House Of Fraser Summer Sale (Up to 50% Off )
House Of Fraser Summer Sale (Up to 50% Off )

House Of Fraser Summer Sale (Up to 50% Off )

PLEASE NOTE, this sale does not start for another 30 minutes so won't show up until then...

Up to 50% Summer Reductions now on at House of Fraser is now on. Enjoy up to 50% off* hundreds of brands and thousands of products ranging from designer clothing for men, women and children to home accessories. Dont miss out on great savings.

Plus receive free standard delivery when you spend £50 or more online.


It not started yet and my eyes need rest ...

House Of Fraser site keeps crashing... it's only 00:08!!!

Not much in their clearance!!!

Clearance has been going on for ages - no sign of a 'new' sale. Not crashing for me, but there seems to be no 50% sale ...yet!

I can't see anything different in the sections ive looked in, from stock thats been there for ages, some from January.

No sale

Perhaps the TS was mistaken?

In that case I'm off too bed!
It will prob start as soon as I reach my bed.
Happy bargain huntin!

its 12.35 still no sign?

Their sale instore usually starts on a Wednesday. Is it different online?

Just appeared now...

No bid deal online. Might be better in store for stockroom clearance.

doesnt seem to be very cheap, hopefully instore will be better

Debenhams Bedding clearance is cheaper...

Not a great Sale I will check out a store.

Unfortunately haven't seen anything greatly reduced, especialy near the "upto 50% off".

Charlie Brown

need to retag - Fraser has no "Z" in it.

Had a quick looksee. Load of rubbish - expect a more full on sale to be on soon.

it's all still quite expensive, perhaps they will reduce further...

really ***** sale tbh.

not the best stock really IMO
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