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HOTPOINT Aquarius TVM570P 7kg Vented Tumble Dryer - White £143.99 delivered w/code @ Hotpoint Clearance
Found 20th JanFound 20th Jan
With its generous 7 kg drying capacity, this Polar White Aquarius TVM570P is ideal for the larger household, and is easy to install thanks to an included venting kit. Highlight… Read more

With the contempt they showed customers with the dryer fiasco that some still haven’t been fixed it makes no sense that anyone would buy a hotpoint dryer ever again never, mind the other rubbish they continue to sell. :(


You buy an Hotpoint and that won't be the only error you get!


Same here on DROID


Keep getting 'Unknown Error' on Hotpoint site using my PC - Maybe they are busy ( main page works ok , it's just when you want to look at any products).


The five tumble Dryers available -

Hotpoint Class 3 SA3 544 C IX Built-in Oven £167.99 @ Hotpoint Clearance
Found 14th JanFound 14th Jan
Thought this was cracking deal for a very good oven with decent reviews and a large capacity, a similar model is £249 on the Curry's website. Voucher code is SAVE20 and their is 2… Read more



got a whirlpool at home (same manufacturer), 3 years old and wont heat up, they give a 10 year guarantee, but you have to register and pay for call out charges, which are almost as much as this!!! Wouldn't buy another!


Can verify its dead easy to do- worth checking as usually it's obvious if it's the element (light comes on, fan activates but just no heat) and often when you take it out you can see it cracked. Did this whilst visiting my mother in law at Easter and £14 with Amazon next day delivery (well, 2 day as was Easter weekend!). Managed Easter roast dinner in the microwave and using the grill in the meantime.


It came back up earlier, seems to have gone again


Anyone else getting issues with site?. Tried the link and also looking generally under categories and get "An unknown error has occurred Please try again later."

WASHER DRYER DELIVERED / INDESIT XWDE861480XK Front Loading Standard 8Kg £319.20 @ Hotpoint
Found 7th JanFound 7th Jan
Cheapest I could find using discount code save20 @ Hotpoint clearance - Debenhams Plus - £385.00 delivered Very - £416.98 delivered Currys - £499.00 delivered

There is actually a second machine up at £360 now


this may be reasonably cheap but only comes with what is in effect a one year warranty, if you want to use the extended warranty you need to pay labour charges of £100+ a year Hotpoint will kindly allow you to pay this as an extended warranty single monthly payment or as a one off payment, one off means if it breaks its another £100+ a time. This means your washing machine costs you £319 for one year, a minimum of £419 for two years, £519 for three years and so on. Now sadly thats not a cheap washer, and with Hotpoints record of quality, you will need the extra warranty, and yes there will be someone lucky enough to have had a hotpoint for 4 years and never had an issue but these people are few and far between. And of course factor in Hotpoints amazing customer care and you should look to buy something else.


Unknown error on that link for me also.

Lindsaybob14 Coming up no problem for me.. Sorry :)


No it doesnt but thanks anyway.

KitchenAid Empire Red Iconic A++ rated 221L fridge freezer £671.20 delivered with free removal of old appliance @ Hotpoint Clearance
Found 7th JanFound 7th Jan
Very rarely discounted and cheapest price elsewhere is £899.97 for Empire Red colour. Real retro feel to it and they seem to go on eBay for £699 reconditioned. Looks amazing and I… Read more


Heat added, because it looks like a beautiful fridge freezer (unicorn)


'Empire Red', apparently. Which empire?


haha sounds like too much work in cold or rainy weather (lol) (lol) (lol)


Yes think more like ice cubes and frozen peas and a massive chest freezer in the garage :D

Indesit 9KG 1600 Spin Washing machine £224.99 + Free Del & Recycling @ Hotpoint Clearance (Using 25% off clearance code / See OP)
Found 13th Dec 2018Found 13th Dec 2018
Good price on a 9KG/1600 machine here, includes delivery and recycling costs. Delviery on this is showing as free before Christmas at the mo, or there's next day for an extra £6.99… Read more

I'm also looking around for a good washing machine deal. I see some helpful brand advice above. What about Zanussi? Are they any good nowadays? Currently have a Zanussi FLS1383W which I've used for so long that I'm getting tired of it so would like to replace it but I wonder if newer models are as reliable.


