How I booked a Luxury Holiday and got a great Deal...
How I booked a Luxury Holiday and got a great Deal...

How I booked a Luxury Holiday and got a great Deal...

I decided I wanted to take the family on a luxury holiday to Malaysia in May, 2 Adults and 1 child (3yrs).

So following the principles of HUKD I did my homework looking for deals...

I wanted to travel on very specific dates, Fri night outbound returning Mon (Bank Holiday), giving me 9 nights in Kuala Lumpur and Penang taking only 5 days off work.

I checked out lots of 'Special Offers' which were not so special - flights of their choosing, hotel's of their choice...

I got 5/6 quotes from online Travel Agents, went into and phoned several Travel Agencies checking out Special Deals but the best I could get was in excess of £2450 and that wasn't even with the outbound flight I wanted and 4* Hotels...

This is how I booked a holiday with the flights of MY choice and accommodation of MY choosing.

1. Book in Advance - in my case 8 weeks in Advance - much less than this and flight availability will be a problem.
2. Decide when YOU want to Travel out and when YOU want to return
3. Check Flight availability and price - lots of websites do this, Opodo, Ebookers, lastminute etc
I found airline-network.co.uk/ gave me the best online price
2nd best strangely enough was the actual airline malaysiaairlines.com/uk/…tml
4. Check out Hotel's at your destination - there are lots of websites with Hotel reviews, price info. including 1st child under 12 free and advice - shortlist 4 or 5.

Now armed with the relevant flight and hotel info. pick up the phone.

I called the company who had given me the best online price for Airfare - Airline-network

I told them I wanted to go to Malaysia

They asked if I knew when I wanted to go and was I flexible with my dates (flexible means they can sell you the ticket with the highest margin!)

I told them the exact dates and times of the flights I wanted

'Oh, you've done your research Sir...'

So she priced the flights I wanted, they were cheaper than their own best online price quoted, which were already the cheapest...

Next Hotels, she suggested a couple of 4* Hotels and gave prices - they charged for the child. I asked about the one's I wanted (From my research I knew they would not charge for the 3yr old) my one's were 5* and they ended up being cheaper!

After 30 minutes going through all my requirements and choices, first total package price quoted £2142, I asked if she could do better? She said she would double check and call me back, 30 minutes later she called me back and offered me £2070 for the deal. I said £2000 and I will book right now! She needed to check with her supervisor, on hold for 30 seconds, Yes Sir if you book right now we can do that.

Took me about 6 hours online/phone/email quotes/research and 1 trip along the High St into three Travel Agencies...

This saved me over £450 than the original best online / phone / email deal, my exact flights and better hotels for 9 nights in Malaysia!

I hope this helps someone :-)


Hmm, probably going to be moved to the Misc forum as it's helpful advice rather than a deal as such.

Reads like an advert, although I'm not suggesting that it is...

Welcome to the forum GafferTape - got any Hot Deals tucked up your sleeve?

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It's simple advice, I started looking last weekend and booked trip today.

I saw a Holiday Deal posted earlier tonight and thought maybe I would suggest another way to get a Holiday Deal.

I've posted enough times on HUKD that anybody can see I'm not linked to anybody.

I think it's a way to get a Deal and would never get the views in Misc... :-)

No offense intended, apologies for my mistake.

And no, no deals on my part. I'm a lurker ;).

Seems like decent advice, was looking to do exactly the same as the OP suggested very soon but at least i know it can be done and i shouldn't feel embarrassed to try and reduce the price as much as possible


Instead of using all those websites for the flights, skyscanner.net have cheap flights. ]http//ww…net

emirates do amazing additional legs onto your journey for £25/£75 of nothing if there is no change of journey

hey great that u got a great deal to malaysia. i'm from there and i hope that u will enjoy yourself. PM me if u need advice on where to eat, visit etc. cheers

Thank you for the advice, always welcome :thumbsup: voted hot

Thanks for the great advice, I was looking at brochured holidays for Sri Lanka, our daughter and future SIL didnt think they could afford to come with us, but if I can reduce it as much as you did, then its on!!!!!!! So many thanks!

i booked a s/c holiday this week may bank holiday ,2 adults.
original price £822 i paid £368. 10 mins on internet & 1 call to travel agent / all booked.

Many Thanks OP for taking the time to write your report, it's very much appreciated.
We have just completed our 1st diy summer holiday booking this year - saving a massive £700 off the online package price.
We booked our flights through BA some 6 months ago for £245, thats total for 3 adults - today's price is over £700!!
I would suggest to anyone booking diy - for the best prices, book flights early and accommodation late.
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