HotUKDeals 10 Days of Christmas Deal Hunts - £50 Worth of Amazon Vouchers Each Day # 7 Edible hunt!

HotUKDeals 10 Days of Christmas Deal Hunts - £50 Worth of Amazon Vouchers Each Day # 7 Edible hunt!

Found 7th Dec 2006
Here we are with competition #7 of the HotUKDeals Deal Hunt Competition! We're having deal hunts for the cheapest deal on specific items. The hunts will last about a day each, over 10 days from the 1st December. The fun part is we will be giving away at least £50 worth of Amazon Gift Vouchers to the hunt winner's each day! Today's prize will be £10 Amazon Gift Vouchers to each of the five winners notified tomorrow.


* You must provide a direct link to the product
* Price shown must include delivery charge (no collect-at-store items)
* Must be available to everyone for delivery within 3-5 days
* You may use include discount codes in your final price, if these codes are known to be applicable to anyone (i.e. no NHS codes)
* Cashback amounts should not be included in the price shown although we may consider these in the case of a tie.
* NO eBay, Amazon marketplace, or playtrade sellers etc
* No refurbs or "Grade A" stock, etc
* UK companies only
* Please write the price including discounts and delivery in large bold letters in your post to make it clear to everyone
* You can not edit a post after you have submitted it. Any edited posts will be invalid.
* HUKD admin/mods decision is FINAL

If you have not followed these guidelines, and someone posts the same item after you who has followed the guidelines, their post will supercede yours.

Tips: read through the whole thread before you post your idea, please just dont jump in at the end and start posting. You could also take a screenshot of your final price, showing the item in the basket with the delivery charge as prices change so often.


Thursday 7th December

Your mission should you choose to accept it: Find the best *edible* pressy you can spy on the web, under £30. 5 ideas will be chosen as winners. You may only make ONE post to enter the competition, so choose wisely before you post!

Happy Hunting and Good Luck!

Once again, this is subjective and the winners we choose may not be the ones you would have chosen. It's all for fun though, so please let's keep it that way and enjoy the competition!

Please Note: Your deal hunt entries MUST be posted in this thread! From the front page, click on "Comments" below. Thanks!

End Date: Approx Noon 8th December 2006
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I can see this turning very dirty very quickly or do I just have a filthy mind?
it was my first thought to :P
I'll start!

[COLOR="Red"]Death Sauce![/COLOR]

Only the iron-stomached need apply... dare you taste the sauce that's 750 … Only the iron-stomached need apply... dare you taste the sauce that's 750 times hotter than a jalapeño pepper?

[SIZE="5"]Price - £9.95
P&P - £3.95
TOTAL - £13.90[/SIZE]

Direct Link - ]http//ww…rch

QuidCo - 10% (but still says 12% on site)
His n hers candy underwear £12.90…asp

Can't do pics!

£8.95 plus P&P

For a naughty but nice treat, try this his ‘n' hers edible underwear. It satisfies more than your tastebuds...
Sometimes in a raunchy with your partner, sexual energy can just take over. You're practically tearing each other's clothes off with your teeth. Well this His and Hers set is designed just for that purpose – and it tastes a damn sight better than cotton.

The His and Hers Candy Underwear Set contains a Candy G-String for the ladies, and a Candy Posing Pouch for gents to show off their wares. Each garment is made entirely of those tiny sweets pastel coloured sweets we all loved as children, all intricately strung together to make the kind of underwear you'll never find on the high street (unless you live in Amsterdam.)

Now when you need to satisfy your sweet tooth, you can truly satisfy your partner too. We don't want to go into all the details, but there is a certain bedroom activity that rather disproves the adage ‘it is better to give than to receive'. This set can help sugar the pill, as it were – and as it's a his ‘n' hers set, you both get to have double the treat. A win-win situation if ever there was one.

The His and Hers Candy Underwear Set is a great fun gift, and it gives the idea of something to do together a whole new meaning. The only snag is you're never going to be able to walk past the Pick ‘n' Mix counter again without a big grin appearing on your face.

