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***UPDATED 21 Dec 16*** Gin Mega-List
Found 27th Nov 2016Found 27th Nov 2016
After producing a list of whisky here there was a request for a Gin version. So here it is. Heres a link to the spread sheet I have written some scripts that update the pric… Read more
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Added a few more & updated the prices as of 20 Dec.


Heat! Hic!


Awesome thank you for the heads up!


Hi finally got round to doing a rum Mega-List here


As i have updated the Whisky Mega-List, i couldn't neglect the Gin Mega-List. So here it is updated. My go to gin is Bombay (blue one) & it's only £18 for 1L in Sainsbury's.

***UPDATED 21 Dec 16 *** Whisky Mega-List
Found 25th Nov 2016Found 25th Nov 2016
Hi all. I have seen these types of threads before but usually they become outdated for one reason or another. I've attached a list of whisky/whiskey(s) that are available for pu… Read more
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A fine collection there, sir. Nice to see. Heat added.


That's a nice list that just rolls off the tongue ;)


Updated again as some prices were out of date overnight.


Hi, i've been busy with work so not had time to automate this yet. Updated just now though for the Christmas bargains! Has anyone had that Haig Clubman?


Good work - but no Compass Box?

The 'obvious ways to save money this Christmas' thread 2016
Found 22nd Nov 2016Found 22nd Nov 2016
It’s Christmas (or it will be in a week or two), and what do we do at Christmas? We watch movies, listen to music and drink a sh.. load of alcohol (Don’t forget Aldi currently have… Read more
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I'm getting the prawns for prawn cocktails for ten people xmas day, I imagine that woudl be about a kilos worth, so where's the best place for prawns? So far thinking asda cheap range or maybe see if i can get in the local bookers cash and carry.


Best coment ive seen on HUKD


Top post, heat added


not crawley either.


I just tried the free Amazon Video buts not woking

This Week's Deals in Gaming (Top 10 UK Charts / Deals with Gold / Xbox, PlayStation & Steam Credit / CDKeys Deals)
Found 1st Nov 2016Found 1st Nov 2016
So, I had 5 minutes to spare and started to think about purchasing Titanfall 2. Bad news, I've already bought 2 games this week including BF1 and Skyrim :( I started to look aroun… Read more
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I thought these loopholes had been closed. The cheapest for skyrim is India but I don't believe you can buy from there anymore :(


Yes, it's still possible to buy in most of international stores with gift cards. You can buy straightaway with credit card in Canada and Hungary. By the way, the cheapest Gears of War Season Pass is in Hungary (Magyarország). This web is useful to compare:


Yeah it's a real shame, but it does seem to be recovering, hopefully it continues!


That's fantastic mate thank you - I'll be sure to try it out. Just a shame the £ is terrible at the moment as foreign game prices have risen as a result!


It worked for me!

Last minute Christmas shopping ? Dates for last orders @ Online Retailers for Pre Christmas delivery
Found 4th Dec 2009Found 4th Dec 2009
Every year Santas little helpers (the mods) set about the task of collating all the last delivery if you still have Christmas shopping to do or if you are a bit like me… Read more
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I was wondering, what about last TIMES? I mean for example, last date to order from Tesco Entertainment is 18th December (today), but does that mean like before 3pm or something? Reason I ask is I want to order something from Tesco Ent online now and need it in time for christmas...


Thanks for pressing panic button:thumbsup: doubt play will deliver by chrimbo on 21st, things for them always take nearly a week :-D Just about done now :w00t::w00t:


You lot don't half whine, it shouldn't be here it should be there, Louis Walsh would be proud lol


I found this on Which? if it'll help any: ]Christmas shopping last order dates


uhmmm not a deal really, more a reminder, you're not offering anyone a bargain price for goods or service so this isn't a deal and should therefore go in the misc section. Please move this thread to the correct area. Thanks, Matt

Have a Drink on Hotukdeals, Tuesday 8th December @ Charterhouse Bar
Found 2nd Dec 2009Found 2nd Dec 2009
So a few of you will have heard that Hotukdeals are having their Christmas party on Tuesday 8th December. We're heading out for some food and a few drinks and we're hoping some of … Read more
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thanks for the invite guys and the drinks last night, hope you enjoyed yourselves! :)


[SIZE="5"]For those who participed or were simply ticipated. :-D..[/SIZE] [SIZE="4"]or how about breakfast..[/SIZE] [SIZE="4"] or even the hair of the dog?[/SIZE] [SIZE="5"]Best recovery is tomatoes on dried toast, or thick tomato soup and dry toast, works well for me and Mrs S. when we've overdosed on the champers[/SIZE] :santa:


Great, all the cheapstakes on the Internet gathered together in one pub. :p Conversions of each others greatests saving ahoy.


