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HotUKDeals 10 Days of Christmas Deal Hunts - £50 Worth of Amazon Vouchers Each Day # 7 Edible hunt!
Found 7th Dec 2006Found 7th Dec 2006
Here we are with competition #7 of the HotUKDeals Deal Hunt Competition! We're having deal hunts for the cheapest deal on specific items. The hunts will last about a day each, over… Read more
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well done winners, it was fun to look at all the xmas edible goodies, even if it did make me hungry :)


Congratulations to NorthernGirl, Artemis, ptk20, mrtootough and peteivy. Imagine the party we could have with all those goodies.:santa: I’ll bring the party poppers.:santa: Emma, how about some more of those spectacular blue tracer lights?:santa:


We do look at all entries big_anth even those who've won previously :santa:


im supprised mine didnt win !! every one posted edable stuff that human can eat.....i was creative and posted a pressie for a dog !!! never mind, mite have had something to do with me already winning once


I prefer this sort to the cheapest items, I am always too slow for them so don't bother.

HotUKDeals 10 Days of Christmas Deal Hunts - £50 Worth of Amazon Vouchers Each Day # 6 Mp3 Player
Found 6th Dec 2006Found 6th Dec 2006
On to day 6 of the HotUKDeals Deal Hunt Competition! We're having deal hunts for the cheapest deal on specific items. The hunts will last about a day each, over 10 days from the 1s… Read more

Good deals :pirate: CJ: :pirate: , gd-meister and fungus. Well done to all. Too quick for me again but I enjoyed the hunt. :)


Yes congrats..I'm sure some of these will end up in HUKD members said above some purchaser reviews would be most welcome.


Congrats winners :)


congrats to the winners!


Please feel free to post your finds if they haven't already been posted :) Congratulations once again :santa:

HotUKDeals 10 Days of Christmas Deal Hunts - £50 Worth of Amazon Vouchers Each Day #5 for Mum-in-Law
Found 5th Dec 2006Found 5th Dec 2006
We're late at it again, but this one should be another fun hunt! We're having deal hunts for the cheapest deal on specific items. The hunts will last about a day each, over 10 days… Read more
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Oh! I’m taken aback. Congratulations to boxblu (I thought of posting that too but my MIL frowns on dunking:giggle: ), Kallisti, (is that just the plants that have attitude I wonder:roll: ), rizla01 (which old bags I wonder:thinking: ) and breeksy (a rose by any other name……:) ) I thought the heated car blanket was a bit boring but a boon to old folk and also unusual. (I also managed to post a pic correctly.) That’s made my day, as I had a return visit to the dentist this afternoon. What a nice surprise to find when I was back online. Thanks to the mods and also to all who posted the fun and useful gifts. Right I’m off to hunt number 6.


Except mine, I changed my mind after posting which was a shame!


Wow, thanks! And well done to the other four winners, and all the entrants - there were some fab entries.


Everyone that didn't win the £10 Amazon voucher was a runner up :santa: Seriously, just about all the posts were good ideas and difficult to judge :)


The runners up were everyone else who posted :p

HotUKDeals 10 Days of Christmas Deal Hunts - £50 Worth of Amazon Vouchers Each Day # 4 LCD TV
Found 4th Dec 2006Found 4th Dec 2006
Sorry we're a little later starting today's competition. We're having deal hunts for the cheapest deal on specific items. The hunts will last about a day each, over 10 days from th… Read more

....well done everyone (even if my Viewpia deal got shafted!!!!!) Sob....sob......


congrats to the winners! Some great prices in this thread. Thanks guys!


thank you very much mr grumpy crab your a star


We clicked through earlier today and it showed as deliverable within a few days. Now it states stock overdue. Maybe they had some in but have now sold them or they were allocated to pre-orders. We could only go by the details on their website, other than by actually buying one. :santa:


is it possible to win even if there is no stock? With birdyboyuk post, never had any in stock during the start right up to the end of the hunt. Just curious btw.