One size fits all. May contain nuts (well, at least one half of the package.)

Edible Bra

Lovely Jubbly as Del Boy would say. What a good idea and what a nice flavour Creme De Menthe. No I have absolutely no idea what size it is but we are assured one size fits all.

Price inc VAT:£3.98Shipping costs:[COLOR=#800080]£3.50[/COLOR]Availability:In StockProduct code:828
Total = £6.48 delivered.
SANTALICIOUS Christmaslicious bouquet £27.35



Tired of giving the same kind of presents every year?
If so, why not order a Christmaslicious bouquet. As well as being an original and unusual gift, it also contains lots of wonderful and seasonal chocolates and sweets.

£19.95 + £7.40 Next Day Delivery

Bradfords Just Food Mrs Bridges Gift Case

Bradfords success can be attributed to the fact that we make and sell what our family and friends enjoy and we have built up a loyal following of customers who share in our taste for quality food served by helpful friendly staff. Allow us to take some of the hassle out of your life.

Food for the Connoisseur

Bradfords Chocolate Chip Cookies (6)
Bradfords Hand Made Belgian Chocolates 125g
Bradfords Traditional Rich Cherry Piece
Bradfords Traditional Farmhouse Sultana Cake
Luxury Miss Cranstons All Butter Shortbread
Mrs Bridges Orange Marmalade 42g
Mrs Bridges Strawberry Jam 42g
Gift Card

Subtotal: £ 21.90
Shipping: £ 4.50
Order total: £ 26.40…345


A bit of everything for the whole family to enjoy, and it's not just sweets and chocolate (you'll get enough of that anyway ;-))
Just thought - (I must have a filthy mind) edible means anything that can be digested - not just naughty stuff :oops:
Keep it clean please We're a family forum!!!
Not sure how edible this really is by here goes!

A genuine Chinese Scorpion encased in a vodka flavoured lolly!

Price: £3.75
P+P: £4.50 (free using the Hallmanns trick!)

Total = [SIZE="4"]£8.25 [/SIZE]

Very cheap, and a great gift. Imagine daring a friend to eat this at an xmas party. Ergh!
Candy Bra

£1.95 + £3.95 P=P = £5.90

Candy G String

Original is £2.95 + £3.95 P=P = £6.90

Love Heart is £1.95 + £3.95 P=P = £5.90
For the choc-a-holics amoung us...

I Love Chocolate Hamper…htm

£25.00 + £4.99 p&p = £29.99

Welcome to the forums franchise
[SIZE=2]Giant Nostalgic Gift Pack - For a sweet walk down memory lane - remember these?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2][COLOR=black]"The original and still the best, our huge Giant Nostalgic Gift Pack contains a huge selection of our best selling retro sweets.
With over 45 varieties, including chocolate bars, candy, jellies, lollipops, chew bars, liquorice and lots more crammed into every gift pack; you'll find something for every taste.

[/COLOR][/SIZE][FONT=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,Sans Serif][SIZE=2][COLOR=black]This item comes gift wrapped with a personalised card at no extra charge, a perfect gift idea for all occasions.

[/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=2][COLOR=#5a4eb2][FONT=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,Sans Serif][COLOR=black]As a Christmas gift we are including a FREE Spangler Candy Cane
in every pack. Hurry! Whilst stocks last."[/COLOR][/FONT] [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

[SIZE=2]Direct link to Chocolate Buttons: [/SIZE]][size=2]http//ww…tml

[SIZE=4]Cost: £19.95, Delivery: £4.95 Total (inc. VAT): £25.77[/SIZE]

[SIZE="4"]Edible Lottery Paper and Money[/SIZE]

pick your numbers and if you don't win don’t throw it away... eat it!

Price: £1.47 for 10 sheets

P+P: £3.95

Total to pay: £5.42

Product can be here…tml
I figure everyone will be doing the ant lollies and chocolate scoprions etc. so here's something for all of those..