I will when you stop pretending you dont :thumbsup: plus I know it annoys you xx


is there another one up north??????? wouldnt mind a couple of drinks n maybe something to eat :P

Coco before Chanel  Free Screening
Found 5th Jul 2009Found 5th Jul 2009
Coco Before Chanel: see it first and free Claim your two free tickets to our exclusive preview Coco Before Chanel From the director Anne Fontaine comes Coco Before Chanel, the fas… Read more
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None in Liverpool, Norwich or Cambridge!!


any spare tickets for islington? :p


I was waiting for Kelloggs Before Cornflakes but I hear it's been made into a serial.


none near me hot any way


on the last times culture freebie i just took along the print out of the screen plus, and got in no probs, that was for public enemies also the page you need is in the sunday times culture magazine if you want it. only £2.00

Nikon AF-S 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR Digital SLR Lens - £139 @ ABC Digital Cameras
Found 12th Jan 2009Found 12th Jan 2009
Good walk around lens (or so I hope!). Cheapest I've found before is about £165. Mine has been dispatched. My first bargain post :) From the site: The new NIKKOR lens, with a fo… Read more

Picked mine up Sat am, looks good. Nikon warranty card with mine, though it was in a white box - probably from a kit


got hold of this the day before th price went up.... phew... just hope I can get a good price for my kit lens on ebay with all you other ******s trying the same thing ;) Was delivered by the dreaded citylink. I live in edinburgh and their depot is over hald and hours drive away and I have no car, through some stroke of luck they actuall managed to get me in the house! Nice lens


Received the lens yesterday. It looks huge on my D40, very impressed so far and they are selling on ebay for more. I didn't receive a Nikon Warranty slip with it unfortunately. I rang ABC and they said I'd have a warranty with them for 12 months. I've emailed them since to get this in writing.


Bah didn't have enough cash when originally posted now i've just got money in my bank today and gone to order it the price has gone up too £169 ...just my luck :cry:


30 miles! :( Must grumble. Maybe they used RM with me because I kind of complained that they could only deliver to the billing address and wanted them to leave it with a neighbour. Oh well, I'm sure you'll be happy with the lens when you finally get hold of it.

HUKD Christmas competition - Design a card, get an Amazon voucher
Found 4th Dec 2008Found 4th Dec 2008
Has it really been 12months since we were last giving ourselves repetitive strain injury with a marathon card writing session? Once again we're at the start of a bumper box of ca… Read more

Cheers for the £2.50 voucher :-)


does anyone know if this is closed now? j/k


Mine says edited, only because I added the words I hope you like it below the card, now I am worried that they may think I edited the card. can they tell?


Once submitted, you cannot edit your entry. Editing your card after submitting will invalidate your entry. I entered this cometition and i noticed their over 40 edited cards before i posted my card which according to the rules they should of been invalid which meant i would of got £2.50 and some of the winners had edited their cards is their any point of having rules if they are not enforced.By the way well done to winner:-D


Read the post above yours.

Found 28th Nov 2008Found 28th Nov 2008
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Got 20 of them on ifferent emails. Don't have any kid with disease


Lovely idea, hope this cheers lots of kids up :-D


voted hot. will not order myself passed link to my cousin who has a young son with this illness thanks


Great freebie, hot but I wouldn't order it anyway.


thx :)

HUKDs Fourth Birthday Competition -  Get creating your videos and win some Amazon vouchers
Found 25th Sep 2008Found 25th Sep 2008
The year is flying by and already were in September.. and its HUKDs Fourth Birthday! Its been another crazy year, so we were thinking about what we could do to celebrate and thank … Read more

Thank you. What a lovely surprise!


Well done everyone who won - you must be well, chuffed !


