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How to Make Money Online ( Affiliate Marketing ) Guide
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How to Make Money Online ( Affiliate Marketing ) Guide

428° Expired
How to Make Money Online ( Affiliate Marketing ) Guide
Posted 11th Mar 2019

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This guide contains no referral links, and is 100% legal.


You may know me as Pelaquin online, but my real names Matthew. I run a services business, but in my spare time I like to make money using various other methods.

This is going to be a guide on Affiliate Marketing, if this gets approved, and gets a lot of interest, I may do guides on ways to make money, the stock market or starting your own business.

Firstly there are lots of ways to make money through affiliate marketing. This may not be the best way, but it makes me money on the side and it can make you money too.

I will try and keep it as simple to follow as possible and not get too technical. In all honesty it's pretty easy to grasp and once you know how you'll be making money in no time.

So what is affiliate marketing. Well it's making money by earning a percentage of the profits from selling goods or in some cases services for online businesses.

In this guide we are going to be selling for Amazon, the reason we are using Amazon over anyone else is they offer good rates, they're trusted, they pay out and they have an easy way to get links and user friendly dahsboard.

So now that's all out of the way the first thing we want to do is create an identity. This involves spending 99p on buying a .co.uk domain name which anyone can afford.

The reason for this is you want to have authority when selling anything online. You have people directed to Philips.wix.store@mrtibbles.com people are NOT going to buy your slow cookers.


So first off you want to go to 123reg and buy a domain name.

Before you pick which business name you want to use, think about what you want to sell. Something that you can identify with, something you can play to your strengths with. Do you have kids and know about pushchairs?, are you a tech guy? do you bake and know all about kitchen utensils?

Let's say you're into your gadgets and you want to sell security cameras. Head to 123reg, register with them and decide on a name. Let's say for this guide we decide to go with CyberSystems.co.uk. Sounds good doesn't it, it has authority and ties into your soon to be product line.

Now we want to go to Facebook (you do have Facebook don't you ?) and create a page called Cyber Systems. Head to pixabay, or pexels and get a copyright free image of something to tie into security.

Something like this:




Don't worry about a cover photo or any details on the Facebook page it's not needed. We just need a profile photo.

Now you want to download Facebook's AD's Manager and set that up so your page is linked to the App.


Still following ?

So at this point you should have a domain name and a Facebook page of the same name.

Now you have a few choices what you want to do next. You see what we need now is a landing page, a landing page is just a website with one page, as we need this to get approved as an Amazon associate.

If you think you're competent you can go to Wix and build it that way, or through wordpress, or set up a Shopify site.

The easy option is to have someone on Fiverr build it for you. Just search " landing page " in the search bar.

Fiverr is a website/app where you can get pretty much anything online done for you for as little as $5 ( about £4 ) what you want to do is contact a seller of landing pages and in our case tell them you have a domain name, you want a landing page built called Cyber Systems and your domain name connected to it.

Or as mentioned you can use Wix, Shopify, WordPress or any other website builder which works for you.

Now we have the landing page ready we want to become an affiliate of Amazon. I know all of this sounds long winded but Amazon will NEVER let you become an affiliate without a landing page or website and a domain name ending in a .co.uk .com .org etc

So head over to Amazon Associates and apply.

Give it two-five days until you're approved and then we can start making money. Remember the Facebook page we made earlier, now we're going to start using it to make money.

First go to your Amazon affiliate dashboard and you'll see a search bar in the middle., as we are a cyber systems business we are going to start selling security related products. Let's sell a security camera to begin with.


In the search bar type in " Yi Camera " you'll see a long list of Yi products appear and to the right you'll see a drop down arrow. Click that and you'll open up a window with a link to copy. You'll also have an option to shorten it which I always do.

So save that link and now click the link to the product so it takes you to Amazon. Right click and save some of the products photos. Now head over to your Facebook page Cyber Systems and create your first post.

