House - Series 4 DVD  - Zavvi - £5.95

House - Series 4 DVD - Zavvi - £5.95

Found 5th Jun 2011
I couldn't find this posted already and it seems like a good price.

Amazon are the next cheapest at £8.37


Very good price - only bought it from them last week for £8.45

thanks a lot :-)

Didn't realise this was so damned cheap now. Brilliant find.

Why is series 3 more expensive than 4, 5 and 6. Odd.
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Great season, great price!


Great season, great price!

Just this! Hot.

Nice find, have some heat

Ordered. Thanks. Even though I said I wasn't going to buy DVDs anymore!

Good price.

Just got this last week from The Hut for £7.06.

Never can tell just how low these sets are going to go! *sigh*

Fantastic! Cue the music, eyes open wide, stare at camera and eurika! He's caracked it.

Is it Lupus?

It's never lupus.

thanks! ordered with quidco too - even though it won't be much!

Hissy Miss

It's never lupus.

Oh yes it is

Anyone got their set yet?

I noticed that they finally took £5.95 from my card last night so hopefully dispatch will be in the next few days

DVDs arrived today. They got there eventually!

Price now £12.95

Mine have arrived too after having an email on Friday about the delay
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