Hotpoint AQC9BF7E Condenser Tumble Dryer - White (was £407.99 - now £280.49 using code!) @

Hotpoint AQC9BF7E Condenser Tumble Dryer - White (was £407.99 - now £280.49 using code!) @

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Found 21st Jan 2017
A decent price for this 9kg Hotpoint condenser tumble dryer.

Please note item 3776441 has previously been on sale at £355.99

Use the code WHITE15 at checkout to bring this down to a bargainous £280.49 and get free delivery within 5 days

Don't forget 1.05% quidco
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Which? says don't buy
I think Heat pump is the way to go now that they seemed to have improved the technology (seems you don't need to wait 5 hours for your clothes to dry now)
Ask existing hotpoint owners their thoughts after months of being messed around by the fire risk issue of past dryers - customer service was appalling in relation to it
We have one of these and even though it has had the 'repair' I still worry about it catching fire to a degree. Although it works well and I think the style is great; if I was in the market for a new one I would buy a post fire risk machine or another brand.
pile of **** ****
No experience of Hotpoint tumble dryers, but experience of their recent fridges and freezers is that
1) Plastic is flimsy and prone to snapping
2) Their "10 year parts guarantee" isn't worth the paper it's written on as I can't get them to honour it

Though what Hotpoint will do is sell you a D&G warranty (which I've had to claim twice on for the freezer) when you contact them to claim on their *free* 10 year warranty oO
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Hotpoint... stay well clear, we purchased a Hotpoint washing machine from John Lewis, within the first two months we had three replacement machines due to faults. At that point we said enough was enough and got a refund and purchased an LG.

Which? says don't buy

"We've given the Hotpoint AQC9BF7E tumble dryer our Don't Buy warning label":…ite
I have this tumble dryer and it's really good. Great price, I paid a lot more a year ago.
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