Nice one thanks hUKd i got my vouchers :)


thank you for the vouchers, now loaded into amazon for when i order the little guys wii for xmas xx


Woo Hoo :-D Thanks everyone, especially Admin, juliet_bravo and the rest of the HUKD team. The 100(!) vouchers will be spent wisely - i.e. only on Hot Deals from this site ;-) Well done everyone, it's been fun :thumbsup:

Cuprinol Sprayable Fence Treatment, 5L - £6.49 (+p&p)
Found 20th Jul 2008Found 20th Jul 2008
Been looking around the usual DIY Stores, internet and local garden shops, but can't find this cheaper anywhere else. Cheapest I've seen is £10.99. Good time to buy some as we've … Read more

When using sprayable fence treatment ensure you let your neighbours know - my mate covered his neighbours patio doors, patio set, garage door and car with the stuff. It sprays on really fine and tends to spray back - my neighbour held up a cardboard 'shield' whilst I did the top of our fence. Still, I managed to spray him, my patio and garage door. I've 2 unused bottles to take back to B&Q. I'm using a brush to finish - slower and harder work, but with much less mess & cheaper. People I've spoken to tend to have the same experience. Geeza


good deal if you ordr a lot of it


Delivery is a bit steep yes, but when you need a few bottles of this, the overall cost per 5L bottle works out quite good. Plus it's next working day delivery


voted warm from me £5.44 delivery is a bit steep, although a good deal if you have a store near you, it's the same price instore.

HotUKDeals hits 100k members! The Great Match Hunt giveaway :)
Found 2nd May 2008Found 2nd May 2008
We've hit 100,000 members on HUKD! There's no sense writing the whole weepy story twice so please hit up that Go to Deal link (or the image in the header) to have a read of what th… Read more

same i cant find the third match either....been on for hours!! just after saying that i found my last match! the promotions still going!


have all the vouchers I've been looking for the last couple of days and I cant get my third match


Yeah i got voucher thank you............................went on internet explorer and got my 3rd, was getting sick of looking lol


I used my voucher on some Sennheiser MX75 Sport Headphones. Amazon has the cheapest price on the net for them and with the voucher they're even cheaper. Thanks !


I am also still waiting for my third match.

Halo Living - All Orders Free Delivery!  Some Great Items in Spring Clearance
Found 19th Mar 2008Found 19th Mar 2008
I've just received an email from Halo Living to announce all orders are delivered free now. I don't know if this is a permanent thing, it doesn't say. I realise this might not a… Read more
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sale prices just seem like what i would expect to pay for whats there........maybe in just a cheapskate!


Its Halo for girls! Instead of guns and heavy assault weapons, they get to choose their own cushions and bedroom setting and commence the Pillow Fight! That would make a good game come to think about it.


Me neither, I was hoping to get some new spartan armour after my last suit shrunk in the wash :-(


Just been to the website - Can't find any Assualt Rifles or Plasma Grenades??


Lastminute Christmas shopping ? Dates for last orders @ Online Retailers for Pre Christmas delivery .........
Found 18th Dec 2007Found 18th Dec 2007
Still have Christmas shopping to do? There's still time .... but you gotta be quick!! Thought i'd put this thread together too show the retailers where you can still order online … Read more
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Just put an order in with Blah... Cutting it fine but as HMV have let me down this could be a lifesaver. Fingers crossed, and thanks again to OP and list contributors!!!


Thanks for adding the rpoints list rizla :) Some on theirs that isnt on mine and vice versa . Thanks to you too i'll add those to the op too :)


Does the Amazon free shipping finish at MIDNIGHT tonight then?


please don't beleive anything hmv say about deliveries ordered an item 2 weeks ago......been instock the entire time ......they just simply havn't packed it....still waiting now i've been on the phone to them and even though theres a message when you ring saying that all items ordered before 17/12/07 will be delivered in time for Christmas, when you speak to someone they can't guarentee any dates they simply don't ship anything


Ebuyer - December 21st Lovehoney - First Class: 4pm Wednesday 19 December Special Delivery: Midday Saturday 22 December Truprint - December 19th

Avoid rip-off Britain: Steps for getting the iPhone right now, unlocked, and under £290/£245
Found 18th Sep 2007Found 18th Sep 2007
Newest Edit: Now marking Expired as the price is has been shown to be too high if dinged VAT by other members. Also - here's an email from the So the "safe" price is… Read more

:giggle: YEAH! not as if Forest needs any more money.


my iPhone is not have to accept update...still the best phone on the market...using it now. Apple cannot do anything about this. Those laughing really do seem to understand this. Using it now...really is great! When a 3g,gps,32gig version comes I'll update!


My Motorla F11 is still working fine. *whistles*


give it 2 weeks...


Having spoken to some friends working on the O2 / Iphone offering, the new software makes it 'almost' impossible to operate the phone. There doesn't appear to be a solution to un-bricking the phone yet.

HUKD is turning 3! Time for some fun, comps and give-aways!
Found 1st Sep 2007Found 1st Sep 2007
It's time to party! HotUKDeals is now a big three years old and that means we're going to have some fun :) Over the next 5 days, we will be holding a few competitions, in celebrat… Read more

so HUKD will be 4 soon?


