Hour of Victory xbox360 ... £4.75 @ gamecollection

Hour of Victory xbox360 ... £4.75 @ gamecollection

Found 18th Feb 2009
says its multiregion on the site ........

next cheapest is £10.67 @ shopto

no idea if game is good though

anyone know if thr 10% code works ???


if its not good cex are giving £6 exchange

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nice little profit once you have done the achievements

i think the 10% code will work but not tried ....... anyone that could let me know & will add above

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Already … Already postedhttp://www.hotukdeals.com/item/337476/hour-of-victory-xbox-360-multi-regi/

dang it :lol:

i did an advanced search for game collection & thew game title & got nothing to come up


Just checked the review on gamespot (I like their reviews and tend to find them quite accurate) and it got well and truly panned by them. I'm struggling to remember seeing a review worse than the one this got! I'll pass I think.

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see the above though ............. play it for the achievements then sell to cex for £1.25 profit :lol:


i thought this game was good good price to add to your ww2 collection
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