Start with a photo of the camera, if you have any editing skills I like to remove the background of the product and then reduce its size and stick it on a white background so I can add text to the image. Adding text is important, Snapseed is a great app for doing this, I'll explain why later.

You can do this using background eraser app and photolayers.

Once you've added the photo to the post now you want to add some text. You want to keep it short because you need to hook the reader in less than 5 seconds and get them to click the link.

Because we are using security for this guide we'll be using safety as our selling point. In this example we will be just putting " How secure is your home ? " You want to question the viewer into thinking do I need a security camera. It's only £39.99 after all.

Now post the post to your page, then head over to Ads Manager. In the bottom right hand corner you'll have a blue cross.

Click that and you'll see a list of options, get reach, promote page, boost post etc. Select boost post and bingo you'll see the post you created earlier.


Now it gets a bit technical so go get a drink and some snacks this may take a while hah.

After you have boosted the post you'll want to create an audience specifically for each product you want to sell. Because we're selling security cameras you want to target people who will want to be buying security.

So who wants to buy cameras ? Well let's look at the crime rates around the U.K and see where there's a lot of burglaries. Once you've found that information out you then want to find out where the affluent areas are around those hotspots.

Let's say for argument's sake we are in Norfolk and the town of Holt is bordering an area known to have a lot of crime. Let's then choose Holt to have our post boosted to e.g only seen by those in Holt.

You can do this as easily as dragging and dropping a circle on Holt and expanding or shrinking the circle as big or as small as you like. For now let's cover all of Holt. You'll see a figure indicating how many people are in Holt, approx 70,000 men and women.

The trouble is with targeted ADs you don't want to be paying for an AD to be seen by 70,000 people as 70,000 people living in Holt won't want to buy a security camera. So what you need to do then is narrow down your audience by adding interests. Once again in this example we may want to target people who are online shoppers, shoppers, aged 24-30, earn 50k a year, drive a Merc, own their own home.


There's hundreds of options to choose from, you'll soon start to understand why after using ADs Manager why you see the ADs on Facebook that you do.

To give you an example of how low an advertiser can go, I can target every man in the U.K who is in debt, has alcohol problems, is divorced, has one kid and is aged 44 with a birthday in May, and then target him with gambling ADs. Pretty messed up huh.

Anyway we're not going to down that road, so once we have the audience we want to see our security cameras AD's we then want to include where we want to send them when they've clicked the AD. This will be easy as you'll have a search bar where you can paste in the link we got from the Amazon associate dashboard.

Once that's done we then want to set a budget, and for how long we are going to show the AD to these people for. We also need to time it right to maximise click through rates.

Let's start on a really low budget to begin with to test the water, we don't want to get ahead of ourselves and this AD may not work first time. You're new to this afterall.

Ok so set the budget to £1 a day and the AD for 3 days. Try and time the AD on a Friday so you get all weekend for the AD to be seen.


Once you've set it all up, hit review promotion and then get it going. You'll have to wait between 5 minute to 2 hours usually for your Ad to be approved, but once it is you can just sit back and let the AD run its course. After a day ( no point before hand ) you can see how the AD is performing, and you'll also be able to see on your Amazon associates account how many clicks the AD has got, how many sales you have ( if any ) as well as a whole host of other info, such as how many women viewed the post, what age etc.

Of course our Cyber Systems guide was just a guide, you probably won't want to do security cameras. I do, but I also sell other things as my accounts and domain names are designed to sell a broad range of items, but you get the idea. I also use this to run a business generating around £30,000 a year all taxed and above board.

You may be scratching your head at this point, inspired, confused or couldn't care less and feel like you wasted 10 minutes of your life reading this hah.

I will try and answer any questions, and I am sure I missed some bits out which I can add in over time, but that's pretty much affiliate marketing. Well it's how I do it.

So there it is, good luck on your first foray into the world of affiliate marketing. If you get confused there's some great videos on YouTube and I'm sure more online guides.

Thanks for reading, hopefully this gets me some heat so I can get my badges hah
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