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Hotukdeals Grocery Megathread (Week 11)

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Here's week 11 of my Grocery Megathread!

Remember to use websites like trolley.co.uk or priceable.co.uk for price comparisons, also worth checking some other deals on here, I haven't added everything.

Thanks to everyone who helped by posting the deals. Also, you might be able to find your own bargains instore! Let me know if I've missed anything.


Freezer Meal Deal - McCain Home Chips 1KG, Birds Eye Fish Fingers x10, Birds Eye Garden Peas & Cornetto Ice-Cream x6 £5

Sainsbury's Royal Gala Apples x6 85p

Innocent Pure Orange Juice Smooth 900ml - £1.75

Lunar New Year Meal Deal for 2 (2 Mains + 1 Side) - £6.50

Local/National In-store Deals:

KP Original Salted Peanuts 375g £1.05

24 cans Pepsi Max Cherry - £2.38

Galaxy 360g bar of smooth chocolate 40p


10% discount Asda & George in-store now extended until 31st of March 2023 for Blue Light Card Holders

2 Asda Medium Pizzas + 1 Drink + 1 Sky Store £5.49 Voucher or 1 VUE Cinema Ticket - £6

Cadbury Drinking Hot Chocolate 500g £2

KTC Pure Sunflower Oil - 5 Ltr - £8.50 KTC vegetable Oil 5ltr - £8.50

I've also noticed asda do 1kg of Lancashire Farm yoghurt for £1.20, not as good as the £1 it used to be, but much better than elsewhere,

Local/National In-store Deals:

Great British Eggs Scanning for 25p per half-dozen


Tesco 4 Baking Potatoes 35p Clubcard Price

Tesco Leeks 320G - 50p (Clubcard Price)

McCain Crinkle Cut Home Chips 1Kg £2 (Clubcard Price)

Oust All Purpose Descaler 3 Pack £1

Any 2 For £2 Mix & Match - Clubcard Price) Galia Melon, Large Pineapple, Gala Apples Min 5, Granny Smiths Min 5 + 7 Others

Dr. Oetker) Speciale 330G/Ristorante Pizza Pepperoni-Salame 320G/Pollo Pizza 355G/ + 3 Others £1.50 each (Clubcard Price)


Comfort Sunshiny Days Fabric Conditioner - 5Ltr - 166 Wash - £4.50

Receive £5 off a £40 spend on click and collect orders with discount code

Muller corner / light any 10 for £3

Any 3 for £3 Mix & Match Quorn Vegetarian - Southern Fried Bites 300g/Chick'n Style Pieces 300g/Sausages 8 x 42g - £3

3 for £3 on various frozen items - Eg Birds Eye 8 Battered Fish Fingers 224g - £1.99


Aldi super 6 from 12/01/23: Potatoes 69p, Lychees 89p , Oranges 99p, Apples 99p Mushrooms 99p & Cherries £1.39

Mcvitie's Victoria Assortment 550g - £1.99

Local - Keep an eye out -

Astonish Mould + Mildew Remover 49p


Christmas nuts: 350g Hazelnuts £1.12 / Walnuts £1.12 /Organic Mixed Nuts £1.12 / Brazil Nuts £1.12

2 Warrendale Wagyu Beef Burgers - £3.49

Onken Mango Papaya Passionfruit Yoghurt 450g / Onken Cherry Yoghurt 450g £1.2


Aero Dreamy SnowBubbles 80g - 3 for £1

2 blocks of 227g Salted Butter - £3.20

365g Bulls Eye Whiskey Glaze 19p

Mini cheddars original 6 pack 79p

Flora Buttery / Lighter (250g) 69p

Fox's Chocolateley (365g)/Classic Selection (550g) £2.50 Each

The following are Local Farmfoods deals, which are worth looking out for -

Philadelphia light 39p

12pk Salt & Vinegar Walkers Crisps - 99p

Cadbury Advent bar 270g - 99p instore

1kg Sunpat Crunchy peanut butter £1.99


Oreo Original Vanilla Sandwich Biscuits Box (440g) - £1.50

Aero Festive Orange Sharing Bar 90g / Quality Street 84g / Bonds of London Orange & Lemon Slices 120g - 50p

Fanta Fruit Twist/Lemon/Orange Zero/Dr pepper 2l 4 for £5

McCain Lightly Spiced Wedges 650g £1.17


LIDL DEALS _ XXL Week, Tangerines 99p, Cox Apples 89p, Cherries £1.29, Baby Spinach £1.19, Ripe Kiwi 99p, Chantenay Carrots 39p

Too Good To Waste 5kg Veg boxes - £1.50


Celebrations Tub 650g - £3

Save £15 on your next grocery shop when you spend over £60 with discount code

Coca-Cola Classic Cherry 8 x 330ml £2.37

Hope it helps you

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