HotUKDeals 10 Days of Christmas Deal Hunts - £50 Worth of Amazon Vouchers Each Day #3 Gift under £10
Found 3rd Dec 2006Found 3rd Dec 2006
As first deal hunt! We're going to have deal hunts for the cheapest deal on specific items. The hunts will last about a day each, over 10 days from the 1st December. The fun part i… Read more
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I gave up in the end cowboy....The rules weren't adhered to and the empire voucher didn't work....So I won't be entering anymore Deal hunts....There's no common structure to follow so who knows what the winning deals are based on. Fair enough if mistakes were made and the winning deals weren't REALLY checked thoroughly....we're only human, mistakes do happen...but admit them lol. Anyway....thanks cowboy and to premier for the other empire code!....that one worked lol


I just think it's common sense for the poster to comply to the rules stated. What's the point of putting up the rules and then pick the winner who didn't comply? He didn't even explain the idea (if you say idea is more important). I think the person who posted about "the joy of giving" (£0) is more worthy of a winner than a person who didn't bother to read the rules and who didn't bother to put in effort in posting properly.


It's not being swept under the carpet because there's nothing to sweep under. We're trying to have a good time with these and with this promo in particular the details were less important than the idea. We have to be very strict on the price hunting posts as we can't have people not properly researching the price as they may post something inaccurate which results in other people giving up etc. I think this is all common sense and we try to be as common sense as possible. There's more hunts going on so get out there and participate!


No response from the mods? Is this going to be swept under the carpet?


Yeah, that's why I wanna know too. I think the poster spent only 1 min typing his entry (from the way he posted). I spent more than 45 minutes searching, typing, uploading screenshots and making sure I comply to every rule stated.

duckmagicuk2's Christmas Mobile Phone Requests 2006!!
Found 2nd Dec 2006Found 2nd Dec 2006
In the words of Slade, IT'S CHHRRRRIIIISSSTMASSSS!! So that means that it is, once again, time to start buying presents for everyone. But what do you buy the most techhie and nerd… Read more
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The N73 went from £113 b4 xmas, to £240+ term cost from e2save after xmas, and hasn't fallen yet afaik


Whats the best deal for a contract N73 with about 500mins and 250texts? Would prefer a 12 month contract though. How good are some of these redemption schemes as i seen a deal with mobileclub7 with 12months free line rental and i think the phone was about 170..... Cheers!


Hi folks I am looking for a O2 contract with maximum free minutes. off peak is OK. don't have to be cross network. I have found a nokia 2310 clearance 11 month free on offpeak 1000. Is this the best ATM? Thanks in advance


bluep: £20 quidco, L6 should be unlocked so easy to shift on ebay or gumtree for at least £25 so £45+ profit... But I quote for a reason, their strict cashback conditions aside, on a 12month contract there are only 3 claims at months 4 ,8 and 12, compared to 4 or 5 on E2Save/OSPS/TMO etc. However look at my 2 posts previous to this one, if he can leave O2 and his current phone is unlocked, he can even easily carry his number over, then quidco + value of phone = £120+ profit...


Hello! Can you help me ducky! My dad's free 12 month contract is coming to an end and he'd like to sign up for a new one. He's not bothered about keeping his number, would prefer to stay on O2 (hence the number change), doesn't use that many free minutes ( He successfully claimed all the cashback over this year but it was like 4 or 5 claims so abit of a pain. I had a look on CPW but couldn't see anything for 12 free months and though you guys might know of a company that does not such good handsets but only 2 or so cashback claims per year. ps. I LOVE my w810i - I haven't looked back to motorola since getting it and decide against buying an ipod recently as the phone does everything I need it to music-wise. WOuld recommend it to anyone.

HotUKDeals 10 Days of Christmas Deal Hunts - £50 Amazon Voucher Each Day #2
Found 2nd Dec 2006Found 2nd Dec 2006
The first competiton has now ended and the winner is the Sanyo XACTI56 £65 + £6.10 delivery = £71.10 Congratulations to Premier! As first deal hunt! We're going to have deal hunts… Read more

How can you say it's poor..... you try to lighten the place up with a silly joke ...:? :)


haha thats poor... only from a RHCP fan! :-D


Ah... Lite On... The Ryanair of DVD Recorders?