Great Fun, although I missed it! Happy third Birthday!


wow it was fun, even tho i gt one wrong:( im glad i finally managed to do one of these, i kept missing them lol. thanks again


Still time to take part if you hurry! Roughly 20 vouchers left! :)


Comp now on if anyone wants to play :)

Photochop comp for HUKD members! (7.2MP Sony camera for a prize!)
Found 3rd Aug 2007Found 3rd Aug 2007
We've got a 7.2MP Sony camera kicking around here and just hit that 50k member level the other day so we thought we'd do a quick and dirty HUKD competition for our members ;) So he… Read more

Bumpity - please spare a few seconds and vote for your favourite entry at Cat's link above :)


[SIZE=2][COLOR=darkslateblue]Who is going to win the Sony DSC-S650 CyberShot 7mp Digital Camera ... you decide !![/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=2]With over 200 entries, now narrowed down to 20 its time for you to cast your votes.[/SIZE] [SIZE=4]Remember to [/SIZE] [SIZE=2][/SIZE] [SIZE=2]Voting will end on Tuesday the 7th of August, 2007 at 9pm. [/SIZE] [SIZE=2][/SIZE] [SIZE=2][/SIZE]

HUKD hits 50,000 members!
Found 27th Jul 2007Found 27th Jul 2007
Woohoo :) Here's a big welcome to HotUKDeal's 50,000th member James123! Nice to see he's already been posting some useful stuff ;) The big thanks goes out not to just James123 bec… Read more



So is this thread!!


Congrats..... HUKD is really hot


Put the picture link in the [/noparse]


[COLOR="Red"][SIZE="5"]Well done EVERYONE!!!!![/SIZE][/COLOR]

Ducky's Simpsons Giftlist: Come inside for all of your Simpsons needs!!
Found 13th Jul 2007Found 13th Jul 2007
With the Simpsons Movie released today, what better time to get out and about hunting for bargains that any die-hard Simpsons fan will love. Or any other kind of Simpsons fan for t… Read more
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lol. :) I've seen Simpsons Scrabble online somewhere today... £20. Will have to dig up the link.


This is MEGA difficult! Got my brother one - he wishes he didnt mess it up because he hasnt managed to get it back again!


These t shirts are great shame you cant buy them in the UK. I would I think purchase all of these ] ] ] ] ] and a realy cool but expensive item the pinball machine ]*R1C1*T


There's loads of Simpsons merchandise, CDs, DVDs, games, collectables, etc. This list isn't conclusive, but it's just a list of some of my favourite Simpsons novelty items. Why not post some of your own in this thread??


[SIZE=4] Item #9: The Simpsons "Operation" ] - £9.99 delivered. [SIZE=2] Yep, another popular board game has been mauled by the Simpsons... but hey, I'm not complaining... have knocked £5 off the RRP of £14.99 meaning that you can get this for just £9.99 delivered!! 4% cashback via QuidCo... [/SIZE][/SIZE]

HUKD HotUKDeals Quiz Night - Wednesday 14th March 2007 20:00/8PM
Found 11th Mar 2007Found 11th Mar 2007
The Second HotUKDeals Quiz Night (Hosted By Emasu) Will take place on Wednesday 14th March at around 20:00 The first night went extremely well, and birdy, i will be sending the pri… Read more


