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Hotels4u 10% discount on all inclusive hotels
Found 3rd Aug 2014Found 3rd Aug 2014
Hotels4u 10% discount on all inclusive hotels
Hotels4u have a special offer running until the 5th August where you can get 10% discount on all inclusive hotels. Just go to the website and click on the homepage where it states… Read more
Turkey * school hols * 11-19 August * Family of 6 * Flights + Hotel + Transfers = £1131 * @ Hotels4u
Found 25th Jun 2014Found 25th Jun 2014
Turkey * school hols * 11-19 August * Family of 6 * Flights + Hotel + Transfers = £1131 * @ Hotels4u
Family of 6 School holidays Glasgow to bodrum turkey 11-19 august Flying with Thomson - 2 check in luggage £815 Accommodation ozukara 1 2 bed apartment £275 a week Www.hotels4u.c… Read more

Do not go to these apartments we went last year us and 3 other guests (nit with us) had money stolen police were called and management don't do nothing avoid at all costs there's nothing there and is on a very steep hill


Glasgow schools finished two days ago and go back Wed 13 August. Always been like this in Glasgow and a lot of Scotland though we used to finish on the last Friday of June and go back on the middle Monday in August.


Schools in Surrey break up on 23rd July and Autumn term runs from 2nd September til 19th December And yes, staggered school holidays is the perfect way to go.


Its a good idea. I've heard a few schools recently switched to an equal term year which moved the half term dates as well. Should help a lot of parents given the whole no holidays during school time lark.


Wowzer! So, out of curiosity, what are you Summer Hol dates? Anyone else now thinking staggering Summer Hols could be a good thing :) crabby

7 Nights (29th May til 5th June) In Kavos Corfu - Bed & Breakfast £197.24 for 2 people from Glasgow Prestwick (May 29th - Jun 05) @ hotels4u
Found 17th Apr 2014Found 17th Apr 2014
7 Nights (29th May til 5th June) In Kavos Corfu - Bed & Breakfast £197.24 for 2 people from Glasgow Prestwick (May 29th - Jun 05) @ hotels4u
7 Nights In Kavos, Corfu, Bed & Breakfast £197.24 for 2 people from Glasgow Prestwick This is my first holiday deal but thought it may be good for some people. 29th May - 05… Read more
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Booked these flights with the Olympion Village hotel for £298 b&b for a week. Thanks for the heads up on the flights!


Think the flight prices have jumped a bit.


I get it coming up as £222.74


Great deal thanks!


Stayed at the Morfeas when I went 5 years ago and couldn't complain about the place at all. Reasonable people running it, good standard of cleanliness and it wasn't as uptight as other places you hear of with overbearing owners. Might have to see if I can convince my mates into a return trip!

5 NIGHTS SALOU £77.48pp 5 nights Salou from Stansted 6/5/14 includes 10kgs hand luggage hotel and car hire all in for £77.48 pp based on 4 sharing £309.92 @ ryanair/hotels4u
Found 15th Mar 2014Found 15th Mar 2014
5 NIGHTS SALOU £77.48pp 5 nights Salou from Stansted 6/5/14 includes 10kgs hand luggage hotel and car hire all in for £77.48 pp based on 4 sharing £309.92 @ ryanair/hotels4u
5 nights SALOU Based on 4 sharing departing Stansted on the 6/5/14 and returning on the 11/5/14 Flying with ryanair and staying at the Apartamentos Córcega 4 x 10 kg Luggage plus… Read more
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Great mark :) I've been playing around with dates and hotels to see if I could afford to take Mum here for her might be do-able! x


Portaventura is the only reason to go here. Shambhala was excellent.


For Salou could be better going to Reus. Here is a picture from Salou made on the 23rd of May 2013 one of those chilly days:


PortAventura Hotel El Paso (Park tickets included) £2263.23 for one night @ Hotels4u
Found 28th Feb 2014Found 28th Feb 2014
PortAventura Hotel El Paso (Park tickets included) £2263.23 for one night @ Hotels4u
£2,263.23Hotels4u Deals
Sunshine Stacey missed this amazing deal. Shame on you! Good Friday for x2 adults and x1 child. Don't forget Quidco 8% cashback!

sunshine stacey is too busy enjoying the sunshine in the canaries and is relying on you lol thanks for sharing xx


This is NOT a good hotel, dirty glasses and rubbish just left about by lazy people on AI while I was there last August portAdevturais good but this hotel is overpriced and not great!


i hate their ad cupcake


Over £700 per person for one night (albeit All inclusive) without the flight costs is alright!? *faints*


Save 0% X)