Personally, since I've been living on my own I've had a John Lewis JLWM1203 (made by AEG) for 7 years without any fault whatsoever. A very reliable machine. The machine was provided by my landlord so when I moved out I couldn't take it with me of course. I wouldn't be surprised if it's still going strong. Moved out of that house in December 2016. I'm living in my mum's old house now and the Beko we have here is about 5 years old and hasn't missed a beat. When I eventually find another place of my own I'll only consider Beko. Unless I win the lottery - my mansion will have a top spec Miele.


Personally know lots of people with Beko washing machines and baring noisy bearings at around 4 years old they seem to work quite well. I've got a Beko fridge/freezer, heatpump drier and they haven't caught fire yet ;) The problem with budget is the fact that some people still regard Hotpoint as a premium brand which sadly they're not anymore. At this price it does fall into the budget category. You could pay a lot more for an Indesit/Hotpoint and internally they're all 90% the same. Still would rather save the environment and buy a better brand ;) which I guess is still a lottery ;)


Certainly wouldn't disagree that the expectation for Bosch and Samsung machines should be that they last longer. Definitely more quality in there than your average budget machine. Very puzzling to me why Beko often get as much praise as they do. They're products are as temperamental as anything Hotpoint and Hoover do, and their prices are similar. I wouldn't specifically take one of their products instead. But we're probably arguing the same point really! Budget is always going to be a shot in the dark whatever you buy.


Problem is the parts guarantee will only work if you use a Hoover/Candy approved repairer and they usually cost a standard £130+ to call out. After going through 3 Hotpoint's and an Hoover in the space of 3 years I decided to buy a nearly new secondhand Bosch instead of buying crap. I have since upgraded to a Samsung with a bigger drum and gave the Bosch to my brother. The Bosch is over 8 years old and still going! I only ever had to replace the door seal on that, It was used daily. The Samsung is now a couple of years old with no faults, Because the drum is twice as big it's used every couple of days. You do generally get what you pay for. I'd happily replace a part myself in the Samsung. Shame that Hotpoint went the way they did, They were once a valued British brand that made reliable appliances but since moving production elsewhere they've gone down hill. Yes, a lot of products these days seem to be disposable which is such a shame and not very good for the environment. The main point of my objection is that you can buy cheaper washing machines like Beko that will last much longer.

Hotpoint SUTCD97B6P 9kg Ultima S-Line Condenser Tumble Dryer £227.99 w/code @ Hotpoint Clearance Store
Found 19th Nov 2018Found 19th Nov 2018
Right now you can get an extra 20% off the Hotpoint SUTCD97B6P kg Ultima S-Line Condenser Tumble Dryer with code: SAVE20 You will also get the Free Removal of your old Machine and… Read more

Really do appreciate you taking the time to do that but your links are washing machines not tumble dryers..


search is hopeless on here, sometimes you have to go a google seach, but search for samsung wash brings up a load of them. This one is £102 more, which is less than a call out which I seem to remember is now £125, its only 8KG against the 9 here but would be enough for most and a kilo isnt that much in cloths anyway. 9kg a little more


Had a search there’s a washer dryer and that’s it. So this is a good deal cheers o.p


just have a search on here, the samsungs are very good and most have 5 year warranties


Do you have a link?

Hotpoint WMFUG863P 8kg 1600rpm A+++ Smart Washing Machine + Free recycling of old machine was £299.99 now £239.99 Del w/code @ Hotpoint
Found 23rd Oct 2018Found 23rd Oct 2018
Thought this was a great price for this very highly rated Hotpoint WMFUG863P 8kg 1600rpm A+++ Smart Washing Machine. Seems to be the cheapest price around by quite a margin (next… Read more

American. You seem very out of touch with the last few years' news. Product AND dreadful service AND awful warranty. I'll leave others to decide who's "dumb".


This model came recommended by a very reputable source, terming it as a 'must have bargain for the amount of facilities (?) it has'... I do recall years ago that Hotpoint was the company on everybody's lips regarding washing machines and as it's been taken over by a soulless Chinese(?) or American (?) company it might be inferior to the older machines, BUT, who's to say that they aren't listening to their fans? Or regurgitating old blue prints because they want to succeed and maintain their status? Surely you're not dumb enough to tarnish all models with the same brush made by a company, are you?


Well, I'm actually very impressed by its performance so far, clothes have come out actually smelling a lot more fresh compared to the Beko, which wasn't a cheap model either by the way, i think i priced it at £380 or something, maybe it's got something to do with the longer washes? I don't know, I'm not a washing machine expert really... But as you say David, time will only tell, as with anything, if it stands the test of time then its a good buy, if it lasts a year then I will not be happy, for obvious reasons.


