House: Series 1/2/3 (18dvd) - £34.99

House: Series 1/2/3 (18dvd) - £34.99

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Part E.R. and part C.S.I., HOUSE is a medical mystery television show that's appealing due to its creative camerawork, interesting characters, and twisting plotlines. Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) is a brilliant medical professional, but often alienates his patients and co-workers because of his abrasive manner and bitterness. In each episode House is faced with a person exhibiting a number of unusual symptoms, and along with his team of dedicated doctors and nurses, must discover what strange illness is afflicting the patient...before it's too late! The show moves at a rapid pace, spurred by its turning and suspenseful plotlines and the lively interaction between the characters, played by a strong supporting cast that includes Robert Sean Leonard, Omar Epps, and Sela Ward. This collection gathers every episode in the first three series of the Golden-Globe-winning show.


This deals as hot as Cameron!

t that price its got to be a must for everyone to buy.

Great find

superb show, and very impressed with all the acting. I will have a medical degree by the end of S4 with all the knowledge gained ;-) Season 3 is particularly good with the cop.


Fantastic TV series, only second to Twin Peaks. Awesome price too

94th minute;2292449

This deals as hot as Cameron!t that price its got to be a must for … This deals as hot as Cameron!t that price its got to be a must for everyone to buy.Great find

Its hotter than 13.

Wow, great deal. I have been looking to buy the 3 series on the cheap, thanks.

My brother has raved at me for years to watch this programme, thanks to potlepa I am now able to watch all 3 for a fantastic price, Cheers

That is a really good price. I have paid £34.70 in total buying the 3 separately. I got the first two for £9.99 each.


Good price so not voting cold, but potential buyers should know that there's a lot of criticism on Amazon of the fact that the R2 DVDs lack subtitles and (worse) are in 4:3 format. Think I'll wait to see if I can source the R1 (widescreen) versions at a reasonable price as I really want to watch this show.


Its hotter than 13.

Almost as hot as CB's legs.....almost.. :thumbsup: but as psybear says they're in 4:3 :roll:

94th minute;2292449

This deals as hot as Cameron!

:oops: Ahh..Cameron.. Definately one of the hottest lasses on TV. 13 doesnt come close (although she is slightly more interesting with her recent private life speculation)

Cameron & 13....Now we are talkin!!! :-D Thats gotta be R18.

Hot deal BTW :whistling:

Season 1-3 are extremely good however season 4 is WOW. I loved every episode of it. 10/10
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