Holiday in Greece(Kefalonia) 7days, Hotel Eleni Studios £71.34 per Person@Hotels4You
Found 27th Mar 2013Found 27th Mar 2013
Holiday in Greece(Kefalonia) 7days, Hotel Eleni Studios £71.34 per Person@Hotels4You
I just noticed yesterday that somebody posted a Holiday deal to Santorini for £299 PP so I decided to find something cheaper in lovely Greece First you need book a flight Ryanair… Read more

Very tempted :) thanks OP


Greece is amazing. It looks how you imagine it the sea really is blue and clear. There really are fish you see when snorkling. People really are laid back in my experience e.g rent a boat for an hour and the guys arent clock watching and demanding money if your afew minutes extra. It saddens me that ruined resorts like Zante exist and so many ignorant Brits cant open their mind to paradise, tranquility, respect for life and instead opt for sleeping all day and vomiting sambuca on each other, glassing each other and crashing quad bikes. Shouldnt let the financial crisis put you off, your helping Greece by visiting and the small towns and villages are much the same places theyve always been. Very hot deal.


lol, nah, as admitted, (small) personal interests in folks visiting Greece but generally a big fan of the place regardless.


Most greeks (especially on the islands) are about the most hospitable people on the planet. Money isn't all that important, quality of life is and they tend to like to spend it getting to know people. They still don't really even lock their doors (their neighbour might need something). You'll find most taverna (pub+homecooked food) owners will make a point of sitting down and getting to know you if they've seen you more than twice. If you make friends with any locals you'll be expected to come to dinner when invited or they'll take (mild) offense. It's really a very different world to the Greece we see on the telly. Speak even 2 words of the language and "your Greek is very good" etc. The islanders are used to tourists, it's in their blood to be super welcoming as it's been the main source of income there for a lot of years. For the price you'll struggle to find a better way to wind down. The greeks are still EXTREMELY family orientated too. Expect your kids to be well looked after with any adults around only too happy to keep an eye on them (so long as they aren't too bratty). Small admission of bias: My other half is Greek, we have apartments on the next island north (Lefkada) in a small village at the south end of the island (Sivota). I've met plenty of folks from various parts of the world though in the taverna's all over the islands who would agree with the above. You'll find more fun holidays or more interesting ones. For taking it easy and recharging batteries though most of the none "nightlife venue" type Greek islands really take some beating. As a small amount of self promotion, Lefkada to the north (bout an hour on the ferry) has some of the best beaches in europe: Egremni, Porto Katsiki, Kalamitsi and Gialos. Porto Katsiki and Egremni are (arguably) in the top 5. Are you on a kick back from the Greek Tourist Board! (I love Kefalonia too)


No, Birmingham

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hotukdealsPromo Xperience Kiroseiz Parkland in Sharm 5* AI £289 for 7 nights  per room (no flights)
Found 13th Jul 2012Found 13th Jul 2012 Xperience Kiroseiz Parkland in Sharm 5* AI £289 for 7 nights per room (no flights)
Xperience Kiroseiz Parkland - 4 out of 5 on Tripadvisor for 1945 reviews travel out 20/7 for 7 nights
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have you tried love ? came across it last week in same boat as you, seems to have most package holidays on there and lets you search ALL destinations at same time to save a load of time, then you can narrow search by budget, trip advisor rating and hotel rating.


If you find any cheap all inclusive holidays in September let me know as i am looking to go away around the 5th for 10-14 nights to somewhere hot Spain/Greese/Eygpt/Canaries. Would be much appricated :D


late booking fee is just crazy!!! they should be glad of a bum on the seat! Not been to Sharm before but I remember Dubai being 38 in Jan which was great (apart from returning home to snow), and Oz was 47 degrees a couple of years ago when we were there in Dec /Jan and there were so many powercuts etc because of the temps - crazy stuff. Most humid place we were in was KL in Malaysia. We have a hol booked for 16 nights in Tenerife in Sept and another for 12 nights in Greece in Oct but I am ALWAYS on the look out for good (ie v cheap but good quality) hols! I will keep looking for something for Sharm - nothing booked for Nov yet lol !! holidaysRus!


I am originally from Egypt and I'm surprised how this time of the year (June, July and August) is high-season in Sharm. It's extremely hot (45+ & very humid), even for someone like me who was born and lived the first 29 years of his life in Egypt! We went to Sharm in August a couple of years ago and we spent a lot of the time in the air-conditioned hotel room because it was irritatingly hot to go out. Previous visit to Sharm was in October and it was absolutely fantastic, the best holiday we've had and we paid £285/person including return flights from Gatwick and 4* accomodation w/breakfast. 5* accomodation was available for £320 but we didn't know about until it was too late. Full-board and all-inclusive were also options for not much money at all, and was also available directly from the hotel. I would advise anyone to go to Sharm after August when the temperature is slightly lower (still 30+ though). Prices are much cheaper too, for some weird reason!


