House Box Set seasons 1-3 at The Hut

House Box Set seasons 1-3 at The Hut

Found 7th Oct 2008
Dr. Gregory House (Golden Globe winner, Hugh Laurie) is a brilliant medical professional who solves the complicated cases other doctors would dismiss. His abrasive humour and acrimonious attitude toward his co-workers and patients often leads to the alienation of himself, but adds colourful humour as the complicated medical mysteries unwind.

This House box set includes the complete seasons one to three of television's most intelligent and provocative drama. Watch House and his brilliant supporting cast as they tackle medical mysteries that unwind at an excitingly rapid pace.

Seasons 1 - 3.


your link says £34.93?

Looks like it was very short-lived. is still show it for 18 quid. Makes sense I guess. This box is now out of print as they're issuing a Series 1-4 pack instead.

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eh? only just posted it! was just about to buy it. was in process of registering!

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damn that's annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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£69.99 this morning!!!! Knew I should have ordered as soon as I saw it but thought i'd post on here. I think i'm jinxed lol. Posted the Sex and the City for £8.00 at Tesco and it was removed and was never told why even though no-one else had posted. I won't give up though!
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