House of the Dead Overkill Hand Cannon (Wii). £8.73 Delivered @ The Hut

House of the Dead Overkill Hand Cannon (Wii). £8.73 Delivered @ The Hut

Found 12th May 2009
Average price seems to be around £14.99 elsewhere, so seems a reasonably good deal (especially as delivery is included)

I know there will be those who say "It's just another overpriced piece of plastic" but please don't vote cold just for that reason, as for the people who want one, I think it is a good price (and around 35% saving relative to other sites/shops).

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Great, this is just what i've been looking for for the OH!

I've had these on order with 2 companys for over a month, both have sent them today so I will have 4 hand cannons

I'll either sell 2 on or send them back ;-)
Good price for these. If anyone's on the shelf about getting this or a cheaper gun, this really feels great, perfectly weighted and balanced.
Placed my order with them 5 weeks ago and they dispatched last night so just came back in stock.

The HOTD:Overkill is great but the stinger style guns i got from GAME are crap and the triggers stop working so hopefully these will be better as the reviews were all good
Look at you, you can't even lift that cannon you carry!
These are awesome and highly recommended. I got impatient and bought mine from Ebay because I thought everyone was permanently out of stock. Wish I'd waited a few weeks longer and got them at such a hot price!
They are good guns but prolonged use can be uncomfortable as the cable sits into a groove in the handle that digs into your hand.

very good price for them but personally I still prefer the Nyko Perfect Shot.
just ordered 2 and the game - fun, fun, fun.

ordered this from zavvi weeks ago but got so fed up of waiting for them to send it out i bought the venom light gun from morrisons for 5.99 and i can't fault it
Thanks for the post mrbojangles This has now been reduced further to just £8.73, i'll update the price in your OP.
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