Time will tell.


I stand by my post and thousands will agree!

Hotpoint WMFUG842K 8KG 1400rpm A++ Smart Washing Machine + Free recycling of old machine was £349.99 now £279.20 Del w/code @ Hotpoint
Found 22nd Oct 2018Found 22nd Oct 2018
Thought this was a great price for this very highly rated Hotpoint WMFUG842K 8kg 1400rpm / A++ Energy Smart Washing Machine. Seems to be the cheapest price around by quite a margin… Read more

Thanks. Does Samsung have tumble dryer? Don't want a washer dryer


Just get samsung mate. We have got a washer- dryer about 3 years ago and after daily use still no probs at all. We got on july offer from currys it seems a best time to buy according to them because people donot buy a lot stuff july- august and there we have got a cracking deal from £750 to £520 with 5 years warranty :D


Thanks. I bought a zanussi condenser dryer but had to return back cause it was faulty


tub bearings on these and majority of bosch machines seem to last under 3 years. picked up plenty to refurb from gumtree and ebay always with failed main bearings around same age. dont make it easy to replace now as bearings and tub are one unit so not a cheap fix when they do wear out. I needed to replace a tub due to bearing failure and it was circa £180 well above what the washer was worth. in my experience, beko machines of similar age fare better. re candy dryers - again not easy to fix for independent white goods engineers when they go wrong as diagnostics and programming is done via phone app only available to hoover candy engineers. when picking a dryer or washer always worth a look on the second hand / auction sites at how many of a particular brand are listed on there as broken or spares / repair, gives you an idea on how reliable each brand is, and I wont touch heat pump dryers with a barge pole. having had most brands of dryer in workshop at some point, my missus says the old vented zanussi one we have is currently the best out of the lot as stuff doesnt crease.


I was thinking of Bosch. But in that case I'm gonna go for a candy tumble dryer. Anyone opinions on Candy? They have good reviews everywhere

Hotpoint 10KG / 1400rpm Ultima S-Line Washing Machine £303.99 Delivered + Free recycling of old machine @ Hotpoint
Found 17th Oct 2018Found 17th Oct 2018
Decent offer on a 10KG model, big capacity ideal for families or someone that does a fast changing magic act :D You can also select for them to recycle your old machine for free, … Read more

I got the 9kg version from for £279 if this helps anyone


Have some heat... If only they had made the discount coupon % just a touch higher, to being the price under that magical and psychological barrier of £300 !!! (y)

Hotpoint Under Counter Freezer RZAAV22K Under Counter Freezer £123.99 with code at  Hotpoint Clearance Store
Found 4th Oct 2018Found 4th Oct 2018
RZAAV22K 85L A+ FutureU/Counter 55cm Freezer Freezer £154.99 but use SAVE20 for additional discount bringing the total to £123.99. A great price for Hotpoint and ready to help you… Read more

Website seems to be broken, cant order anything atm


ave you got a link


Got Silver one very good freezer worth the £80.00

Extra 20% Off Hotpoint Clearance w/code Eg; Hotpoint WMFUG942G 9kg 1400rpm Washing Machine £215.99 + Free Removal of Old Machine + Free Delivery @ Hotpoint Clearance Store
Found 24th Sep 2018Found 24th Sep 2018
Right now you can get an extra 20% the Hotpoint Clearance Store with code: SAVE20 You will also get the Free Removal of your old Machine and Free Delivery. Hotpoint clearance s… Read more

Don't get me wrong, it's a very good washer dryer and wife loves it... Unfortunately my experience when issues occured and also seeing many others complaining about Samsung online when getting issues resolved, it's definitely a brand I'd never go near again for a washer dryer.


Hope the 10% off code can come in use for maybe a Beko machine for somebody then ;)


Thanks for the heads up. Mine is being delivered Monday, fingers crossed you were just unfortunate.


I wouldn't touch Samsung. We have Samsung Ecobubble washer dryer, got it 5 years ago. Had a fault within first two months. They tried to charge us for repair, even though it has shipped with the wrong part internally which caused the fault, was a battle... Then 1 month out of 5 year warranty, fault occurs and they wouldn't help without charge. Nightmare to deal with. Especially considering it was a £700-£800 purchase. Got a local engineer out who charged me £10 to investigate and £20 to fix as it was just a faulty sensor. God knows what it would of cost me going via Samsung, callout alone would of been far more. Asked the engineer while he was fixing what he'd reccomend, in terms of reasonable price but good reliability. Thought he'd say Bosch but he said Beko which surprise me, he said originally their build quality wasnt as good but in recent years they've stepped it up massively and it would be one he'd get.