[SIZE=3]The Really Wild Bug Eating Party [/SIZE]
[SIZE=3]Price £19.99 & £2.95 Delivery = £22.90[/SIZE]

(Also available on Amazon but from a marketplace like seller so I didn't include that)

(There are also 3 codes here that don't work on this order, but you could find something cheap to add and use a £5 voucher)
Dave's Gourmet Adjustable Heat Hot Sauce…ble

Can't decide whether to torch your taste buds or give them a gentle going … Can't decide whether to torch your taste buds or give them a gentle going over? No problem because this innovative hot sauce features an adjustable pump spray dispenser that allows you to fiddle with its ferocity.

Price: £9.95 (In Stock!)
Delivery: £3.95 (1-3days)
Total: £13.90

You can get £5 off vouchers from here to make it £8.90 delivered:…212
If a mod would like to add a photo that'd be great, I'd do it myself but I can't edit the post without it being disallowed


mod edit: added image here as it's not a hard and fast guideline rayman
Wolfe's Bar & Grill, London - two course set menu £14.99 per person
Total for 2 people [SIZE=4]£29.98[/SIZE]

Available until Saturday 30 December 2006

[FONT=verdana][SIZE=1]Evening Standard[/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=arial][SIZE=2]Wolfe's has a long-standing reputation as the uppest of the up-market restaurants with some justifications... hamburgers and steaks cooked well and served in comfortable cosy surroundings. Surprisingly it is not expensive[/SIZE][/FONT]

Why do we assume we have to treat humans ? dogs also need to have a nice christmas !!....


A luxurious stocking that will make your dog feel extra special this Christmas. Contains 125g Chocolate drops, 75g Chocolate Chip Cookies, 100g Dinner Delights, rawhide retriever rolls, vinyl cracker.

[SIZE=5]+£4.95 del[/SIZE]

The change would be spent on other pressies

Delivery ChargesOur normal delivery charge is £4.95 for parcels up to … Delivery ChargesOur normal delivery charge is £4.95 for parcels up to 30kg delivered from stock normally in five working days.

Just waiting for a picture of a muffin.:)
ok these are one of my fave stores so i've got to do this!!

12 Jumbo Muffins in a presentation box with a fabulous personalised card contatining your own message. £17.50 inc p&p :santa:

]Muffin In The Mail

Flavours to choose from,[LIST]
[*]Truly Madly Chocolately
[*]Ballistic Blueberry
[*]Sticky Tofee
[*]Cheeky Cherry
[*]Chunky Choc N Orange
[*]Christmas Muffin[/LIST]

Welcome to the forums franchise

Thanks alot, discovered the site yesterday and am already annoying people at work with links to free pint glasses and calendars.
FH16, Classic Fruit Basket £20.00 £20.00
EX08, Continental Chocolates £4.00 £4.00
shipping £5.00
grand total £29.00

Direct product link

theres going to be sooooo many entries for this !! competition will be very hard ! £30 is alot aswell
Hampers are popular this time of year
Free (almost!) edible carrot snowman…tml

What You Need:

A grown-up to help you, bagel, sliced in half (or two slices of bread cut into circle shapes, with a small hole cut out of each); cream cheese, carrot (nice and fat!), raisins or chocolate chips, cherry tomato, cut in half.

What You Do

(1) Wash your hands, and the vegetables.

(2) Spread one half of the bagel with cream cheese.

(3) Use raisins or chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth. Stand a carrot in the bagel's centre for a nose. Use the tomato and a carrot peel earmuffs.

(4) If you want, cut a scarf out of coloured paper for decoration.

(5) It's snow delicious! Happy winter and happy eating!

Or make a snowman like in the picture using three slices of bagel, then make Mrs Snowman with another three!

Or you could use the other bagel half to make a snow girl, or even a snow cat! What other snow creatures could you make?
Who about some of the best quality organic veg for your Xmas meal...?


