Hotel Chocolate Tasting Club £6.95

Hotel Chocolate Tasting Club £6.95

Found 22nd Sep 2013
At you can save £14 on an introductory box of chocolates plus get a free munch and nibble box worth £8. Total cost is £6.95 don't know if you can add on cashback too. Seems like a good deal for quality chocolate.
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Very good chocolates, excellent price, even near date stock from the factory shop in Huntingdon is nowhere near this price (pretty much double actually). Heat!
Just be aware its a chocolate club - so remember to cancel if you dont want future deliveries - hot if you can be bothered.

Terms & Conditions
I am over 18. I understand that payment for a Introductory Selection of just £6.95 including delivery is only due after receiving the chocolates, full details will be enclosed with delivery. I understand I am under no obligation to buy or receive further selections for the regular price of £20.95 (including delivery) and I can cancel at any time. I will make up my own mind when I have sampled an Introductory Selection and will let you know if I don’t wish to continue. Please note that if you choose the Fortified Selection, regular selections are released every three months in December, March, June and September. The full Terms and Conditions can be found at
Just ordered, but didn't ask for payment!?!
Ah, just read the T&Cs.... Doh!
Hehe oh yes hotel chocolat club. Reminds me of those book club offers from the 80s...if any of you are old enough to have been alive then
This is a bit easier to cancel than the old book club offers with no obligation to continue beyond the first box.

This is a bit easier to cancel than the old book club offers with no … This is a bit easier to cancel than the old book club offers with no obligation to continue beyond the first box.

Yes, does anyone remember Britannia Music Club!? Lol
Ordered ready for christmas! hot!
Just a heads up, I bought this last week and quidco tracked at a fiver!
If you guys are Hotel Chocolat fans you can use my 10% discount code: CMISSIONHCWIN10 .... i feel slightly bad posting that as I do benefit if you guys use it .... ho hum you get 10% off so I wont feel too bad about it Enjoy
Forgot quidco, but then I have never remembered quidco for anything! I couldn't believe it I put my name etc in and next thing they seemed to have signed me up ...... oh dear my favourite chocs being posted .......
Weird, Quidco is for This offer is only on

Hot from me, the wife will be pleased this deal isn't for an Onkyo amp or a hard to find tesco deal!!
Don't forget £17.07 quidco but hurry this offer expires in an hour!
hahahahaha, hotel chocolate. Classic. Make it sound cheap and nasty why don't you.
I did this one last week, cashback tracked at £15.65 or so, can't remember if it was Quidco or Topcashback. I got the chocolates for a christmas present, but... apparently the tasting notes are inside the box. the most popular chocolates are then chosen for the Hotel Chocolat site. So, not sure whether to give them as a gift now, haha. The nibble box is ok, small though. the chocolate hazelnuts were lovely, the coffee beans ... i was picking bits out of my teeth for hours.
Gonna try, thanks
I've done this before and it's well worth doing, especially once you get the cashback. When I posted the deal a while back it went cold, but such is the randomness of HUKD lol.
last time I'm sure you had to enter some kind of payment information

you could easily sign up people you don't like if you know their address
tcb was £17 last week, I got the box for £10.95 so actually made money on buying. my chocs arrived on fri and are bbe jan 14
Did this last year, lovely chocolates, always.
COLD - Not Thorntons, awfull stuff this is and tastes cheap to me (my opinion)
Way nicer than Thorntons in my opinion! Have never been back to there after buying these. Much better taste and quality and make Thorntons taste cheap! Awesome deal!
ive jsut done this and quidco is showing

Date: 25th September 2013 00:35:00
Retailer: The Chocolate Tasting Club (Estimated payment date 21 November)
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Purchase Amount: £9.95

Cashback Amount: £15.50
i dont even like chocolate :-), nice treat for the wife and I make money on it :-)

got mine this morning nice xmas gift
Very easy to pay and cancel, not allowed to open them up and try them yet though
Ordered, delivered, eaten. Yummy.
Now I'm not sure whether to cancel or not. Mmmm chocolate.
did any 1 get a membership number
The membership number and online activation key are on the payment advice.

The membership number and online activation key are on the payment advice.

hiya i got that number where's the activate key ?
Does anyone know what will happen if I don't pay for the introductory box. I have already cancelled my membership and no one has even asked me for the outstanding payment.. weird..
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