Looked at this and I do agree it is a good deal but I decided on the Samsung Ecobubble 9kg. Currently £200 off and found an online voucher for 10% off using code LKA10A . Hope this is good to some body.

Hotpoint Washing Machine - £211.82 @ Hotpoint Clearance Store
Found 7th Jul 2018Found 7th Jul 2018
Hotpoint Washing Machine - £211.82 @ Hotpoint Clearance Store
This is 339.00 for the machine in Currys supplied, installed and take away old appliance for 229.00.

If the washing machine is as bad as the 3 links that do not work on here i'm out :/


Regardless, look how badly they have dealt with the situation. Numerous complains about their customer service. I don't have any appliance from this company


The incidents outlined has been identified as a technical issue with a very small percentage of washing machine production during periods of 2007 to 2009 could be affected. On becoming aware of the potential issue it was risk assessed under General Product Safety Regulations and was classified as ‘Very Low’ risk therefore it was concluded that no direct consumer notification was required. Model number: WMFUG942GUK Your model is not at risk Other than some tumble dryer issues, there's nothing in the last few years (meaning this model is included) that is a fire risk for washing machines. Find out for yourself:


Difference is, when Samsung's phones started catching fire. They recalled them and fixed them quickly. This is an ongoing issue with Hotpoint and they are still not actually fixing the problem. Just because you got off scotch free it does not mean that these applicants do not have serious concerns over safety. This is not just a normal defect, it's not a part that is breaking sooner that expected. This is a design flaw in their appliances, one that is relatively easy to fix but too costly that they will do everything they can to ignore it. Sorry but you can usually pass a judgement about the morals of this company based on this fact. The last warning was issued in 2017, with 200, 000 members of the public waiting for a repair and millions still affected. Their washing machines and tumble dryers are a ticking time bomb, all it takes a little bit of flint to get on the motor and you have another house fire. They are not a good company on the basis they have no intention of fixing this. It's been years with this same problem, even the newer machines are affected by the same shabby engineer flaw If you want a Hot Point you will get one in your kitchen! Anyone who is awaiting a repair don't bother, demand a full refund from them instead. It's all OK until your house gets burnt down. InDesit, Hotpoint and Creda all the same OEM manafacturers


but take it at a deal level, its £211 for the washer, now add on any extra warranty you need at say £80 to £100 a year or even more if you go with the call out, for the labour charge and for 2 years its a £311 washer, want it to last 3 then its a £399 washer. Now if you are happy to take the risk and trust us its a big risk to go with just the standard 1 year warranty and hope it does not stop working then its a great price. However once you start adding on the labour call our or extra warranty for the labour side of the free parts warranty its expensive. If you are also happy with poor customer care, in general then this is the machine for you. If you think its disgusting how they have managed the dryer fiasco and not even consider the machine build quality you should stay away from them. How anyone can even try and defend a company that has not recalled or fixed all of the machines that have started fires is beyond me. As I said earlier any other company would have been long gone if they did this to their customer but like the phoenix these guys keep going because people think price over people lives, quality machines, good service :(

WMFUG942G 9.0Kg Smart Washing Machine GRAPHITE £202 inc del/recycle old machine @ HOTPOINT CLEARANCE
Found 17th Dec 2017Found 17th Dec 2017
Go to homepage and add WMFUG942G in search bar I have just purchased this..I cannot believe how much i paid. Delivery is free (provide you with day and 3 hour window) and collectio… Read more
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How can you buy extended warranty???


Why has this deal been voted hot when it is apparently a poor machine ?


Rubbish machine bought last year regret it, doesn't rinse well always have soap stains on clothes,clothes are always wet after 1400 spin


Out of stock


Bought this 3 years ago and it broke down multiple times and the engineer was nice and fixed it even told my mum how to reset it to fix the error (they are designed to "break down") but a few days after the 1 year was up it just would not even turn on even when she tried resetting it, we replaced it with samsung 82 percent score on which! £450 quid down the drain Heat added very good company and service.

Indesit IWSC51051 5kg 1000rpm Slim Washing Machine at Hotpoint Clearance for £170
Found 14th Dec 2017Found 14th Dec 2017
Indesit IWSC51051 5kg 1000rpm Slim Washing Machine at Hotpoint Clearance for £170
Hi, Just came across this washing machine on Hotpoint Clearance, for some reason I cannot link direct to the product. But if you search it, it's there and in stock. A very basic … Read more

FML942PUK 9kg 1400 Spin Aquarius Washing Machine £193. 2% Quidco.


