'How Not to Get Ripped Off' Free DVD
'How Not to Get Ripped Off' Free DVD

'How Not to Get Ripped Off' Free DVD

Art, design and communication students and graduates are constantly coming up with new ideas, products and ways of working. They need to know how to protect their work, whether they can use other people's copyright and intellectual property and also if they have something registerable how they go about it.

This is especially important for those graduating who are showing their work to new audiences and will start to trade and sell their ideas and creative work, possibly enter licensing situations or go into manufacture with a larger company.

Delivering this type of legal information to students and graduates without being dry and dull is a challenge. Even more so, if the tutor doesn't know all the ins and outs of legislation and the world of intellectual property, and yet it is so vital to students' professional careers.

To solve this, Own-it is giving away free DVD's on "How Not to Get Ripped Off", which include printable hand-outs, and can be shown in lectures, seminars and as part of professional and personal development programmes.

This Own-it DVD offers a basic guide to intellectual property law, covering the steps any creative professional should take in order to stop somebody else using their work without the necessary permission (including copyright, patenting, trade marks, licensing and design rights) and also about the law in relation to using other people's intellectual property.

You can now watch Own-it's How Not to Get Ripped Off online! This is free for all Own-it members. So - what are you waiting for, watch it now!

What's on the DVD?
The DVD contains:

* Introduction by Marice Cumber, Project Director, Own-it
* A presentation by Jill Durdin, UK Intellectual Property Office (formerly the Patent Office) covering the basics of copyright, design rights, trademarks and patents and how to use them!
* Case Studies of 3 creative practitioners and how they have used IP to enhance their business
* Questions and Answers offering practical tips on common IP issues.


thanks, useful! heat added.

ps: how do you request the DVD though?

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thanks, useful! heat added.ps: how do you request the DVD though?

not 2 sure still figuring it out, will let you know :oops:

i emailed them direct lol.

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i emailed them direct lol.pinkmelonsmr2, u need to add the direct link ...

It is the direct link, if you click the free dvd link on left hand side of page it just takes you to the same page. try it for yourself

hmm so no info on how to get the free dvd itself?

Maybe a copy should be sent to Raj Persaud..

ok ... so the email reply was they ran out of dvds and we can just view or watch it online ...
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