House season 1-5 £49.88 @

House season 1-5 £49.88 @

Found 28th Jan 2010Made hot 29th Jan 2010
Ive searched through the last 7 days of amazon deals and searched house, this is as cheap as its been.

Less than £10 per series, 4043 minutes of pleasure

Dont forget Nectar

Part E.R. and part C.S.I., HOUSE is a medical mystery television show that's appealing due to its creative camerawork, interesting characters, and twisting plotlines. Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) is a brilliant medical professional, but often alienates his patients and co-workers because of his abrasive manner and bitterness. In each episode House is faced with a person exhibiting a number of unusual symptoms, and along with his team of dedicated doctors and nurses, must discover what strange illness is afflicting the patient...before it's too late! Includes all the episodes from the first to fifth series.


Good value for great TV.

Got mine delivered today. Many thanks OP. :thumbsup:
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