House Series 1 and 2 £9.99 EACH (6 DVD's Each Series)

House Series 1 and 2 £9.99 EACH (6 DVD's Each Series)

Found 21st Dec 2007

Not much really to say as I have never watched the series but it seemed a good price. Seems to have good reviews anyway.

Next best price is from @ £13.93. and for Series 1 the best price is £15.00 from Woolworths.

Don't forget your Quidco.

Also series 1 is £9.99.…9fa



Already got them for £30 each when they came out. This is a fab offer. Heat++

Great find - well worth buying. Fab TV show, Hugh Laurie is excellent as Greg House.
Heat & rep added

Thank you - just ordered both.

I was going to buy when they were £12.99 each.

What a great site this is. Well done Admin.


great find...already got them...but voting hot...snap it up...

Love House hope they bring out another series

Great show, great price. Shame series 3 isnt at the same price (thats the one i need), and i believe there is a series 4, yes.

Already got both sets otherwise would be jumping at these, great price for a fantastic show.

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just bought series 1 & 2 for 9.99 each. got 9% quidco too!
voted hot

These prices have been going up and down like the proverbial, but can't imagine they'll go lower than this. The same site is also offering the Hitchcock collection for £9.99 that includes the classic Dial M For Murder that is very hard to find elsewhere.

Original post voted hot - thanks for the nod.

Come on series 3, drop in price please!

Ordered cheers
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