and I'm interested to know how they classify refurbished. Mine turned up with a chocolate caked to the inside of the lid, stains on the inside and old milk on the handle. As far as I can see, their definition of Grade A refurbished is to box it up!!
    They seem hit and miss from precious posts and reviews, some say slight damage to original box but products all clearly brand new and some report reboxed items doesn't seem like all grade A's are grade A
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    Mine arrived today. It's brilliant! Great price and it literally looks brand new in retail packaging
  7. Avatar
    Would the end result be any different to using hot milk + an ikea £1 battery frother? Or coffee machine steamer? Other than convinience?
    According to reviews, yes. But I'm going to figure that out when it comes I'll get back to you on that
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    I brought one couple of weeks ago. Same colour and two cups! Absolutely love mine.
    I just add normal hot chocolate powder.
    So pleased with mine.
    My box had a large dent at the back. Didn’t effect the unit at all.
    But does the normal choc taste any diff in this than normal microwaving
  9. Avatar
    Finally bit at this price. My wife and I love hot chocolate, I keep mentioning this to her but she’s not bothered. We spend a fortune in Costa, so I’m hoping it’ll be worth every Penny!
  10. Avatar
    I wanted in grey
    They are restocking colours every few days so keep an eye out
  11. Avatar
    Could I buy something like this
    Or maybe Aldi chocolate and blend it in a blender or turn it to crumble, flakes with a cheese grater?

    Works out a bit cheaper than buying expensive hotel chocolat stuff
    Yeah you can bash it up into bits and then pulse it in a blender until it its not in big chunks

    Search up hotel chocolat velvetiser alternative chocolate to sachets on YouTube there's a video by "review it" who shows you the best way of breaking down alternative chocolates for this machine (edited)
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    Bought one from this retailer the other week.

    Box was slightly damaged but the item itself was brand new.

    Registered my warranty online and got free biscuits and my Pendragon chocolate arrives tomorrow.

    At this price I'd say it's worth it
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