It's an effing nightmare finding decent holidays that aren't going to cost you thousands. I thought last minute ones were cheap and easy to come across but after leaving it until less than a week until I wanted to fly I realised that the flights all go up each day and so do the hotels! Eventually found a semi-decent looking one but damn did it take a long time. The first holiday I booked got cancelled an hour later due to the seats on the plane suddenly disappearing. I also cringe at the fact that a "late booking fee" is added to the total cost of the holiday and can be as much as £35 per person. :|

4* London hotel for just £60 per night @ Hotels4u
Found 13th Jul 2012Found 13th Jul 2012
4* London hotel for just £60 per night @ Hotels4u
Just spotted this deal on the Hotels4u website (says they are part of Thomas Cook). They're doing a secret hotels deal and there is a London 4* hotel for £60 per room. Means my mis… Read more

Do I take it that all these London hotels who tried to rip us off by charginbg rediculous prices during the Olympics are now finding their hotels half empty because no one was prepared to pay the prices.


I was looking at another unnamed 4* hotel, and looking through at other hotels, rough location, parking spaces and charges and amminities, it was a Hilton hotel. May not be in this case but trying to help.


looking good, any idea about 4* quality, what can you expect ? Similar like IBIS , Travelodge ?


Does he really expect the other half to pay her share???


the room is £60 which means two people staying is £30 each

7 nights All inclusive,,5* Club Virgin Bodrum, Bodrum, Turkey..was: £337.73,,Now   £241.78
Found 18th Apr 2012Found 18th Apr 2012
7 nights All inclusive,,5* Club Virgin Bodrum, Bodrum, Turkey..was: £337.73,,Now £241.78
7 nights All inclusive, valid from 15.04.2012-10.05.2012 (Book by 30.04.2012) Was £337.73 NOW £241.78!! Club Virgin Bodrum (ex. Joy Club Bodrum) Duration: 7 nights Guests: 2 adu… Read more

ZedEx... Re read it again...... All Inclusive Bronze The Hotels4u All Inclusive Bronze programme includes three meals each day, plus a selection of locally produced alcoholic and non-alcholic beverages served with meals and from the bar. A limited selection of snacks is also available throughout the day. Drinks all day...... not just at meal times...........


Wan kers lol P.s hotels 4u are just for the commdation. You haft to add a flight on top of that,plus transfers.


Looks very nice for 2 for £241, time to find a flight


no probs thanks


Wasn't having ago was just making sure people knew its wasn't your typical all inclusive deal.

Hotels4u  - £50 off hotels, no minimum spend! Dirt cheap hotels room. Dec 25th only
Found 25th Dec 2011Found 25th Dec 2011
Hotels4u - £50 off hotels, no minimum spend! Dirt cheap hotels room. Dec 25th only
Firstly credit to OP here. However I wanted to repost on main site as it is such a fantasic deal, I've just booked a night in London for 11p! Merry Xmas! Try this link http://ww… Read more
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£50 off your booking on Christmas Day (minimum spend £50) @ Hotels4u
Found 24th Dec 2011Found 24th Dec 2011
£50 off your booking on Christmas Day (minimum spend £50) @ Hotels4u
£50 off your booking on Christmas Day Your £50 will automatically activate on Christmas Day. Please follow the below steps to get £50 off your booking. 1) Take a look around our we… Read more

going to stick with expedia in the future. much better customer service.;)


Hello everyone. I'm really sorry to hear that some of you had trouble using our Christmas Day £50 promotion. Unfortunately, it was identified early in the day that a large number of customers had made multiple bookings (violating our Terms and Conditions), while a high level of fraudulent transactions also occurred. I hope you can appreciate that if these were left unchecked, then they could have proved highly detrimental to the business. We deeply regret that this led to genuine customers not being able to take advantage of the offer. We welcome all feedback and comments about how we can improve our service for customers so if you'd like to send us your feedback, you can do so to If you would like to talk to us about any of your bookings please contact our reservations team on Many thanks. Adam. PR Representative Hotels4u


Problem sorted - It wasn't my actual card being blocked it was the stupid TKMaxx website playing up and refusing my card for some reason! lol I tried an order with Very and it worked , tried again with Tkmaxx and it worked this time and correct amount taken from my bank account for hotel so very happy now!!! :D


Funnily enough , well its not funny but it looks like my Visa card has been BLOCKED for the past couple of days!!! .... Need to get onto them as I have funds in there but something must have flagged up some fraudulent activity??? lol The bank can't even get in touch with me as they have my old number ..... I have a sneaking suspicion I know what they are going to say ....''On the 25th December did you make multiple transactions with Hotels4u?''...... NOOOOO BUT the site kept cashing on the PAYMENTS page so it must look like I tried to make TONS of transactions / payments to them for my booking!!! oO I literally tried for 3 hours until the payment finally went through!


