Hotel Dusk : Room 215 (Nintendo DS) £14.51 delivered @ Amazon
Hotel Dusk : Room 215 (Nintendo DS) £14.51 delivered @ Amazon

Hotel Dusk : Room 215 (Nintendo DS) £14.51 delivered @ Amazon

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Manufacturer's Description
Los Angeles, 1979. You are Kyle Hyde, an ex-cop turned salesman trying to track down a missing friend. Clues lead you to an eerie, old hotel rumored to have one very strange room a room where wishes are granted. It's up to you to unravel the mystery in Hotel Dusk: Room 215, a gritty new graphic adventure for Nintendo DS.
The DS system is held like a book, which allows characters on the screens to face left or right for more realistic conversations. The unique controls let even novices enjoy themselves. The unique hand-drawn character portraits and their animations are in black and white, making them exceedingly distinctive and able stand out, graphically speaking, from the rest of the game.

In the tradition of Another Code, the use of the DS to solve riddles is alive and well in Hotel Dusk: Room 215.

Product Features
A touch screen focused game.
Use sketch animation, film noir-esque camera angles, and dynamic lighting to create an original and innovative style.
Players hold their Nintendo DS like a book and use the touch screen to grill characters, search for clues and solve mystifying puzzles.
Players follow the plot twists and turns as they hunt for their missing friend and investigate the mysteries of Hotel Dusk.


Good price, brilliant game, added some heat.

Oh i have this, i paid £18 from grainger games. It's brilliant

Also if you play the game again different things happen at the end of the story

I loved it. I never actually played it but the missus did and it kept her quiet for ages!

Boring. Buy Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney!


this is amazing, dont use guides as there is no point to the game that way.

But buy it and enjoy.

This is a very good game. It's probably one of the least linear of the "interactive novel" genre; there are quite a few possible endings and quite a few paths through various parts of the game, so it's less of a "try things until you find the one thing that works" game than some of the more linear ones (like the Phoenix Wright/Apollo Justice games).

Another good game of the type that I don't think is out in Europe yet is "Time Hollow". It's linear, but pretty much has to be - there's so much time manipulation going on that it would be too confusing otherwise.

HOT, can't wait for my dsi to arrive in april! wooo, haha. good find! shsme it's not £9.99 anymore in gamestation.

Excellent game. Very good English translation too.
Another amazing thing was the music. It fits in so well that you don't even realise how good it is until they let you play with the jukebox!
I think the puzzles in Another code were better though.

Phoenix Wright is also good, but far more linear, and frustrating because of it.

amazing game. i played this solidly over christmas too completion.

worth owning a DS for

really good game



It's my SMS tone on my iPhone :-D

One of the best games i've ever played. Can't wait for the sequel.


I found this really slow going so never really got into it, might have to give it another try. Like the sound of this Time Hollow too.

Definitely one of the best games on the DS in my opinion. Very good story, very well executed and kept me entertained for a good few hours. If you have not played this, you're missing out!

Have just ordered it. Many thanx:thumbsup:


Apart from walking back and forth to the same rooms 90% of the time, what … Apart from walking back and forth to the same rooms 90% of the time, what is the other 10% of your time taken up doing in this game

Figuring out the clever puzzles Most of which are a 'facepalm' moment when you figure out how easy it was!

I really enjoyed this game.


so a good game for someone a bit slow then, i'll get the mrs one … so a good game for someone a bit slow then, i'll get the mrs one :thumbsup:

A bit slow? If you like. It's not that they are hard, but sometimes you have think outside of the realms of the game itself and use your head :-D Everyone who's finished it knows EXACTLY what I mean I bet!
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