Thanks :) It's a team effort and that includes members too ;-) Part of your prize, is to post the deal for the LiteOn if it's not already been done :-D


You're welcome :) We nearly went mad trying to get it right lol :santa:

HotUKDeals 10 days of Christmas deal hunts - £50 Amazon voucher each day
Found 1st Dec 2006Found 1st Dec 2006
Welcome to HUKD 10 days of Christmas deal hunts! The concept is simple, were going to have deal hunts for the cheapest deal on specific items. The hunts will last about a day eac… Read more

So nobody has actually bought one then? Bummer, really tempted to get one for my parents for christmas but wanna know if tis actually any good!


Congatulations premier.:) I found the deal, eventually, too but much too late. This type of hunting does sharpen searching skills.


I know this camera won, but has anyone managed to find any reviews or actually bought one? Looks pretty nice but I cant find any real reviews on it.


I just meant that he was the first to get the correct postage amount then was told after his post that quidco didn't count but wasn't told he'd need to post again while others were told to post their efforts again for their infractions. Might have seemed unnecessary to post his entry again as he'd given the correct price and the correct postage already. I don't know whether or not the quidco thing was already stated before his post or not but going from the various follow ups it seems not. No big thing, I don't know the guy, just seemed he was a victim of the 'sort it out as we go along' method.


You mean because no one told him what he did wrong Artemis?

Xbox 360 : Cheapest Games
Found 29th Nov 2006Found 29th Nov 2006
Right - we have a cheapest xbox accessory thread, so I thought I'd create the cheapest Xbox 360 games thread. With xmas coming up, it will be useful to gather the cheapest games an… Read more

Condemned: Criminal Origins - £17.99 ]


======================================= THREAD OPENED ======================================= well i never ever had a problem! also what about the voucher like i stated? that takes money off to make it cheapest! playasia is safe for custom tax if you ask them to mark is £18 or gift as stated, also making it cheapest for many games i give up lol, these games aint the cheapest. nice to see you started another post too


Please use other thread from now on ======================================= THREAD CLOSED =======================================


any one found project 8 cheap anywhere???? cheers terry


Haze - £34.99 ] Use £5 off discount code: J3PW74 Hitman: Blood Money - £24.98 ] Use £5 off discount code: J3PW74 Huxley - £34.99 ] Use £5 off discount code: J3PW74 Import Tuner Challenge - £34.99 ] Use £5 off discount code: J3PW74 Indiana Jones (working title) - £34.99 ] Use £5 off discount code: J3PW74 Infraworld - £34.99 ] Use £5 off discount code: J3PW74 Just Cause - £29.99 (£26.99 if 1st order) ] Killing Day - £34.99 ] Use £5 off discount code: J3PW74 Lego Star Wars - £24.99 ] Lost Odyssey - £34.99 ] Use £5 off discount code: J3PW74 Lost Planet: Extreme Condition - £34.99 ] Use £5 off discount code: J3PW74 LMA Manager - £33.99 (£30.99 if 1st order) ] NBA Live 2006 - £14.99 (£11.99 if 1st order) ] NBA Live 2007 - £34.99 ] Use code: J3PW74 Need for Speed: Most Wanted - £19.99 ] Need for Speed: Carbon - £32.99 ] Use code: J3PW74 Oblivion - £24.99 ] Pro Evo 6 - £28.49 ] Using code: NHSDIS3107 Prey - £19.99 ] Rainbow 6: Las Vegas - £34.99 ] Use code: J3PW74 Ridge Racer - £17.99 (£14.99 if 1st order) ] Table Tennis - £14.99 ] Test Drive Unlimited - £29.99 (£26.99 if 1st order) ] The Outfit - £13.49 ] Use code uanr6bdxe for 10% off Tiger woods - £24.99 ] Use code: J3PW74 (may need to bump the price upto £30 for this code to work – but it’s £5 off £30) Viva Pinata - £34.99 ] Xbox Live (Arcade Unplugged) - £9.99 ]

Xbox 360 : Cheapest Accessories
Found 17th Nov 2006Found 17th Nov 2006
Looking through the HUKD forum to find the cheapest Xbox 360 Accessories isn't the easiest of tasks. There aren't that many deals and the ones that have been posted are scattered a… Read more

how cheapest it can be?


Never did a games thread as the prices change too quickly... check them at... ]


lol Where is your Games thread? best price for Halo 2?