Large Vegbox for £13.50 inc Free Delivery.

Containing, orla potatoes, carrots, onions, parsnips, swede, cauliflower, brussels sprouts (on stalks), red cabbage, mushrooms, celeriac, butternut squash, black kale (cavolo nero) [SIZE=1]and leeks. [/SIZE]
Well this is my first go at a competition like this so here goes.…413

Not sure how to insert pictures and as i can't edit this after I've done it, I'll give it a miss.

Beckett & Graham - Large 1kg (over 2lb) of Pure Honeycomb from Devon BEST SELLER
This is one of our most popular presents as many people have never seen such a large comb of honey before. This pure and natural honeycomb from the southern slopes of Exmoor, makes a perfect present for any occasion. Produced by a family run farm in Devon. Length: Weight: 1020g plus (2.25 lbs plus). Boxed as shown and impressively heavy (why not let us send it direct...we can gift wrap it too?!)

Total ex vat - £25
Shipping - £4.25
Total VAT - £0.74
Total cost - £29.99[/SIZE]

looks sooooo god I've ordered one meself!
[SIZE="4"][SIZE="5"]Ice Cream Ball…ble

£24.95 + £3.95 postage = £28.90[/SIZE][/SIZE]

[SIZE="5"][SIZE="4"]Think there's also a £5 firebox voucher floating around isnt there? So it's £23.90[/SIZE][/SIZE]

Bored of the same old whiskey that relatives get you every christmas? Then put on your list to Father Christmas some Cobra Snake Whiskey.

Real Cobra Snake whiskey, a.k.a. Cobra wine, is infused with a real farm raised Cobra snake, ginseng roots and seed pods. The whiskey is left for several months, which then imparts a unique flavour into the whiskey, it is quite an acquired taste.

The story is that this is used in SE Asia as a very strong Aphrodisiac; and it also has many medical uses, such as the treatment of back and muscle pain.

Every bottle is unique in its own way so therefore the item shown may differ slightly in looks but not size.

Price : £7.99

[SIZE="6"]Huge Cracker
£26.95 Delivered[/SIZE]

[SIZE="4"]Make them smile with our giant chocolate-filled cracker!
A stunning centrepiece for your Christmas table or office party, crammed full with 40 superb chocolates to share. Listen for the sharp intake of breath as they tug the ribbons and the chocolates come cascading out – cream truffles softened with rum, champagne and cointreau, mellow recipes with bourbon vanilla, praline and coffee, baby bars of premium chocolate and much more.

Complete with 12 silver party hats and Christmas mottoes. 40 chocolates. 490g

[SIZE="5"]There is a leaflet available instore that directs you to [url][/url]

In order to qualify you need to go to the website and enter your email address. They will then email you a personal voucher which you use when you spend a minimum of £15 to obtain free standard delivery.[/SIZE]

You could also try going to…=cj

1. Click on the above link. Offer open to all residents of the UK.
2. Offer entitles the holder to a 10% discount off any Hotel Chocolat products seen at
3. The discount can only be claimed online and by entering reference code HCUKFRENZY.

Though I'm not sure if this works!

Merry Christmas :santa:


Tired of giving the same kind of presents every year?
If so, why not order a Christmaslicious bouquet. As well as being an original and unusual gift, it also contains lots of wonderful and seasonal chocolates and sweets.

£19.95 + £5.25 Delivery…tml
What about some unusual meat - there is a lot to choose from here:


[COLOR=black]But I am going to plump for the crocodile steaks (second from bottom)[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]£6.50 plus £8.99 shipping[/COLOR]

[SIZE=5]£15.49 all in[/SIZE]
Candy bra and candy g string:

£1.95 for the bra…tml

£2.95 for the G-String or £1.95 for the love heart version.…tml

Plus there is a £5 discount code right now which is bringme5pp which actually takes the total to £0 but it's £3.95 delivery. Plus you get 10% cashback from quidco but I'm not sure if that will go through on just delivery.
I have used this site before,the card is of great quality and promptly delivered.

