Hovis Invisable crust 60p Online @ Tesco's
Hovis Invisable crust 60p Online @ Tesco's

Hovis Invisable crust 60p Online @ Tesco's

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I dont know if thats the normal price of invisable crust, so forgive me if im wrong!?
i usually buy best of both- then cut off the crust for little one. But instead of paying £1.08 ild rather get this thanks

Like i said forgive me if normal price, but i cant see why it would be. Im getting this online so not sure if instore.
Lou x


It's this price in store, too!

:?You'll Never Get Curly Hair If You Dont Eat Your Crusts!!!!:?:?

i love this bread!

Why is this being voted cold? Even if it is the same price instore its hald the normal price. Hot surely?

Original Poster

i have curly hair!!

OK i dont know why people are voting cold i did say i dint know if instore aswell or normal price! I was just shocked that you get the same 800g loaf of bread without crusts and save over 40p a go!! i go through a loaf a day so over all over £2.80 a week, so maybe post just to let others know a way of saving a few quid a week.

I hate and wont touch cheap dry starchy bread i would rather go with out lunch...saying that Aldies have a nice loaf for 49p but no value or own brand loafs i def go for hovis anyday

LOL @ invisible crust. Whatever next ?
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