[CENTER]:w00t: :w00t: [SIZE=6][COLOR=red]Welcome To The First HUKD Quiz Night!!! [/COLOR][/SIZE]:w00t: :w00t: [/CENTER] [SIZE=3]PLEASE NOTE:[/SIZE] [SIZE=3] [CENTER]The game is due to commence at about 8pm Wednesday evening, so get your brains at the ready when the time comes![/CENTER] [CENTER]If you PMed me to take part in the quiz, you should have received your invite by now. If you have not sent me your email address, but have contacted me asking to be in the quiz, please send it now!! As otherwise you will not be able to send me your answers t the end. (explained in rules) I do still however have spaces available - quite a lot actually! (There are to be more quizzes coming in the following weeks, so keep your eyes peeled) [/CENTER] [/SIZE] [CENTER]Quick run down of the rules:[/CENTER] [CENTER]1. Only one entry per person is allowed. [CENTER]2. Only one PM is to be sent to me. You need to make sure you think that your answers are all correct. Sending two PM's will void your entry. (Sorry to be so harsh, but i don't want people sending 20 PM's saying "oohh, can i change this" etc... 2. The questions will be posted in each category section, with an interval of a minute or two between each one. After each category has finished, there will be a 5 minute break, to allow for cups of tea, baby changing etc. 3. When you think you have all the correct answers , you must then PM me with your e-mail address (Used previously when sending invites) to win, with the word QUIZ in the PM title. (Please do not PM for any other reason, othwerise my PM box will be full!) 4. Every player's answers will be checked against the actual answers, for verification. 5. The winner will receive a small prize, from me, kindly donated by me and my dad! 6. Depending on how many PM's i get, the winner will be the first person to get all the answers correct - or the closest number of correct answers. 7. The judges (mine!) decision is final - people might have the same amount of correct answers, but send them in at different times. In this case, the first PM I receive will be the winner. 8. Due to the amount of entries i have recieved, my PM box may become full at the end. Make sure you get those PM's in quick!! 9. That’s about it!!! (Not too difficult)[/CENTER] [CENTER][SIZE=3]If you’ve any questions or comments, post them here. Feel free to chat in this thread during the game, it shouldn’t interfere, as my posts will be large and bold. Any suggestions at the end of the game on how to improve for the next time will be welcomed.[/SIZE][/CENTER] [/CENTER] [SIZE=3] [CENTER]NOTE: Please don’t hit refresh TOO often as it can cause problems on the ol’ server…and i don't want a backfiring from admin !![/CENTER] [CENTER]Very Important Note: If you are just using the refresh button (F5) to reload the page - BEWARE - the thread may have moved onto the next page - go to the bottom of the screen and click next! [/CENTER] [/SIZE][CENTER] [CENTER][SIZE=7][COLOR=blue][SIZE=4]All That Remains To Say Is...[/SIZE][/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER] [SIZE=7][COLOR=blue] [CENTER]GOOD LUCK!!![/CENTER] [/COLOR][/SIZE] [/CENTER]

HUKD Problem Solving Night - today @ 8pm !
Found 9th Mar 2007Found 9th Mar 2007
This sunday (11th March), i will be hosting a problem solving night. This will begin at 8pm and will consist of 3 rounds, each containing 6 "problems" to solve. There will be a pr… Read more

I agree i've never seen a zoo sign like that! but i did think the question wotked cos the only word that 'aeile' could be changed to and make any sort of sense, was 'agile' Still, i can see what you're saying. You'll never get everyone agreeing with everything at a quiz


I gave up on the quiz because the Agile Monkeys answer. To me it made no sense at all. Never seen a zoo sign with Agile Monkeys on it!


Or alternatively N0 8) It was a BACKWARD RACE!!! Still the right answer - just not the same one as you.


Seemed like a very good night :) shame i missed it :-(


ohhh I see. Thanks for your reply.

HUKD HotUKDeals Quiz Night - Thursday 1st March 2007 20:00/8PM
Found 25th Feb 2007Found 25th Feb 2007

Just to bump this up. I came 2nd :p So, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ducky for donating the prize to me... [SIZE="7"]Thanks Duck![/SIZE] :thumbsup: :w00t:


For my answer I put Urdu & English....thats what Wiki said! lol


Your right:thumbsup:


the answer to the third question is wrong.. What is the official language of Pakistan? Urdu: Urdu is the national language of Pakistan. It is a mixture of Persian, Arabic and various local languages. It is similar to Hindi but written in Arabic script. English: Official language


That is really good, I got a lot more wrong. (blonde too!)

HUKD Tip: Clicking "Spam" and "Expired"
Found 15th Feb 2007Found 15th Feb 2007
In the continuing series of HUKD tips, here's a reminder about the "Spam" and "Expired" buttons. The HUKD community not only votes up (and down) deals but also the community helps … Read more

P.S. If you are marking something as spam, can you put a polite note in the thread to say why? I know most of the established members do this already.


Marked this as Spam, my duties are complete.


Ive never even noticed these buttons you all speak of until now ! :giggle:


I think this would make a better button ]


Er... well, they both have 2 Ms ?? :whistling:

HotUKDeals' Mobile Phone bumper thread: Feedback, cashback forms, advice, downloads, unlocking.
Found 10th Feb 2007Found 10th Feb 2007
This is something I created mid-July last year and have been expanding on ever since. It's one of the biggest things I've ever worked on as a moderator of HUKD but I'm never sure j… Read more
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I also took a contract from OSPS in Dec and have actually been paid 1p? did the full amount change before your transation status turned to paid? or did it change after you had already been paid 1p.


mine tracked at 1p too. Quidco said it was normal and the full amount will be paid which was so hang in their


I've added the list of review sites and other sites/forums to the thread. The first post is full character-limit-wise so I've had to overspill into the second post!! Thank you to all who've contributed. Keep those suggestions coming in!!


