Hotel Transylvania 3: Monsters Overboard PS4/Xbox one for £14.99( Nintendo switch £19.99) @ Smyths toys

Hotel Transylvania 3: Monsters Overboard PS4/Xbox one for £14.99( Nintendo switch £19.99) @ Smyths toys

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Found 16th May
  • Have fun with Drac’s Pack- Enter the spooky fun world of Hotel Transylvania and meet all your favourite Frankenhomies from Johnny, Frank and Dennis, to sea captain Ericka from the new film.
  • With stunning visuals and humour faithful to the franchise, you’ll laugh your way through your very own monster adventure.
  • Meet a lovable new team of friends- The Impa are at your command! These curious little creatures will follow where you lead and do what you ask.
  • When you combine the abilities of the bat-like Vampa, digging Wolfimpa, super-strong Frankenimpa and others, you can solve the toughest puzzles and beat fearsome enemies.
  • There’s more to explore-Perfect your Impa strategies and go deeper into the mysterious Lost Islands to discover hidden treasures, secret boss battles and new shortcuts. The ghoulish fun doesn’t stop!

Product Description

A mysterious storm has left Dracula, Mavis and the gang washed up on the legendary Lost Islands. Only you with help from a lovable crew of little creatures called the Impa, can reunite Drac’s Pack! Lead your Impa team on daring missions to save missing monsters Frankenstein, Murray the mummy and Wayne the werewolf. As you discover new varieties of Impa including Frankenimpa, Wolfimpa and more, you’ll use their scary skills to battle dangerous enemies, collect secret treasures and save the day in a hilarious new adventure that continues the story of Sony Pictures Animation’s Hotel Transylvania 3: A Monster Vacation. Hurry, the lives of Dracula’s family and friends are at stake!

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Switch version is still £5 too much. heat from me though!
I don't know why they went with a Pikmin style gameplay because it's implemented terribly. The characters constantly get stuck around corners and get lost too often. There's no map once in gameplay and a timer doesn't give you long enough to explore. Kids are going to love it!
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