Why wouldnt you use Quidco :-s... ive got £300 from them this year (but i have spent a bit - lol)


ach i dont use that quidco matey lol im sure i should, i might geti into it sometime.

100's of Free Digital Prints Some With Delivery Costs New and Updated
Found 28th Oct 2006Found 28th Oct 2006
Free Digital Photo Prints Online Get Free Digital Photo Prints and More, in the new updated list [Please follow the "Comments" link when viewing this from the front page]. You wi… Read more

[COLOR=#800000]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 50 Free 6" x 4" Prints When You Register[/COLOR] ] ][COLOR=blue]PurelyGadgets/PhotoBox[/COLOR] [COLOR=darkred]Enter the offer code PGPC50200610[/COLOR] [COLOR=#8b0000]Powered By PhotoBox[/COLOR]


] [COLOR=darkred]Bumping this up as it's a reasonably good deal...[/COLOR]


Thanks Nookster :) I'll remove it ;-)


FYI, that deal has now expired, the Jessops deal is now for 20 prints - 'Offer now extended to 24/12/06', and leads you to the standard Snapfish site.


[COLOR=#800000]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~ Please post in this thread if you find any new offers... To all who have contributed to this thread, past and present :) Thanks![/COLOR]

Check these out - Christmas Stocking Fillers for under a tenner!!!
Found 10th Oct 2006Found 10th Oct 2006
In response to a thread in the "comments and suggestions" forum (thanks Parky), I thought I'd start this thread as a gathering place for a few deals and ideas for Christmas gifts. … Read more

Heres the link for the stocking Think you add the free gift at the checkout Cheers


Cant find a link for that one phil mate. Interested in it also. thanks


Posted this in Edi's Yves Rocher thread - as its under a tenner thought it might be good here too! Would be ok for the Mrs / Mum etc Surprise Stocking for her Filled with products that will delight her, this decorative Christmas stocking can be hung for many years to come! Felt stocking Dimensions 34 x 25 cm Only £10.50 instead of £30.00 You save £19.50 Use promotional code GIFT to get £3 off. Theres also free delivery and a free gift! So you could get this, a free gift and free postage for £7.50 after the discount. Dont know what comes in the stocking though!


How about something for the boys (and any girls that are into cars). Credit goes to HOTSCOT! Thanks mate my son will have hours of fun with this. [COLOR=#000000]Tyco Street Big Rides Ford Mustang GT Red - £6.97 [/COLOR] In either red or blue. Plus there are a few other rc cars listed. Take a look here - ]XS Stock


Nice one Cat :-D ^^^^

Tip: Using the EXPIRED button
Found 20th Sep 2006Found 20th Sep 2006
I'm going to do a little series of HUKD tips as not all users know about all the little site functions. One of the most important things you can do as a member is help keep offers… Read more

Didn't know this either, thanks for the info :thumbsup:




didn't know this but ... the current Fuji s5600 at Argos thread is showing as expired and it isn't - perhaps the mods can correct it? It seems the deal is on/off every couple of days so its obviously confusing for everyone.


well!..I didn't know that lol...I trailed through loads of verdbaudet vouchers today and alot had will remember this tip :)


Just thought I'd bump this up as it's quite an important part of the site. :-D It's important that users click the expired button when necessary, especially where expired vouchers are concerned, as it helps to keep the forums clean and tidy. It'll also keep expired vouchers out of the list too, and with the stress of Christmas shopping being high enough for us all, mainly the blokes, we can do without the stress of spending hours trying to get an expired code to work. :giggle:

The official Nintendo Wii bargain alert thread
Found 17th Sep 2006Found 17th Sep 2006
Alright after recent discussion in the forums I figured we should have a bargain alert thread. There's sites out there that have an automated scraping system that takes info from s… Read more

This the hottest thread ever?


hope you enjoy ya memories now seeing as the thread was over year


Ahhh...memories.... of not being able to find a wii for love nor money (or a lot of money on ebay)


how hot is this thread!!!



It's our birthday!
Found 4th Sep 2006Found 4th Sep 2006
It's our birthday! As of the beginning of September HotUKDeals is now a big two years old! I guess that makes us a precocious toddler somewhere in the terrible two's but looking a… Read more

:thumbsup: ditto


Sorry to dig this up, but there doesn't seem to have been any real mention - so happy fifth birthday HUKD!!! :) (and congratulations on the soon-to-be 200,000 members too!)


Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear HOTUKDEALS, Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Congratulations ! I heard there was gonna be a party at the mods house (cos apparently they all live together under one roof) anyone interested in going should contact the mods immediately for a special voucher code :thumbsup:


:-D :-DCongratulations :-D:-D

UPDATE: HotUKDeals Birthday Treasure Hunt! Please read if you entered the comp!
Found 4th Sep 2006Found 4th Sep 2006
In order to celebrate our Birthday, and to reward our site members, were having a HotUKDeals Treasure Hunt! Read the following rules carefully, and you could be in with the chance … Read more

Oooooh, this was before my time :) Well done to all the winners :thumbsup:


lol i was actually gonna say or did i misread it and was it a year and a day... :oops: oh well im off to hide in a cupboard, cya soon maybe... LOL


Thanks for the welcome, this site is fantastic. I was a lurker a while ago but haven'had internet for months but I am here now!


Hehe I've done that before now :-D


Are you guys living in the future?

Bargain Laptops for Budget Conscious from £326 or Less Delivered !!
Found 31st Aug 2006Found 31st Aug 2006
Here is a selection of Laptops for budget conscious users. Prices start from just £325.98 for DELL including delivery and includes much sought after CENTRINOs for less than £440 in… Read more

Thanks edi, brilliant post, just bought one for my wife :-D :thumbsup:


Good idea edi. Call me a pessimist, but I bet there's a request for a cheap laptop in the request section within a day! CJ


Thanks for the HOT vote emma & Ray... :thumbsup: Calling ALL laptop hunters to add deals to this thread...... :wink:


Yeah nice list edi :) Thanks for this! Thanks for the addition too Babbler :D No doubt there'll be others to add in the future...


Great post Edi. @ Eggman - it's not really sticky material I think, as they change so often, and it would take quite a bit of work to keep it up to date. And I don't think Edi's wife would be too pleased at that...LOL!!!

Top 13 movies of all time - HUKD members choice - Check it out here!!!!
Found 27th Aug 2006Found 27th Aug 2006
Over the past month, I have been collecting votes to try and compile a list of HUKD members' favourite movies of all time. I didn't get as many responses as I'd hoped for, so inste… Read more

Not enough zombies in Tron...imagine a zombie on a light cycle? now thats entertainment!


Wow! Another Tronnie! :thumbsup: I'm obviously not moving in the right circles. Most people I meet have not heard of Tron or know of it but not seen the film. 24 years old!!!! I remember being overwhelmed by the SFX. They are taken for granted now but at the time..........astounding. I can feel the need for another Tron rerun. P


(While the man with no name danced in front the seemingly vunerable Necrostone and threw a few practise jabs, the large horde of zombies shambling up from behind unoticed. As they swamped the rather surprised man with no name...he manged to utter the immortal last word..."Bu.g.ger...")


( Raises fists ) Lets dance...


Why I ougta....! ( starts shaking fist) You blasphemer!!

TomTom One, 300, 500, 700, 510, 710, & 910 Best Prices
Found 1st Aug 2006Found 1st Aug 2006
Ive been looking at buying a TomTom recently and thought i'd create a list of the stand alone TomTom's If anyone finds a better deal please let me know and i'll update the thread.… Read more

You do realise that this is an ancient thread don't you.


the same Tesco link you posted that goes to tomtoms? ;p


..... because this thread is nearly 2 years old!? :whistling:


Hi, Not sure if I'm missing something here but that looks like the old TT9 series. You can get the TT 920T at the link for £239.99 using coded TT920T? They will also pay 2% Quidco. Hope this helps


Link £394 n £9.99 deliverly charge n Currys £393 n free deliverly which one is better

20+ Camcorders for under £200 delivered
Found 30th Jul 2006Found 30th Jul 2006
Here is a list of 20+ camcorder offers for under £200 delivered. Retailers include Jessops, Comet, Play, Dixons, Currys, Empiredirect, Ebuyer and Pixmania. The prices dont includ… Read more

I did update some including prices. Will do the rest tonight. Sorry Jefft :)


[SIZE=2]Checked numerous stores and they are all out of stock.[/SIZE]


[COLOR=darkred]Canon MV930 Mini DV Camcorder[/COLOR] [SIZE=2]Price: [/SIZE]£159.99 Where: Argos Optical Zoom: 25x Digital Zoom: 800x LCD Screen size: 2.7" Other notable features: Media card compatible MM/SD


Canon MV930 - £159.99 @ Argos. Bought one of these yesterday and looks great value for money, 25x optical zoom and 16:9 widescreen picture. Cheapest anywhere else is over £200. Really wanted the Sony HC3E but this is still around £700 or £620 at Dixons with £50 off code and 5% rebate from Egg.


