Hotpoint LSTF8M126 Built in slimline dishwasher £260.10 -

Hotpoint LSTF8M126 Built in slimline dishwasher £260.10 -

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Found 11th Feb 2017
good reviews - 5 stars

was 330, now 300
takes off another 30 at checkout
then use code tenneroff for 260.10
also use topcashback for another 13 off

so altogether was 330 now about 247
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good find op, heat added
Won't be built in for long that's sure

Won't be built in for long that's sure

Not sure what that means?
Better using code 15APPLIANCE

Remember TCB will track higher then the amount will be lowered. I've done the maths and you are still better using this code than not at all and taking the higher rate.
Hotpoint - no way!

Not sure what that means?

It's built in but every time the engineer has to come out and fix it which will be well could be every month it won't be built in.
Any evidence for the more premium Hotpoint dishwashers being as poorly built as people here are making out? I'm aware the name isn't what it used to be, but there must be some proof to back up claims that they're awful? (I ask because I just got one installed, which got great reviews and was £100 cheaper than the basic Bosch, which got worse reviews)
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I'm voting this hot because it's the only way I can thank the op. I'd been thinking for a while that my washing machine does not do tumble drying and I wish it did.
So I looked on and there was nothing so through Google found a perfectly acceptable cheap one from Currys.
Thanks op for getting my lazy a***e into gear.

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