How to get 50% off Dorothy Perkins Fashion Fate

How to get 50% off Dorothy Perkins Fashion Fate

Found 7th Feb 2014
After my last post the code was expired, I decided to write a guide how to get 50% off.

Open IE and goto the Dorothy Perkins website, then click on the Summer Fate.
If you get 25% off then simply click the back button then clear your internet history, once done click the fate button again and you will receive a different % off.
Unfortunately you have to keep repeating the process and when it eventually works after about 10-15 attempts you will have bagged yourself a 50% off code.

Plus also use:
FREENEXT for free next day delivery.

Sorry about my last post, but thought the codes were completely generic as I was given the same 50% off code twice.
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Have tried this but can't get over 25%
If anyone has a 50% off code they do not want to use I would be really grateful for it
I can't get off of 25% either
I just got a 40% but don't need as I used my 30% thismoring
can u pm me the code if u are not using it?
Worked for me, got 50%, thanks OP:)
it wouldnt work for me on my pc, tablet or phone. tried for 2 days :-(
Hi. Could i have a 40% or 50% code if someone has one they are not using. thankyou
The highest I've managed to get was 33%.
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I only managed 25%
Has anyone got a 40 or 50% can you pm me.keep getting 15% for me
Thank you very much! Took me about 25 minutes but finally got 50% woohoo!

I just got a 40% but don't need as I used my 30% thismoring

. Did u use your 40 code ? Need to order a jacket if u could pass on code would be grateful
how do you clear your history :-/ ty x
I keep trying but keep getting the same 15% code.
Can't get 50%
Keep getting same 30% code even after clearing history
40% off FFJOE3Z3K
Pm me for 50% off.

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Deleting History:
Internet Explorer-> settings-> internet options-> browsing history-> tick on checkbox "Delete browsing history on exit and click on delete. A new window opens, check on all the checkboxes and click Delete button. Click on apply followed by Ok.
For Chrome Incognito mode(browser doesn't store any browsing data): ctrl+shift+n
It's not working for me
30% off code: FF1A4LEC46
25% - FF1J95CV2Q
No 40% off around, I've tried allsorts

how do you clear your history :-/ ty x

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Thanks for sharing. I got a -50% code which I already used.
Here's a spare one for those who aren't that lucky FFVRDSD6C
Can anyone pm a 50% code please
Great advice, got my 50% off and free delivery. Though, according to DP, next day from today is Tuesday but hey... paid £30 instead of £60! Happy girl.
Thanks OP!

Ooh ... by the way --> Use 'IN PRIVATE' search in your browser for quicker and hassle free results, instead of constant clearing cookies.
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Please has anyone got a 40% or 50% code they can give me thanks
Thanks for this. The hard work paid off finally got a 50% off code. Will be returning the dress I bought in store today and replacing it with my shiny new half price dress.
thank you I managed it in the end x
Does anyone has a spare 50% code? Can you please pm me? I've spent ages to find it bt the highest I've gotten was 30%
Also if anyone has a spare 50% off it would be greatly appreciated. Maternity pay has finished and all of my trousers look like those off a weight loss add haha. I will keep trying but it keeps giving me 20% :-( x
thank you for the tip. managed a 50% in the end. time to shop now!
woohoo did it thanks! have a spare 33% bckj3t3llz x
I got a 50% after about an hour, £322 for £91, result! Thanks.
help cant do it. spare 50%pls pm me
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