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Posted 19 September 2022

How to Heal Toxic Thoughts & Stop Negative Thinking - Kindle - Free @ Amazon

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Print length: 143 pages. Publication date: 13th September 2022.
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    Far better off reading the writings of Marcus Aurelius and Seneca than this if you need help. Wisdom thousands years old and still relevant today such is its profundity. (edited)
    I liked the bit where seneca say:s
    'be eager to dismiss books you have never read, and instead recommend whatever the grifters on youtube have told you they have read'
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    Joking aside, a good book in this area (which I have read and am currently re-reading) is 'The Age of Absurdity' by Michael Foley. Somewhat light-hearted but at the same time with a dark vein of stoic humour in it (if that's not a contradiction?), I've enjoyed it and learnt from it.

    Amazon link to The Age of Absurdity
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    Looks rubbish
    That's a toxic thought for starters.
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    This could be a real life saver op. Only just discovered my recently deceased father has had all his finances and assets systematically changed in name to his partners name including his house. She's hidden the will and has walked away with my inheritance. As it was all done while my father was alive there's nothing I can do .
    This free book might help me.
    Money does bad things to people, it's unreal what has happened to you both! Wish you both best for the future and happy days ahead
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    Thanks for this
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    Thank you