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How to make the best coffee at home: The Sunday Times bestseller, Hardcover - £8.49 @ Amazon

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How to make the best coffee at home: The Sunday Times bestseller
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This is also 99p for the Kindle version 62745-J4K5t.jpg62745-UyjFz.jpg62745-0pFft.jpg
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    If it's anything like his excellent Youtube channel, this should be very informative and interesting (and super-nerdy!)
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    I do watch James Hoffman's videos now and then, even though I like dissecting, learning and doing things "properly" - when you're half-awake you just want your coffee as quickly as possible. He'd probably be horrified at my very basic and crude shop-bought ground coffee and french press method.

    Boyf uses my Saeco Bean To Cup, I got fed up with it as it needs so much babying and seems to overheat all the time (I swear that machine hates me - it seems to behave when boyf is using it).
    Nowt wrong with cafetière and supermarket coffee!! (Aldi ground French roast every morning sees me through the day!!) 😁
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    No judgement on the OP, but I think the 99p offer for the Kindle version is a better buy (if you're okay with ebooks).
    Bought the kindle version in November I think it was, when it was 99p. Was unimpressed.

    Wife bought me the physical book for Christmas, and I much more enjoyed looking and reading through it.
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    £0.99 on kindle too - hot!
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    Don’t really know why voted cold. People seem to really like James Hoffmann and quote him for coffee tips whenever different brewing methods are mentioned. He writes a nice hardback book and it goes on sale for literally half price and it’s voted cold. I know the kindle version for 99p is a great deal, but so is this if you actually like physical books. (edited)
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