How to Annoy a Taxi Driver [Kindle] - Funny eBook free @ Amazon

How to Annoy a Taxi Driver [Kindle] - Funny eBook free @ Amazon

Found 2nd Mar 2013
Top 10 Bestseller on Amazon UK!
"A very funny book - made me laugh out loud, which isn't easy!" - DanniP
"Lots of laughs.." - Kiki
"I enjoyed it a lot. The book portrays people we all recognise in daily life, especially after a few Amber Nectars." - Dave Livsey
"Very funny book... Definite must read for all!" - Kriss Nicol
"I opened it to read a couple of pages and ended up reading it all in one sitting. Very funny." - Conrad Jagger
"This book is hilarious and a must read for everyone! Dave tells it like it is..." - Claudia McGloin
"Great read, highly recommend, thanks for the giggles Dave." - Lisa Johnson
"Very good read from start to finish" - Steve Derrick
"This had me chuckling to myself and out loud from the very first page!" - Deborah Lowther
"A true to life and down to earth take on something most of us take for granted." - Phill Gates
"A very entertaining insight into the world of the taxi driver. Written with copious amounts of dry humour." - Andy Gornall

Hi, I'm Dave Price, and I drive a taxi around the Lancaster & Morecambe area at night.
People say to me, "Ooh, I don't know how you can do your job!"
I'd reply "Well, it's just like driving about, except random people pay you to do it!"
Of course, what they're referring to is dealing with drunk, abusive, ignorant and stupid members of the public.
It's not all bad though - quite a lot of it is pretty funny, and these are some of my own experiences.
You see, the thing about this job is - it's not just about driving.
It's not even just about starting off in one place, and ending up in another, though this often happens, and would make a very dull book.
This job is about the people you meet.
That's right, the people.
And, just sometimes, the price of Diesel.


***** Quick ready but made me laugh out loud
This is a very funny book for anyone who has ever used a Taxi regardless or where or when. Some of the stories you may know personally, others you can hardly believe could happen, but written in such an honest way that you can't help but laugh!!

***** An absolute riot of a book!
I love the book! I have giggled and often laughed out loud at your stories and humour! It has filled what would have been a boring hour this sunday night! its lifted my spirits! The kebab story was too good the opportunity presented itself and you took it! A lot of ignorant people think they can speak to people and leave rubbish in your taxi, what said drunk persons don't realise is, they know little about you and you know their life story by the time you drop them off and know their address! The BMW man deserved everything he got and the letter was a nice touch too! If only customer service advisors could unleash their pent up frustration after phone calls! I can't wait for something similar! Hhhmmmmm I could write a book about things we get told on the phone! "A day in the life of a customer service advisor" I've got 13 years experience from various companies I could open some eyes! Hhhhmmmm I feel inspired!

***** Gave Me A Much Needed Laugh!
I enjoyed this book very and it gave me a much needed laugh! I do enjoy biographies about peoples occupations! Especially humorous ones!I loved Dave's dry sense of humour! Read more
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