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Posted 8 February 2023

How to Win Friends and Influence People - free Kindle Edition @ Amazon

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The most famous confidence-boosting book ever published; with sales of over 16 million copies worldwide

Millions of people around the world have improved their lives based on the teachings of Dale Carnegie. In How to Win Friends and Influence People, he offers practical advice and techniques, in his exuberant and conversational style, for how to get out of a mental rut and make life more rewarding.

His advice has stood the test of time and will teach you how to:
- make friends quickly and easily
- increase your popularity
- persuade people to follow your way of thinking
- enable you to win new clients and customers
- become a better speaker
- boost enthusiasm among your colleagues

This classic book will turn your relationships around and improve your interactions with everyone in your life.

Dale Carnegie, known as 'the arch-priest of the art of making friends', pioneered the development of personal business skills, self-confidence and motivational techniques. His books - most notably How to Win Friends and Influence People - have sold tens of millions worldwide and, even in today's changing climate, they remain as popular as ever.
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  1. Avatar
    Basically it says that everyone is self-obsessed so you can get them to like you by acting like you're interested in them.
  2. Avatar
    Free for me! Thanks for posting
  3. Avatar
    More like "How to Con people"
  4. Avatar
    Was just about to buy it and realised I've already got it.

    Haven't read any of the books I've bought for free via ukhotdeals
    Same, but I recently got a Kindle and was forcing myself to read the hard copy version of this book that I have before starting any of the Kindle books. I guess now I can finally use the Kindle!
  5. Avatar
    One of the greatest books ever written
  6. Avatar
    Not free for me ... £2.66?
    £2.66 for me too. But at this age, may be I am not supposed to make friends and influence people. lol
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    The problem with making books free is that many don't value them, often downloading them with the intention of reading them sometime but due to the lack of investment in obtaining them, actually reading them becomes less of a priority. They have the book anyway so can read it anytime but that anytime never comes.
    The information in this book isn't new or surprising, it's just the stuff that any well rounded person would ordinarily pick up on in life and use in every day social interaction.
    Seeing the lack of social skills around us these days, this kind of stuff ought to be taught at schools but sadly isn't.
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    God I remember working for a rip off sales company about 15 years ago and this was their directors bible, absolute tosh then and even more outdated tosh nowadays. Don’t waste your time.
    Why's it more outdated 'nowadays'? Wouldn't you say the World is nastier and more cynical than ever?
  9. Avatar
    I don't want to win new friends, all the ones I have got are trying to influence me.
  10. Avatar
    Sent a copy to Harry but not sure he can read.
  11. Avatar
    Amazing book. I now have one friend.
  12. Avatar
    Bit dated.
  13. Avatar
    Bah! Who needs friends & what's with this pathological need to influence people??
    I was going to 'like' this, but that would fly in the face of the spirit of your post.
  14. Avatar
    One true friend in a lifetime is much. Most are just “friends” because they think there is or might be something in it for them.
  15. Avatar
    free for me. thanks.
  16. Avatar
    Purchased on 27 Oct. 2022. Sounds about right
  17. Avatar
    Thanks OP came up free for me, downloaded
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    I just looked the author up, to see if he was any relation to the famous rich Carnegie family. As that would certainly help you make friends. He's not, but the book was first published in 1936, so might be a little dated for today?
    Updates have been made over the years iirc, but the fundamentals still apply today
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    Hahah I bought this on Google just a week ago . Amazing book
  20. Avatar
    Will anyone be my friend?
    Only if you had a BBC Micro. Not speccy or C64.
  21. Avatar
    Really not worth the effort.
  22. Avatar
    Thanks OP!
  23. Avatar
    Good price
  24. Avatar
    How about not flooding hotukdeals with a tsunami of trash e-'books'. Seems a good place to start your journey into being liked.
  25. Avatar
    Free for me. I guess my interactions with Amazon customer services haven't been as tactful as they would have liked.
  26. Avatar
    Sadly all friends let you down one day.
  27. Avatar
    Thank you
  28. Avatar
    Maybe we need a new or revised version for the people of today
    I think that’s the beauty of this book. People are self obsessed more so now that ever. Charisma is how you make others feel, not about how well you act or speak
  29. Avatar
    thanks for sharing, heat added, i really wanted to read this book
  30. Avatar
    Biggest load of dribble!
  31. Avatar
    Aww now I understand how it was done...guessing someone in his Trident Green Jumper read this! 😁
  32. Avatar
    I just pay people to be my friend.
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