Hovis White Bread Mix 495gr 29 pence @ Asda

Hovis White Bread Mix 495gr 29 pence @ Asda

Found 22nd Jul 2008Made hot 22nd Jul 2008
Hovis white Bread mix suitable for Bread makers is only 29p instore and online and Granary bread is 34p


Oh scary, making one of these now :O Not as good as the Tesco Bread Mixes to be honest which is a little strange considering Tesco Bread

used them before and have found it very hit and miss tescos version a lot better

This is the sort of loaf you'll get, this the granary mix with egg yolk finish :thumbsup:


i think theres some product placement there. ala Rusty Lee. lol

How many LOAFS does 1 bag of this make???



How many LOAFS does 1 bag of this make???Roughly

1 900g/2 pound loaf per bag. So you will need 2 to make a pair of loafers

Bargain! Sliced bread is really expensive at the moment.

Could make 2 small LOAVES or some BUNS.

Is this on offer or are the goods expiring?

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april 2009 on mine I bought today

I like these not as good as the Allinsons flour though I like using the recipies on [url]www.bakingmad.com[/url]. Good price hot.

Voted hot, used this mix a couple times in breadmaker, fab results!

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Just made one this morning and tastes good

Thanks for this! Loads & loads left on the shelves. This is my favorite breadmix!

Tesco's has this for 30p white loaf mix, 35p granary loaf mix
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