Send a Christmas hamper

[COLOR=red]Our hamper crammed with necessities and seasonal treats goes to elderly people who may receive no other gifts. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=red]Pamper with our hamper and £25 brings joy into someone's Christmas Day. [/COLOR]

(Delivery in the UK through UBS [The Universal Beneficent Society])

3061 - Christmas hamper £25.00 & £4.95 for card & delivery total £29.95.…)"]

[COLOR=#000000]What you get[/COLOR]
As well as a warm glow, with every gift you get a keepsake card (to send or keep) bearing a light-hearted description of the gift. However, if you are marking a more sombre occasion, please let us know and we'll send a more appropriate card. You can personalise your card by adding a message to be printed on the slip. Express delivery If time is short, you can opt for an ecard instead of a gift card. Simply enter the word "ECARD" in the Comments box. You will receive an email with a PDF file attached for you to print off or forward to the lucky recipient.

PLEASE NOTE: ecards are not instantaneous!

Help line
If you want more information or help choosing appropriate gifts, just call, we're here for you, 0207 794 8000 or email [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]

Delivery charge explained
There is a handling charge of £4.95 inc. VAT for each order you place. For orders where the gift card is to be sent overseas, this becomes £9.95. The handling charge contributes towards our costs; the full price of each Good Gift is passed to the delivering charities. The charge is not applied to each card, but to delivery to one address. For example, if you choose 5 separate gifts, and the 5 corresponding cards are to be sent to your address, that will incur just one charge of £4.95. If you choose to have them sent directly to 5 different addresses, then you will incur 5 charges of £4.95. For this reason we recommend grouping your gift orders and sending to one address to save on handling.
[COLOR=Blue]50 JOKE BLUE SWEETS [/COLOR][FONT=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]
Joke Blue Sweets. Pop it in to your mouth and seconds later it coats the whole of your mouth in a harmless blue colour. Hysterical at parties!! :santa:
[/FONT][FONT=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Sold in lots of 5's[/FONT]

For a purchase of 10 lots of 5

Subtotal = £5.00
Delivery = £2.50 Royal Mail 2nd Class Recorded Delivery
Total = £7.50

That works out at just 15p per sweet !! Spread them round at christmas and watch all those unsuspecting blue tounges :prop:

Link - ]http//sw…229
Piquant Afternoon Tea
An ideal gift for those who like a bite in the afternoon. It includes some RED HOT CHILLI CRACKERS with some RED CHILLI JAM to smother on them, and some organic DARK CHOCOLATE & CHILLI. For a fiery afternoon tea. ]More Info

£15.99 including free delivery
40 Spangler Natural Peppermint Flavour Candy Cane.

Original Candy Canes from the USA - Delicious Red and White coloured Natural Peppermint flavour candy canes made by SPANGLER since 1906.
What a great little pressy, because you can give to 40 different people, maybe hang these on your tree and invite all visitors to your house to take one, or send the kiddies with them to school, include them in your cards etc

Cost: £13.62
VAT: £3.39
P+P: £5.75
Total: £22.76…tml

[COLOR="Navy"]Why just eat when you can have fun while you're at it? [/COLOR]

"Think you've been in a real food fight? Ha, think again. Bringing you the ultimate in confectionary warfare. Ever found yourself out in the field, miles from food and shelter and all you had left to eat was your ammo? Well now you can.

The Marshmallow Shooter allows you to pump out 20+ mini marshmallows in a matter of seconds. Your opposition won't have even had chance to decide if they are going to throw a custard or blueberry pie at you before they are repeatedly hit by these soft mini missiles. Comes pre-filled with 20 foam pellets...sorry non edible. Also included with the gun is a free 125g bag of marshmallow pellets. Play soft!"

Price = £24.99, plus £3.30 delivery, Total = £28.29…77/
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