How to Survive PS4 - FREE (GLITCH)

How to Survive PS4 - FREE (GLITCH)

Found 29th Oct 2014
Click the 'try free demo' button on the go to deal link - the game unlock gets added to your basket at no cost. Likely to be fixed soon so move quick!
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Thanks mate
Hmm, comes up as 'trial' on the confirmation email. Still a demo of any kind on PS4 is probably worth the thread...
Has anyone downloaded it? Can you confirm it is the full game or just a trial?

I think it's only a trial but still decent
it's been fixed.
I got full game unlock, ain't downloaded yet. I'll check when I get home.
its trial play thats why it downloads the full game im guessing.
I tried it through the website and got "Game Unlock" £0.00, added ok. Not got a PS4 though lol, but when I do fingers crossed lol
thanks d
Had the same on mine, full game unlock purchased.. Don't know if all demos do that, will have to see
only got the demo
currently downloading to my ps4 via the Sony website turned on my ps4 but it's still saying 15.99. so I'll find out in the next hour or so!
Website shows as 15.99 for me
Thanks trying it.... Says game unlock but also says 15.99 underneath so will see !
just free demo thought we had another minecraft style glitch but seems it isn't
Game Unlock appear in the purchase.

Only Europe PSN accounts, not valid for USA accounts
I just checked the purchases email I got it says trail

I just checked the purchases email I got it says trail

Yeah same here, either I missed it or I did something wrong.
it did say game unlock when I add the trail to my basket but like I said got that email
Only got the demo here, must have patched it unless anyone is still getting it ?
I'm on a UK SEN/PSN account and it has only activated the trial for me.
See redux is down to £19.99 though happy days.
I'm on UK psn as Well
Only demo on another note, £16 very steep. The base game is £3 on pc and it's a fairly average game to boot.
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Yup its just a demo. Would've loved the free ps4 upgrade as I purchased it on ps3 but never got around to play that. £16 for a indie quality game? Pfff
Just done it and it seems to have worked, sadly I don't have a ps4 yet to confirm
Is this confirmed to be the demo? Don't want to waste time downloading...
can confirm it is just the demo, just loaded it - says trial version

can confirm it is just the demo, just loaded it - says trial version

Thanks *cancels download*
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