Hotpoint Larder Fridge - Asda - Instore - £80

Hotpoint Larder Fridge - Asda - Instore - £80

Found 26th Dec 2010
Hotpoint Larder Fridge

seen instore today - had lots of stock

havent got all details - apologies

under counter fridge

cracking price at £80
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asda's nationwide were closed today!
Not in scotland they werent!!

asda's nationwide were closed today!

The Asda at Middlebrook, Horwich was open today!!
Is it this 'ice-free' one?,default,pd.html
I went to Comet and paid £179.99 to take this same model away on 22 Dec because ours had just died.
seems a great price and you can easily take it home
Had loads in Asda Great Bridge today
Open in Llandudno today too
whats size is this

asda's nationwide were closed today!

ok i was dreaming??? oh no I wasnt


whats size is this

normal size under counter fridge

whats size is this

If holly100 saw the frost free Hotpoint, follow the Asda link in my post for the measurements.

OK - link not working now. Here are the Hotpoint RLAV21P measurements; Dimensions (WxDxH in cm) 55.0 x 58 x 84
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Any news on this one guys? Is it only in Scotland or has anyone seen this offer in the UK yet?

asda's nationwide were closed today!

Pilsworth was open
Just been into ASDA, Newton Abbot and they had a lot of Russell Hobbs larder fridges (not Hotpoint), opposite the entrance. There was no price but if they're the same as on their website, they'll be £80
Found this on ASDA website;
Russell Hobbs RH150 Under Counter Larder Fridge
Catalogue number:
Product Buy Options
The Russell Hobbs RH150 Larder Fridge has a net storage capacity of 132 litres and is A-rated for energy efficiency. It has a reversible door which... Read more...
Price: Was £140 Now £80.00 Save £60 - mystery solved?

could really do with a small fridge for the kitchen, showing oos online at the mo
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OOS online but these are in store.
hotpoint rlav21p aint bad for 80quid but hotpoint now are a crap brand not like they used to be
Had some in Greenhithe the other week
May I be the first moron to suggest paying 'the little bit extra' and spending £700 on the Sony fridge because it has a USB port and wi-fi?

Seriously, though, Hotpoint & Russell Hobbs are no great shakes at the moment. I recently dumped a Hotpoint washing machine which was always rubbish.
"Seriously, though, Hotpoint are no great shakes . I recently dumped a Hotpoint washing machine which was always rubbish."

At last the penny begins to drop! many "Brands" are no more than a badge these days with hotpoint.creda cannon now all owned by the italian Indesit Co.
Were there any small freezers on offer?
Manchester Update -: Trafford Park Asda do not have these on offer at all, Leigh Asda (as stated on a previous post) have now sold out, may get some more in !!! Pilsworth Asda not got any all sold out, Asda Horwich sold out - I give up would have been great to have at that price...... :-(
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