How to Cook Roadkill  - Amazon £6.75 reduced to £4.18 (38% saving)

How to Cook Roadkill - Amazon £6.75 reduced to £4.18 (38% saving)

Found 2nd Dec 2011
Did you watch the Channel 4 programme on Penny Pinching and wonder how that guy cooked up those delicious squashed squirrel treats on the BBQ or ponder "Just how long do I need to defrost that mouse in the freezer for?" Well, here we have a great gift for frugal family members or for those moments you are tempted to scrape up that badger from the road...don't chuck it, cook it!

Another crafty stocking filler for the MIL :o)
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Surely the money he saved from not buying meat, he wasted on petrol roaming the roads looking for roadkill.
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