What would my options be regarding Widescreen MiniDV?

HotUKDeals' Mobile Super-Thread: Feedback for retailers and networks, unlocking and help!!
Found 28th Jul 2006Found 28th Jul 2006
Head over to the Miscellaneous Musings and Random Nonsense where duckmagicuk2 has created the Mobile Super thread. The thread contains: Feedback on mobile phone retailers (in part… Read more
Get dealGet deal

In the miscellaneous forum, duckmagicuk2 has been hard at work making seperate threads for each network feedback related posts. It's best to keep all product deals in the main forum.


Hi, Could we not make a new board like the Hot Deals except it's called something like Mobile Phones? This board could have all the threads to do with Mobile Phone retailers cashback feedback and other unlocking stuff. The feedback threads could be made sticky so they stay at the top of the board and then beneath could be users problems such as unlocking or other mobile phone stuff. It could also have all the latest mobile phone deals posted in it. Hope this helps Zobnsaf


Thanks for your help ducky, I need to unlock my mobile (Nokia 6111) so I'll be checking that thread for sure!


I'm just waiting for my 6 month cashback then I'll post feedback. All the threads and work involved are greatly appreciated.


I'm a bit disappointed that this didn't get much interest. :(

WoW! Film buff's top 50 DVD movies of all time - cheapest prices here!!! Check it out!
Found 24th Jul 2006Found 24th Jul 2006
Cinema experts have named the 50 films they believe everyone should see before they die - So I decided to see how cheap I could find them all!!! These would all be great additions… Read more

great film


Once again I'm bumping this thread to ask all you active HUKD members to PLEASE please please PM me with your own Top Ten movies of all time so we can make a HUKD faves list. ][COLOR=blue]Click here[/COLOR] to PM me with your'll only take you a few seconds to do so, and would be a nice addition to the forum! If you have not yet registered as a member, but wish to have your input to this list, simply register first then ][COLOR=blue]PM me[/COLOR].


[SIZE=3]OK, so I'm building up a bit of a list with a few favourites starting to emerge, but I still need more replies to make it all-encompassing as I'd like! Keep PMing me with your top ten faves ever, it only takes you a few minutes to do. Thanks![/SIZE]


Just bumping this to ask you all to please PM me with your top ten favourite movies ever, if you have not yet done so... You've seen quite a few grdesign!!! Tell us when you get to the 50th....!


Seen 32 of them. I love watching films, watch at least 4 a week, as work days, often go to bed about 10 an watch a film. I do cuss the ones which catch you out though and you realise its 1am and you gotta be up at 7! Like has been said, the list aint that great for all time top films, however, its different and thats what I like to see, as whenever I look for the best films all I ever ge is the same list, shawshank, godfather etc!

HUKD Bingo Night - Thursday 13th July, 8pm. FREE to enter!
Found 12th Jul 2006Found 12th Jul 2006
INSTRUCTIONS: PM ME WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS TO PLAY If you want to play HUKDBingo, PM me with your e-mail address - please only do so if you are really willing to play, as it take… Read more

Ok, thats cool. I look forward to it!!


Nah, I should be fine, as long as I can remember how to do it! We'll have Ducky's chatroom open at the same time, for fun :)


Sounds good to me emma!! Need any help?? Im offering! :thumbsup:


Oh Birdy I've been sooooo busy....! I have a quiet week before the start of next term, so I think I can manage one then, probably around the 24th or 25th...!


lol, clever thing my Wii!!! I tried chatroom with my Wii, but no luck so I clicked the link regarding bingo numbers as I was curious! How long is 'soon' at HUKD then?? :?

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