House - Season 1-8 [DVD] £57 @ Amazon

House - Season 1-8 [DVD] £57 @ Amazon

Found 27th May 2013
Cheapest it's been. Good price.

This is the complete series from beginning to end (seasons 1-8) which aired on TV between 2004 and 2012. Follow medical genius Dr Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) the Sherlock Holmes of Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital as he leads his dedicated team of diagnostic clinicians towards solving a most diverse assortment of intriguingly baffling medical quandaries.

House himself is a highly complicated character being chronically morose, extremely confrontational and somewhat maverick in his approach to his work at the same time as having to deal with constant physical pain which has caused him to develop a strong drug dependency. He is frequently at odds with his fellow clinicians; often following his own rather unconventional hypothetical hunches rather than sticking to normal diagnostic and clinical procedure. Among the twists and turns and countless blind alleys he encounters with each case, he typically has a tremendous flash of inspiration which nearly always leads him to a satisfying conclusion. He continually flouts hospital rules causing his staff members to exist in a permanent state of nervous anxiety though this is usually tempered by their awe, wonderment and the high level of professional respect they have for him.

Every episode features its own fascinatingly complex medical conundrum which is mind-boggling, edge of your seat, compulsive viewing. We cannot help but be involuntarily drawn into the very heart of each clinical case and we find ourselves empathising with the patients concerned, joining them on their own personal emotional roller coasters with the ups and downs manifesting themselves in an eclectic mix of fear, trauma and shock, hope, relief and happiness.
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Good price for 8 series of a great show, but it's not the cheapest it's been from all retailers. I remember picking this up from a Tescos deal posted here around November last year for £38.00.
Anyone know if the complete box set will come to bluray? Can't watch anything on DVD anymore got too used to watching all HD stuff. Quality puts me off. Can only find the latter seasons on bluray.
£57 still a cracking price! Thanks OP.
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