For some reason the site wont allow me to link direct. If you refresh and search you can find it....I think its the site (hopefully it's not my fault)


Link goes to deal timeout....

Hotpoint SKA89P Stainless Steel Single Oven - Pyrolytic Self Cleaning Cycle £262 @ Hotpoint Clearance
Found 4th Nov 2017Found 4th Nov 2017
Hotpoint SKA89P Stainless Steel Single Oven - Pyrolytic Self Cleaning Cycle £262 @ Hotpoint Clearance
Stainless Steel Hobs from £109.99 2% Quidco. Free delivery.… Read more

I got a similar model, the glass door exploded leaving small glass pieces all over the kitchen. Apparently it's a common occurrence with pyrolytic oven's (horror)


I had the same issues, I then swapped for the Beko one, which is great.




This looks very similar if not the same to the Hotpoint oven i got from B&Q instead of a mispriced Bosch one a couple of years ago. If it is anything like it, its fucking awful. thermostat doesn't work at all. and locks itself most of the time throughout its time on. it truely is dreadful to the point ill never buy another hotpoitn appliance again


some decent stuff on that site

FML942PUK Hotpoint 9kg Aquarius Washing Machine & Free Delivery £193 @ Hotpoint clearance
Found 26th Oct 2017Found 26th Oct 2017
FML942PUK Hotpoint 9kg Aquarius Washing Machine & Free Delivery £193 @ Hotpoint clearance
Large 9kg drum , Good price, £360 in Argos and £249 at Very MPN: FML942PUK EAN: 5054645024742 Lighten your laundry basket with this Hotpoint FML942PUK 9kg Load Washing Mach… Read more

Glad these brands have served you well. My family have had quite the opposite experience. The kitchen we inherited from our house builder, was fully equipped with integrated Zanussi appliances. We were pleased not to have any Hotpoint / Indesit appliances, and felt we had acquired quality goods. Sadly the Oven, Washer and Fridge have all failed within 7 years. The fridge in particular, was flimsy, and the internal moulding of the doors, buckled under the weight of regular items such as 2 litre bottles of milk. My parents were forewarned not to buy Hotpoint appliances. Despite this, and being attracted by the prices and the lure of headline grabbing warranties they purchased a washer, and Fridge Freezer. Both have failed with 6 years, and are not cost effective to repair. Similarly my in-laws hotpoint washer failed after 4 years (now replaced with a surplus 4 year old LG washer we had) On the flip side, we install entry level Bosch Appliances in our rental properties. We've had no issues in the last 10 years, all are going strong, with no complaints from tenants - We've had no experience of Beko so can't comment.


I've had Indesit Washing machines for the last 20 years, and creda / hotpoint tumbledryers for the past 10 years. I used to be a service engineer for Indesit/Hotpoint/Creda so I thought I'd be alright if something went wrong, because I'd get cheap parts. Or at least I would have - I stopped working for them a few months ago. I't nothing to do with company loyalty - I just bought what I thought represented great value at the time. My Dishwasher is Tricity and my cooker is Zanussi. None of my machines have displayed the slightest inkling of a problem in all that time. You want to be on first name terms with your engineer? Try Bosch or Beko, or that White Knight crap Currys are passing off as white goods.


as above anything really than these or their sister company indesit,on white goods, the saying pay cheap pay twice is something that you can associate with these, the reality is you have a year with no worries, after that they will charge you for the labour, believe this is over £100 a visit (once the machine gets to a certain age its even more expensive) or can be added as a monthly insurance. So don't think of it as a £200 machine think of it as at least £300 for two years, £400 for 3 years and so on. You can get other machines out there for this price with 5 year warranties or you could just pay the £200 and get a local guy to fix it, you might also find it doesn't break and you might be one of the lucky ones. Speak from experience replaced everything when we got a new kitchen, washer engineer was at our house weekly, they had to replace the dishwasher twice after they had the same fault and flooded the kitchen. Fridge was the only thing not to go and we had to replace salad trays and door shelves a few times. In the end we gave up on the dishwasher bought a Siemens for £350 which was £20 more than we paid for the hotpoint, we kept on with the washer and paid the monthly fee until we thought enough is enough and went with an LG. Never had any problems in 5 years with the other appliances, yes its 5 years ago but sadly hotpoint is still the same.


