House Of The Dead - PC - 59p - Home Bargains

House Of The Dead - PC - 59p - Home Bargains

Found 16th Aug 2010
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Loved this game, but be warned it stopped working when I changed to Vista.
Did you run it in compatibility mode
Yep it did not want to know, which was a shame because like I said I loved it.
Great game, bought it after I got HotD 2 on the Dreamcast
I remember playing this when I first hit the pubbing/clubbing scene and we used to have a bash on this drink fuelled. Ahh good days.

Hot deal too.
it was a good fun game, but be warned, even if you can get it to run, the graphics have aged horribly
The only draw for this game was using a light gun. Absolutely GREAT fun with a light gun, otherwise its an awful game.
get your self a game, ejay 2, some crisps plus drink and your sorted for under 2 quid.
suffer like G did
Suffer like G diiiid?
I'm Ron Burgundyyy?
Cold from me because you can download this game for free and legally so why pay for it when it could now work on you OS.…tml

You could always get typing of the dead, that is free now and it taught me to touch type. same game but instead of shooting them with the mouse / lazer gun you shoot them by typing words.…tml
Buy a Dreamcast with gun and this game! (thats the only real way to play this game, it's still excellent by todays standards).
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