How to get a "free" PC with a MS Office 2007 Professional Purchase
How to get a "free" PC with a MS Office 2007 Professional Purchase

How to get a "free" PC with a MS Office 2007 Professional Purchase

Buy forBuy forBuy for£376.83
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This deal is for people looking to buy MS Office 2007 Pro on the cheap. Openoffice.org might be free but in a corporate environment, MSO is often preferred. Thanks for not voting it cold simply because you can get another business suite for free.

A full version of Microsoft Office 2007 Professional Business Suite costs £375.68 (http://www.ebuyer.com/product/123456).
A HP-only version of Microsoft Office 2007 Professional Business Suite costs £128 (http://www.ebuyer.com/product/128922) after a £30 discount. You MUST buy it with a HP PC though.
The best deal is the DX2250 which costs £248.83 after a £50 cashback. It is a dual core AMD, comes with 2GB memory, Windows XP Pro, DVD Writer and 250GB HDD. (http://www.ebuyer.com/product/141198).
That's £376.83 including VAT and delivery.

So rather than buying a boxed version of MSO 2007, buy a HP version and get a PC essentially for free.


That is a good deal, worthy of a hot vote!

Has anyone ever paid that much for office? Agreed good deal, but its a bit of a long winded way of doing things.


Very misleading I think. Would imagine 99% of people on here would just get the OEM/Student/Employee version anyway.

this deal is ****, why would you want to buy some **** computer just because you want office.

I think this is cold...

If i had to purchase MS Office i would try ]http//ww….uk and purchase it for £49.95

>A full version of Microsoft Office 2007 Professional Business Suite costs £375.68

I have to say I cant see anyone in their right minds paying this for Office.

As has been said, there are plenty of other deals (Microsoft seem so keen to shift Office 2007 they seem to be almost giving it away).

For most users the "Home and Student" edition with Word, Excel and Powerpoint for about £80 (which can be put on 3 PCs) is plenty good enough.

I think Microsoft have realised that the days of Office being a "cash cow" for them are over. Almost everyone who wants Office has got it, and most people are happy with the function in Office 97, or Office 200, or Office XP, or 2003 or whatever version they have.

Also the version of Office is locked to HP hardware, much the same as the 2003 SBE was. Be warned.

Also remember if you buy the full version - rather than HP/OEM - you are entitled to install it not only on a desktop PC, but also on a second laptop. So long as, ahem, they aren't used at the same time.

But the full product will activate on two machines, I think.

Another option, if Word is what you really want, is to buy the full Works Suite, less than £100, which includes a full (older) version of Word.

Me, I use google docs for free. Centrally stored, can import Word, and I can work on my docs on any PC that is internet connected. If cobined with google gears, I hear you can also work offline.


It's no wonder I download all my programs from questionable sites if Microsoft charge those extorniate prices:whistling:

this has been the same since pc's begun.one is retail boxed version with free telephone support.

vista ultimate is 350 retail but you can a get a decent pc with ultimate for that price.

Businesses have to pay software licensing fees which is why business versions of M$ software usually cost more than the home version and is a main reason why a lot of business now use alternate and even free software.

If the compnay for which you work use office, and have an enterpise/blanket agreement. Then you should be able to purchase many suites/app's of the Pro type for a measly £17. All part of the HUP (Home user Program) provided by MS to it's clients signing onto the software assurance program. Check it with your HR/IT/IS, you'll be suprised!

Little beknown too many the SA Program also has a benefit package EPP (Employee Purchase Program) Cheap Xbox games anyone?

"Ask no questions, get no answers"

I "asked" after a friend put me onto it, the HUP was already available though they have now asked for the EPP to be made active also!

OEM versions of these products are perfectly legit and sell for much much less at stores like OCUK, Scan & Ebuyer.
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