It's a QuidCo issue, not OSPS. However, QuidCo could still be waiting on payment from OSPS themselves.


Having Big Probs With One Stop And Quidco. Took Out A Contract In Dec 2006 And Expecting £42 Quidco. However, Got Paid 0.01. Contacted Quidco And Keep Saying Wait 6 Weeks. Its Now 12 Weeks! Contactted Onestop And Told Me That Its Quidco Issue. Any Advice??

HUKD bingo night tonight - Thurs 8th February 2007 - fun and prizes!!
Found 8th Feb 2007Found 8th Feb 2007
BINGO is now closed. monkey2929 won the USB hamster wheel as first prize, and birdyboyuk won a talking rose for second prize. Thanks to all who joined in the fun! _________________… Read more




Same here, hope it isnt too far away - but appreciate that it takes a lot of organising


thanks can't wait till next time.


thanks emma :) great fun :)

New List of Free and Almost Free Digital Photo Prints 360+
Found 6th Feb 2007Found 6th Feb 2007
Free Digital Photo Prints Online All the Free Digital Photo Prints and More are available here, in the new updated forum list [click on "Comments" from the front page. Thanks for… Read more

Ah :) Thanks I'll correct it ;-)


i believe they are charging 1.39 for delivery


Hehe :) There's never enough time, at least not at the right time, but maybe sometime ;-) Thanks for the addition and the low cost poster option :pirate:


Rayman - You have too much time on your hands..... but thanks... But here's one I use (posters are cheaper on here.....) [url]WWW.FOTO.COM[/url] [COLOR="Blue"]10 Free Prints on every order - Postage and packaging from £1.99[/COLOR] ]


Thanks for the addition LaTerciaReal :)

Cheapest Wii Games! (Input Needed) A - Z List In Forum
Found 9th Jan 2007Found 9th Jan 2007
Hi All, This Post Is To Help HUKD Members Find The Best Deals on Wii Games! PLEASE ONLY REPLY TO THANK OR POST A CHEAPER PRICE!!!!!!! NOTE: NO CODES HAVE BEEN USED! To see the… Read more

SMBBB £19.99 at Game Red Steel and Rayman £24.99 at choices UK


Sonic and the Secret Rings is only £27.99 on choicesuk, plu there is a 10% off voucher floating around on HUKD, and you get quidco too so ends up about £23. Just got one for my DS to put away for easter.


Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz - £19.99 from Game: ]


Oh not one of these again!


*bump* for a very useful thread

HUKD Deal of the Year 2006 - Vote now!
Found 1st Jan 2007Found 1st Jan 2007
Get over to the Misc Musings forum thread and cast your vote for the HUKD Deal of the Year 2006! Yes I know this isn't a hot deal but I also know many people never put a toe into… Read more

It's too late now for nominations CrackerJack! We did that a few days ago and now it's the vote :) Thanks though!


1. Xbox with 4 games - £49.98 2. Bush Dab Radio with mini tv - £14.99 3. CD Wow £5.00 voucher 4. Play £5.00 voucher 5. Babylon 5 - Super Tin - £66


Bump up for the morning crowd ;)

List of Boxing Day Opening Times
Found 25th Dec 2006Found 25th Dec 2006
Hi, I know how we're all very excited to get the best deals come boxing day, but just to make the multi-tasking shopping easier for all of us, I thought it would be good to create… Read more

Thanks for the opening times info guys :santa: Also the useful feedback on their good or bad sale stuff :santa:


Forgot to mention feedback on the boxing day sale at those stores... GAP: No extra sale! I am surprised. Thought they would put out some £12 jeans. PC World: A few things discounted extra, nothing special Boots: More discounts on fragances and some other toiletries. Carphonewarehouse: Open as well, doesn't look like much better deals. Some shops that looks like they're going to have big sales: Clarks, SoleTrader, Body Shop.


