Hovis Granary Bread Mix £0.34 @ Tesco (£0.27 @ Asda)

Hovis Granary Bread Mix £0.34 @ Tesco (£0.27 @ Asda)

Found 15th Aug 2008
Hovis Granary Bread Mix £0.34 @ Tesco For Bread Makers & Hand Baking

I stocked up on these last night, they make a great loaf and are unbeatable at the price even if the additives don't sit too well with me I can't argue at the price. Just add water and only require one knead/rise. £0.34 For a home baked loaf is great value unless you manage to get hold of the Doves Wholemeal Flour (1.5Kg) @ £0.55 which keeps making brief appearances instore only to be discontiniued shortly after.
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These are also 34p in Asda at the moment.
Further investigation and I have found Asda now sell this for £0.27 or 2 for £1 (go figure), I was robbed lol
White one also available for 29p a pack at Tesco.
We've been buying these for a few months now, started off at 47p each and now look at the price. Great value and easy peasy making the bread. Top tip - use two bags to get a large loaf, the size you would normally buy in the shops. Normal granary loaf is about £1.20, home made with these bad boys 54p! :thumbsup:
I have been using these for weeks the granary very nice and so easy to make I have not brought bread for weeks now
Good find! :thumbsup:
Do you know if this is wholemeal/brown granary, or just white granary?
It comes out brown for me, hope its not just due to be burning it,
On my way to tesco for weekly shop- going to hopefully buy some of these to try. :thumbsup:
Are these not discontinued? The Dunfermline Tesco has that on the price a few weeks ago. Not surprised really considering the Tesco mix is better But good price all the same.
Do you need a breadmaker or can you just make this up by hand and then cook in the oven? Would be great for taking on holiday...
Supermarket promotion or shelf clearing exercise for 34p. Not much of a hot deal is it?
Been cleared probably because among the contains is Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil.
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