HotUKDeals' Mobile Super-Thread: Feedback for retailers and networks, unlocking and help!!

HotUKDeals' Mobile Super-Thread: Feedback for retailers and networks, unlocking and help!!

Found 28th Jul 2006
Head over to the Miscellaneous Musings and Random Nonsense where duckmagicuk2 has created the Mobile Super thread.

The thread contains: Feedback on mobile phone retailers (in particular, cashback deals!), networks (customer service, etc), helpful information (including downgrading your tariff and where you stand and how to cancel easyMobile's overdraft facility) and links to sites where you can unlock your mobile yourself (including software, instructions and chat forums exclusively for this purpose).

So head on over there by clicking on the "go to deal" link!!

We'd appreciate your good and bad feedback on the retailers and networks so that we can see who's trustworthy and this'll also be helpful to users who are willing to purchase; either to put their mind at rest or steer them clear of danger. If this feedback section works then we could extend it to other types of retailer. Let us know what you think!!

If you have any useful links, information or if you thing I've missed anything out then please send me a private message. If you go to the forum topic then there's a link there to make it easier for you to send me a message.

You can view this super-thread without being a member of HotUKDeals however you won't be able to post a reply or send me a message with some useful info you've found. I really recommend you get yourself a forum account for FREE!! That way you get more benefit, adding deals and feedback for us and also you'll benefit from the experience and advie our forum can offer you!


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Feel free to link to the superthread from other sites too so they can also use the feedback for it.

Please don't just copy and paste the info elsewhere though. I know that's not really possible though there's a lot of threads linked to it.

Also, I'd appreciate thoughts on the system and ways to improve it!! If it gets really good then we'll look at extending it to other areas of online retail, so make it work!! :lol:


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I'm a bit disappointed that this didn't get much interest.

I'm just waiting for my 6 month cashback then I'll post feedback. All the threads and work involved are greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help ducky, I need to unlock my mobile (Nokia 6111) so I'll be checking that thread for sure!

Could we not make a new board like the Hot Deals except it's called something like Mobile Phones?

This board could have all the threads to do with Mobile Phone retailers cashback feedback and other unlocking stuff.

The feedback threads could be made sticky so they stay at the top of the board and then beneath could be users problems such as unlocking or other mobile phone stuff.

It could also have all the latest mobile phone deals posted in it.

Hope this helps


In the miscellaneous forum, duckmagicuk2 has been hard at work making seperate threads for each network feedback related posts.

It's best to keep all product deals in the main forum.
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