The pick of the bunch * HARRODS From Thursday: Knightsbridge,and online at [url][/url], 9am-9pm. The most infamous post-Christmas scrum offers big opportunities: a re-edition of Balenciaga's 1964 black knotted dress, knocked down to half price (£599, from £1,000). Initial reductions are 30 to 50 per cent. * REISS From today: Call 020-7473 9630 for locations nationwide. 10am-7pm. Up to 70 per cent off is more generous than the average sale discount. Women go for eighties-inspired eveningwear, like the "Soprano" sequin dress at £77 down from £155. * HARVEY NICHOLS From today: Edinburgh, 10am-7pm. From tomorrow: Knightsbridge, 10am-9pm; Manchester, 9am-9pm; Birmingham, 10am-8pm; Leeds, 10am-8pm; Dublin, 10am-9pm. Discounts of up to 50 per cent on all lines. The most coveted items include Lanvin's black "Illusion" sheath dress at £1,116, down from £1,860. * JOHN LEWIS From today: The Trafford Centre, Manchester, 9am-8pm, and online at [url][/url]. From tomorrow: nationwide, 9am-close (see website for closing times). The department store that sells everything is offering 30 per cent off Longchamp handbags, 50 per cent off men's Levi's and 25 per cent off Jamie Oliver's kitchenware. * HOUSE OF FRASER From today: Birmingham, 10am-6pm; Norwich, 9.30am-8pm; Bluewater, 10am-6pm; Lakeside, 9am-7pm; Sheffield Meadowhall, 9am-6pm; Gateshead MetroCentre, 9am-6pm; Oxford Street, 9.30am-9pm; Reading The Oracle, 10am-6pm; Leicester, 10am-5pm; and all Scottish stores, 9am-6pm. From tomorrow: all other stores and online at [url][/url] (see website for opening times). Classic clothing, luxury luggage, teen fashion and an array of hosiery with mark downs up to 60 per cent. * SELFRIDGES From today: Oxford Street, 9.30am-9.30pm; Manchester Exchange Square, 8am-7pm; Manchester Trafford Centre, 9am-10pm; Birmingham Bullring, 8am-8pm. The array of labels is overwhelming.


Local Boots, PC World, GAP are now open. Espirit opening at 11am. There was also somewhat of a gathering around Zara.... are they planning to have a really good sale this year?


fat face sale starts at 10.00 says 50% off some items - [url][/url]

'January' sales starting dates.
Found 22nd Dec 2006Found 22nd Dec 2006
A list of when all the sales start, to hopefully make it easier for everyone to remember where to be checking when!! :) BT Shop - Now on - Now on Blahdvd - Now on Ebuyer … Read more

These are online sales. The offline sales might correspond though...


are these for stores in the high street or just online (websites)


I've started to tag a few I've happened accross. Click the january sales tag on the original post to see :)


Thanks! And just a note let's try to use the tag "January sales" when making any deal post regarding january sales. If you see a post without it you can add it by clicking the Add a tag link.


Thanks for this, most of my money has now gone to Next so i'll have to spread the rest of it around carefully

19th December 2006 is the last date for Christmas orders with the following online stores...
Found 18th Dec 2006Found 18th Dec 2006
Let us know if you find any more stores by poting in the forum and a mod will add them to the list (click on comments if you're reading this on the home page). If this is useful we… Read more
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Does anyone reckon you'd still get items that you order after this date if choosing a postal method where the last order date has expired? Bit of a stupid question I know, but hey that's me! :D I'm just thinking that this is almost their "promise" as it were, but you may still get lucky?! *Crosses his fingers*


Amazon have just extended their last order date. 1st class post orders need to be in by tomorrow and express delivery 22nd december.

grahamx says "Order before 21 Dec for delivery before xmas" Don't forget, quidco (10% iirc) and free delivery; with FP7911


Thank you for that. I do believe Hamleys are out of stock atm !


Amazon UK Comet Gadget Shop Hamleys HMV HP Store Photobox Tesco Don't forget QuidCo!! .

The mod squad - Gift ideas and memories
Found 18th Dec 2006Found 18th Dec 2006
As we get close to Christmas I thought it would be a nice idea for some of the mods to post their Christmas gift ideas; either something they have bought for someone else or someth… Read more

I like the idea of the Penquin Pocket Box Set ..thanks for the recommendation.


Welcome to the forums hotdealing :) I've never played that one either, but heard it's good :)


A great game that I enjoy with my friends and family is cranium. Its a bit of everything, articulate, trivial pursuit, pictionary is great fun and everyone enjoys it. Think it is around £20-30 in the shops probably cheaper online. Oh a quick tip the play dough stuff goes a bit hard after a while just pop into the early learning center and buy one of those buckets full of individually wrapped balls for a fiver. That way when you need some more you will have it and also it lasts alot longer as the balls are individually wrapped. thanks emmajk2 I have been lurking forever finally decided to post.


i have mentioned these guys b4 ref the star wars lightsabers. But any the main thing they sell is filmcells . i think they are sooooo cool. i have about 20 of them on my wall. ( yes i know sad ) each to there own. here is is ]


Bought ]Fluxx for my brother. It might look expensive for "just a card game", but this game is a brilliant laugh if you like games that mess with your head. Because the rules are constantly changing, it takes you down a similar path of confusion that occurs with drinking games, even when you're sober! :giggle: Don't forget the £5 Firebox vouchers if you still have one and Quidco! :thumbsup:

18th December 2006 is the last date for Christmas orders with the following online stores...
Found 17th Dec 2006Found 17th Dec 2006
Let us know if you find any more stores by poting in the forum and a mod will add them to the list (click on comments if you're reading this on the home page). If this is useful we… Read more
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Couldn't find anything for the 19th so shall just say HMV last orders are tomorrow (19th December) If there is another thread for the 19th then im sure someone has already mentioned it or will post it up!


