House : Season 5 DVD Boxset £19.96 Instore @ Blockbuster

House : Season 5 DVD Boxset £19.96 Instore @ Blockbuster

Found 5th Oct 2009
Emmy Award-winning British actor Hugh Laurie continues to wow in the role of the cantankerous, genius doctor. Four months have passed since Amber's death. Whilst Wilson quits, Cuddy desperately tries to convince House to mend their friendship. Catch all 24 episodes to find out what happens.
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Definitely hot! I loved this series! Very weird but very awesome. I take it, with it being blockbuster, it's nationwide? I'll have to check in on my way home.
Voted hot - best price at present.

I'm still on Season 4 my target price £11.99

Awesome series. Am currently watching Series 6 on SkyOne - and its getting very dark, yet very funny.
Just called my local blockbusters and they said they have loads in at that price.

Will be picking it up on the way home from work :thumbsup:
4 left in Blockbuster in Plymouth after i had bought one.
I never thought I'd ever use Hugh Laurie and 'phwoar' in the same sentence
This is £17.99 on BangCD with 10% Quidco too :thumbsup:…616
Courtesy of pxavier (posted last week but never got the heat/rep deserved!):…ng/ got a good rep?
BangCD are OK I have used a # of times in the past
Its now £19.98 plus free postage at amazon.....
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