House Of The Flying Daggers (Blu Ray) £6.85 @ Zavvi

House Of The Flying Daggers (Blu Ray) £6.85 @ Zavvi

Found 16th Apr 2010Made hot 17th Apr 2010
One of the most visually stunning films ever


Marvellous, a cut above the rest,ordered...and heat added, thankyou.

The video quality isn't very good on this... but worth it if you don't own the dvd already or want the better quality sound.

fabulous cinematography, visually colourful, wonder what the bluray transfer is like.

Deeply disappointing.
Look it up, the original Blu-ray release was widely (and rightly) panned for being a dreadfully poor transfer - HighDefDigest gave the image quality 2 stars out of 5 - and when they reissued it (as they did with the similarly awful 'The Fifth Element') it was (unlike the 'The Fifth Element') just as bad as it was 1st time around.

OK, it's 'better' than the DVD, but only just.

For a film of such colour and incredible sets it's simply a crime.
Hopefully they reissue it properly and do the film the justice it deserves.

is it really that bad, i wander if this will be same with hero.
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