Beware they are not ABTA bonded

1 week in malta 7th-14th dec from leeds £202.80 (2 people b&b)  @ Hotels4u
Found 21st Nov 2011Found 21st Nov 2011
1 week in malta 7th-14th dec from leeds £202.80 (2 people b&b) @ Hotels4u
don't know if this is any good to anyone but ryanair flights to malta from leeds 7th-14th are £10 each way and found this great hotel bed and breakfast (San Antonio Hotel) on hotel… Read more
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i would have definitely booked this but i'm off to brussels this weekend and can't really go away again in such a short period of time OH might complain lol


Malta is a very nice place to visit. However it is quite a hilly place so, anyone who has difficulty walking should bare that in mind.


11th -18th dec flights are £65.89 instead of £40


hotel reviews

Found 15th Jan 2011Found 15th Jan 2011
HOTELS4U just released latest 30%+ sale on hotels abroad. Just booked really cheap all inclusive hotel in Ibiza for 4 of us for £850 in school holidays!! Bargain!! 10% Quidco to… Read more
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hotels4u , did not pay my cashback either quidco £127 due,,,, although they did pay a £7 cashback for a different transaction


Don't buy from here if your relying on cash back to make it the cheapest, they never paid mine (Topcashback) £200 as well!!!


Going to Orlando in the summer and the same hotels on Travel Republic are literally half the price than at hotels4u,cold from me im afraid.

4* Sea Sun Hotel Dahab with sea view in Sharm el Sheikh inc. B+B for 2 people 1st May £138.69 @Hotels4u
Found 2nd Jan 2009Found 2nd Jan 2009
4* Sea Sun Hotel Dahab with sea view in Sharm el Sheikh inc. B+B for 2 people 1st May £138.69 @Hotels4u
Price does not include transfers (available for £16.54 per person) This hotel is a stunning modern building sitting right on the beach in a fabulous location. It is renowned for i… Read more

After looking at trip advisor I wouldn't go there for free. Sorry op but cold!


Before booking you may want tohave a look at the trip advisor reviews and photos, I have never been let down by using TA to make a final decision, maybe there is a reason this is so cheap but then again there are only 6 reviews but I would guess teh 1st one from someone in egypt might be the hotel itself:


Love that user name "Common Sense" made me laugh:-D


Taxi is £10 to most hotels in Sharm from the airport (4 people) £22 for up to 14 people (booked from UK). Agents prices are a rip off. Even less if you walk outside the airport (5 mins) and get a cab. You can book a taxi from UK eg Sharm Club. On excusions: you need to bargain down the price. Don't pay silly prices. Eg Glass boat = £15 each We paid £90 for 11 people with a private taxi for 5 hours taking us there and back as well as old Sharm. Don't book excursions via UK agents, their prices are much higher.


shame no flights or it would have been a deffo :)

5* Hauza Beach Resort - Sharm El Sheikh - £255.08 per couple @ Hotels4U- All Inclusive - (124.54 each)
Found 15th Jan 2009Found 15th Jan 2009
5* Hauza Beach Resort - Sharm El Sheikh - £255.08 per couple @ Hotels4U- All Inclusive - (124.54 each)
Hotel Description The Hauza Beach Resort is situated in the east of Sharm El Sheikh, 5 Km from Sharm El Sheikh airport, overlooking the sea and Tiran Island. At the resort you wi… Read more

reviews dont seem great either : Jan 6, 2009 we stayed at the hauza for a week in july and it has put me off egypt for life, the room we booked was supposed to have 2 rooms as there is 5 of us, the room we got was 1 bedroom with a sofa bed in we complained and the next day we got a different room, the food was disgusting the staff were ignorant except the cleaner he was friendly, we were told not to drink the pop as it had been watered down with their own tap water so we had to buy pop everyday even though we stayed all inclusive we spent a fortune on food and drink, i would not recomend this hotel to my worst enemy Jan 5, 2009 0/1 found this review helpful me and my sister stayed at this hotel for christmas. it was the worst holiday we have ever had. the food was terrible there was no entertainment on an evening the only good thing about it was the weather and going home. everyone we spoke to felt the same. it has put us off egypt altogether. dont go to this hotel.


Yeah load of rubbish , who wants to see and hear building work going on , granted your not going to be in the hotel all the time but who knows what sort of hours they work etc Sounds more like a nightmare , hence the price Also this is not 5 stars as we would know it , over there its easy to buy them lol




about half way down the page on the right hand side


Also, you missed this bit out...