BEKO consistently score well among budget brands - in fact Which? have rated them as good a Bosch.


Trouble is nowadays they are all sealed drums on washing machines even expensive ones so you cant replace a simple thing like bearings without replacing the whole drum which costs £££ so cheaper to buy a new one, should be looked into as its a bit of a scam

Hotpoint WMFUG942P £202 at Hotpoint Clearance
Found 26th Oct 2017Found 26th Oct 2017
Hotpoint WMFUG942P £202 at Hotpoint Clearance
I know it will attract the Hotpoint haters, but seems to be a good price for a new 9kg load machine with smart features. Price includes free delivery and recycling of old machine, … Read more

Same model have had it for 6 years..


that was the correct link. Just tried and it has gone so that means possibly no longer available.


I imagine that's 'brushes' - do you know what they are? Why would you replace it for that? Anyway, your 12 year old machine bears zero comparison to this one. Have you actually read the thread?


Rubbish machine bought last year , does not spin the 1400 speed,clothes come out wet,add a bit extra and buy something decent


Its definitely a great price, but voted cold. It is a brand I wont go anywhere near though. As said above the seals tend to break as soon as the 1 year warranty lapses (1 year!) so buy it through a reputable supplier like John Lewis who will provide additional warranty. You will find that the seals are classed as consumables so not covered by their 10 year parts warranty. However you wont get it at this price in John Lewis and you will need to pay for additional years warranty so this will bump up the price.

KitchenAid KHGD5 Integrated Gas Hob, Black / Inox  £260.99 @ Hotpoint Clearance
Found 2nd Sep 2017Found 2nd Sep 2017
KitchenAid KHGD5 Integrated Gas Hob, Black / Inox £260.99 @ Hotpoint Clearance
Five burners , around the central burner are two semi-rapid burners, a rapid burner and auxiliary burner. £1,000 @ John Lewis… Read more

Don't get a glass hob, oh to late. Have one and they easily scratch and when wiping worktop inadvertently knocked a glass place mat that smashed into a thousand pieces and fractured the glass hob edge, touched up with a touch of paint. There the devils own to keep clean, stainless steel from now on.


sorry to hear you guys got cancelled. I ordered and it turned up today. Guess they didn't have many left in the first. I miss out on so many offers. Finally persistence to this site has paid off. thank you ellenw.




Same here!! Keep my money 5 days knowing you aint going to deliver.. (devil)


Same here!! Got cancellation email from them...

Hotpoint TFUL163XVH 323L A++ Ultima Refrigerator at Hotpoint Clearance for £254.99
Found 14th Jul 2017Found 14th Jul 2017
Hotpoint TFUL163XVH 323L A++ Ultima Refrigerator at Hotpoint Clearance for £254.99
Use this link if the main one is not working Energy Rating: A++ Colour: Stainle… Read more

Had a hotpoint in the garage for 12yrs now as my beer fridge, been fine, seems a good price


weird web site go to and copy paste in the model number to the search box TFUL163XVH


sry op, but wouldn't touch a hotpoint product


broken. Gives a session timeout error. For the record to get to the page use this link (and if it breaks the website does weird things): *edit* weird, now that I've gone through manually to find the page, your link works. What is this website doing?


This is going to get awful cold if you don't fix the link

Hotpoint LSB5B019B Semi-integrated Dishwasher, Delivered and old unit removal !!
Found 13th Jul 2017Found 13th Jul 2017
Hotpoint LSB5B019B Semi-integrated Dishwasher, Delivered and old unit removal !!
Wow - above half price including delivery and they will take away your old appliance (no extra charge), just place a tick in the appropriate box on checkout. Ordered and delivery i… Read more
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Hi, I'm looking at other things they have. Was everything okay with the order/delivery - is the website legit?


Having big problems with my delivery and will probably end up cancelling! I got an email telling me mine was to be delivered on 28 July and called them on Monday and they changed my delivery to today. I also paid 2yrs extra cover. Soooo, I called them to ask for a delivery time, I was having my hair done and wanted to plan my day. THERE IS NO FUNKIN DISHWASHER ARRIVING TODAY AND MY HAIR CANCELLED! !!!!


​I've ordered now thanks. I haven't got a delivery date yet which is frustrating.


Alternative, go to and type in the search box the following: LSB5B019B Still shows stocks I can see that there is a web site problem: if you search under the pull down menus, it returns no results ! input the model number into the search box, it returns with the item and is available....


thank you OP