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Hotpoint H8 W946SB UK Washing Machine - Silver - £268.31 with code @ Hot Point

Shared by Khaled_Miah
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Whopping £580 off! RRP: £850. After all discount £268.31

Use code HotFriday22 to get further 50% off. This code will only work for this item only.

Key features
9kg wash load capacity
30 minute quick wash programme
GentlePower Technology
Wash a full load of laundry in 45 mins

Discover cleaning solutions which make a powerful difference to your laundry with a wealth of capabilities to suit your needs, the Hotpoint H8 W946SB UK Washing machine boasts an authentic design and an 8kg capacity and an A class energy rating. Achieve impeccable cleaning with maximum energy and water efficiency with GentlePower technology, water is sprayed carefully onto your laundry like a waterfall, providing a thorough wash, whilst Load Detect precisely understands the quantity of laundry placed inside the drum, and automatically adjusts the water and energy needed for each cycle by continually monitoring the amount of water absorbed by the load, cementing extraordinary cleaning results with impressive energy and water savings. With a host of energy and water saving solutions, the AutoDose function takes care of the amount of detergent used, dispatching the perfect amount of detergent for every cycle so you can wash multiple loads without the need to re-fill, saving you time and money. For added versatility, discover the power of steam and achieve ultimate cleaning results and peace of mind, Steam 3.0 technologies provide ultimate cleaning results with three options to choose from. The Steam Hygiene cycle which reduces bacteria thanks to a prolonged high temperature; the 20 minute Steam Refresh cycle refreshes clothes without washing; and finally the Steam Finish option keeps your laundry soft, for up to 6 hours after the end of the cycle. For Added practicality the Drum Light is an addition which gives you Perfect visibility inside the machine...no more forgotten socks. The drum light is automatically activated whenever the door is opened, so you have perfect visibility inside the machine. Well-crafted and designed with care for your clothes in mind, this Hotpoint Washing machine caters for all your laundry needs.
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  1. Avatar
    Don't know why everyone is getting in a lather over this.

    It's a Hotpoint, probably last 3 years at most, It was never even worth £536.

    All those extra features? It's like buying a Lada with lane assist and auto park, you know when it goes wrong it's scrap metal.

    Which? review of the white version of this is mediocre at best.

    Good wash/rinse performance but high energy and water use and long program times. Spin rating B so more cost drying too. (edited)
    The extended parts and labour guarantees should cover most things
  2. Avatar
    This site ordering washing machines at daft 0'clock in the morning
  3. Avatar
    Buy now, think about it when i wake up
  4. Avatar
  5. Avatar
    Got to be in it to win it
  6. Avatar
    Hot deal, I'm so tempted but my indisit moon is still going strong after approx 14 years.
  7. Avatar
    This Site !! Only got new machine 6 months ago - haha - ordered and had confirmation.

    Email says this Your order is currently out of stock and is expected to arrive at the date indicated below. We will contact you once your order is available for delivery. 5 Working Days.

    Used PayPal pay in 3.

  8. Avatar
    Thanks OP could be best BF deal yet
  9. Avatar
    Legend @Khaled_Miah I am skint but need a new washing machine, been putting it off ages but I have just snapped one of these up. I look forward to having a machine that doesn't flood!
  10. Avatar
    Doubt anyone's ever paying 850 for this. You'd think they'd get the capacity right on their own website
    No one’s paying £850 ever!
    But for £270
    5 year labour
    10 year parts warranty
    For that alone it’s a no brainier!
  11. Avatar
    Epic deal. Khaled_Miah you legend
  12. Avatar
    Is this gonna work. I just tried and got the confirmation email. Cancelled the Bosch from Amazon straight after. MASSIVE SAVING on top spec machine if this works....
    Definitely works u enjoy
  13. Avatar
    Great. Email confoirmation says out of stock until date below which is '5 working days' so I am gonna have my fingers crossed. Heat for this post though for the sheer chance of getting it
  14. Avatar
    Now that's a proper black Friday deal
  15. Avatar
    5 years labour & 10 years parts warranty
    Can’t argue with that, bargain!
  16. Avatar
    Ordered. See what happens.
  17. Avatar
    dont even need one but bought it anyway Nice one
    Just made me think where do I put this 1!? (edited)
  18. Avatar
    Ordered even though not really needing one.let’s see if they honour it 🤞
  19. Avatar
    Free 28 day returns? Does this include installation / removal costs?
    No but you can pay extra
  20. Avatar
    Have ordered, fingers crossed 🤞🏼
  21. Avatar
    Brilliant deal have ordered fingers crossed
  22. Avatar
    Ordered one. Finger's crossed , thanks @Khaled_Miah (edited)
  23. Avatar
    Great. Thanks @Khaled_Miah
  24. Avatar
    Ordered, £311 all in (with Installation & Removal) Thank you
  25. Avatar
    Gone up to £536 now. Oh well, I'd better stick with my 10 year old Indesit lol. Good luck to everyone who managed to get it at the cheaper price.
    No deal still active you just have to go to the next screen
  26. Avatar
    If honest Wouldn’t touch Hotpoint again, never had a good one and no way was this ever worth £850.

    Good luck to all who managed to grab one (edited)
  27. Avatar
    Deal still live, only available to first 20 people (edited)
    Yeah, taken payment and also says it's active for 3 days. Let's hope we all get them.
  28. Avatar
    I went for it too... all the features sound immense!
  29. Avatar
    Ordered, let’s hope we all get one, mine says out of stock and delivery in 5 days
  30. Avatar
    Ordered, thanks!
  31. Avatar
    Thanks I've just ordered as my old one is on its last legs!! 🤞🤞
  32. Avatar
    Coming up as £536 for me
    If you go all the way through it may come up at half price.
  33. Avatar
    Thanks OP. Time to replace my 14 year old AEG
  34. Avatar
    For first 20 orders. Take it thats done now as won't let me pay.
    I’ve just done it . Worked for me
  35. Avatar
    Fingers crossed that they honour the orders! Amazing deal.
  36. Avatar
    Looks like it's over. Code is no longer working. I managed to get one though.
  37. Avatar
    Code stopped working? Stay saying £536 on payment page.
  38. Avatar
    Damn it, missed it.
  39. Avatar
    Typical the one thing I need. I come to it too late.