Ah, AdBlocker was blocking the orange bar, lol.

Antj87 * Applies to in-stock items only and cannot be guaranteed.


Amazon: Theres an Update of dates from amazon they have extended aswell These deadlines apply only to items with 24-hour availability, delivered from and sold by For products fulfilled by other sellers, the seller's delivery deadlines apply.


On it is in the thin orange bar above the blue gift boxes! :santa:

Directory of online shops selling Nintendo Wii Stock (Or should I say, No Stock)
Found 16th Dec 2006Found 16th Dec 2006
Ive decided to list as many online retailers who are, have and will be selling Nintendo Wiis for Christmas. Damn thing took me longer then I thought to compile, so i hope its helpf… Read more
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Just incase anyones interested I have just been to my local Argos and I took their last one for preorder for tomorrows delivery...maybe other argos's are getting some tomorrow toooooo:thumbsup:


phoned the usual stores where they get them and they have had deliveries but no wii's, one store said its the first thing they check for as soon as the delivery is in! :w00t:


my SIL works for Woolworths, she's just waiting to hear when the delivery is due


Hey, thanks for this, gives me somewhere to spend this afternoon :p How do you know that they're getting them in? I've phoned 2 (byers road, glasgow and clydebank, glasgow) and neither store are certain they'll have them in. Anywhere else maybe getting some in? Thanks


just a heads up for anyone still looking for a Wii Woolworths are due a shipment of 3450 (or 3540, one of those anyway), don't know how many stores they have but it must work out at at least 20 per store

HotUKDeals 10 Days of Christmas Deal Hunts - £50 Worth of Amazon Vouchers Each Day # 10 His + Hers
Found 11th Dec 2006Found 11th Dec 2006
Well, this is final day of the HotUKDeals Deal Hunt Competitions, so Good Luck to all of you! We're having deal hunts on specific items. The hunts will last about a day each, over … Read more

Yup. A few other words of thanks ][COLOR=blue]here[/COLOR] :)


Just a note to say a big thank-you once again to all at HUKD - the prizes appear to have been sent out to the lucky winners by Amazon yesterday (or at least I got mine!) :thumbsup:


So, what would the ladies like especially out of those submitted?? Just out of curiosity. How about a poll or some sort??


Nope, the trip in the castle is pretty nice but if I got any of the rest I think I'd have a little cry hehe I should go back and look at the original posts, see if the were posted by men or women...


No thank you. Not for me.:santa:

HotUKDeals 10 Days of Christmas Deal Hunts - £50 Worth of Amazon Vouchers Each Day # 9 £99.99 Gift
Found 9th Dec 2006Found 9th Dec 2006
Competition #9 of the HotUKDeals Deal Hunt Competition is under way, with a bit of a twist! We're having deal hunts for the cheapest deal on specific items. The hunts will last abo… Read more

OOops. I though you meant you'd got one of those £10 prizes :oops: sorry! :-D


spot on I've not entered any of the comps I can hardly expect a prize...Emma's humour does me fine!!


Might be soon, not sure yet. It will be another fun one, so no mad rush :)


I think he means the £100 he has already Emma :santa: Not from the competition :santa:


Hi Emma, any news on when we're going to get the final hunt details? :thumbsup:

HotUKDeals 10 Days of Christmas Deal Hunts - £50 Worth of Amazon Vouchers Each Day # 8 DigiCamcorder
Found 8th Dec 2006Found 8th Dec 2006
On to competition #8 of the HotUKDeals Deal Hunt Competition! We're having deal hunts for the cheapest deal on specific items. The hunts will last about a day each, over 10 days fr… Read more

Congratulations to the winners :)


Congratulations! :santa:


Congratulations ndurve, demonblade and cowboy for the finds and well done to the mods, that was a really difficult one to judge.:)


lol. congrats guys! :santa::-D


woohoo! perseverance finally paid off! i actually won something. Thanks !!!:santa:

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