House - Series 1-3 - Complete now £41.97 delivered @ Amazon!

House - Series 1-3 - Complete now £41.97 delivered @ Amazon!

Found 18th Feb 2008
next best around £50.
Is there a finer medical programme on television right now than House? Sure, ER continues to grab the attention and acclaim, but even a powerhouse show such as that doesnt have such an ingenious creation at the heart of it as Hugh Lauries award-winning Dr Gregory House.
The premise of House centres each episode around a diagnostic challenge for the blunt, brilliant, rude and unconventional Doctor and his team. The investigations into the various ailments even have a pseudo-CSI feel to them, generally set against the time-pressure of a rapidly degenerating patient.

Yet while the medicine enthrals, House is all about the characters. The superb supporting cast, including Omar Epps, Robert Sean Leonard and Lisa Edelstein, of long-suffering colleagues and staff are strong, providing the nucleus of a fair few story threads themselves. Yet its Hugh Lauries astonishing performance in the title role that makes it all work.

In Lauries hands, Dr Gregory House becomes one of the most memorable television characters of recent times, replacing snide comments and sarcasm at a point where a calm bedside manner would be far more appropriate. Across the three seasons in this terrific boxset, therefore, he makes more than his fair share of enemies, including a police detective intent on sending him down and a patient or two who look to exact some form of revenge.

Anchored by razor-sharp writing, House is, undoubtedly, a major success and a highly enjoyable television programme. And with over 60 episodes to enjoy here, this collection of the first three seasons is a terrific investment. --Simon Brew
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Does anyone know if the version of season one in this set is the same as the 4:3 original release? It seemed a bit silly when the R1 is 16:9. (I believe seasons 2 and 3 were released in the correct aspect here).
If so it's a must buy, although I might wait to see if the Amazon price drops a little - it usually does!
brilliant series, will wait for the price to drop - which it will........

still voted hot though for the find
Series One alone on HMV is priced at £49.99.

Couple of months ago it was £9.99

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