Hotels for £1  @  Hotel Connect (Sale starting 26th Feb 10 am) !

Hotels for £1 @ Hotel Connect (Sale starting 26th Feb 10 am) !

Found 12th Feb 2009Made hot 12th Feb 2009
At 10am on thursday 26th Feb, HotelConnect will be going on sale with hotel rooms for £1!

These will be available until they run out - so customers will have to be quick to snap them up!


never heard of them , but that should not rule it out, seems like a good deal

I've not heard of them either . But I might risk a quid :-)

super, thanks!
Could somebody tell me where usually is this hotels?The one from the site?
thanks again



Worth a crack I spose. Interesting to see if this sale gets much exposure and if everyone locks up the website, only to find 50 rooms were available. Only time will tell.

thanks looks good!

I used to work for these guys. Very good company. Also Atol bonded so low risk.

Are these hotels for UK only?

I need some for when I go on holiday!

Click the link and then the 'get to know us' tab at the top of the page. Plenty of detail, history back to 1993, list of awards, hotels offered seem to be vetted and international, and perhaps most importantly names of people and UK landline phone numbers.

Gets my vote. Well done Edi.

im a travel agent and use hotelconnect all the time, no worries!:thumbsup:

can anyone tell me where to add heat?

Nice spot

Seems worth a go! Hot!


. . .can anyone tell me where to add heat?

Look at the original post at top of the page. Alongside the current rating (eg, 107), you will see a red triangle and a blue one. You click the red triangle to vote hot, the blue for cold.

If you wish to add to the poster's 'reputation', click on the 'scales' alongside their avatar.

good company ive booked a few times with them

Good find, thank you..!

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No one seems to mention that these rooms are only available in Prague!

i just got an email saying that it didn't specify this before

on the Money Saving Expert site they say that it's 400 rooms and one of the hotels is the Plaza Alta in Prague.

If I can see some cheap flights, I'm going to try.

Seems to only be for hotels in Prague according to their website

Yeah the email I got says '£1 hotels in prague' - There's also a £15 cancellation fee -:whistling: wouldn't you just not turn up rather than cancel?

Seems like the people on here vote hot on anything how can this be voted 600+ heat when they don't even know what they have voted on by the looks of it ? Look worse than them lastminute deals.

bit unfair the site advertised the sale with rooms at £1 then a few days ago changed it to Prague only,
it was bad advertising by the site

Utter waste of time, logged in just before 10am and tried various dates and got nothing whatsoever. Don't even bother.

Yippee just got 2 nights in a 4 star for £2.00
All in all a good bargain as i had booked £5.00 return flights months ago.
Very happy

sorry! We seem to have had a problem with your search great deal when you cannot even get on the website.

Just got on the the site now after 10 mins of getting a error page but guess what no £1 rooms that i can find ???

woo!!! 3 nights in a 4 star - £3!!

mathsnut, you got in too - anyone else?
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